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Approved Tech Corek Custom Revolving Slugthrower No.1

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Noah Corek

Factory Judge
Factory Judge

Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tpgj/

Intent: To create a heavy caliber side arm for the use of Protectorate officers and soldiers
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Corek Custom Weapons Inc.
Model: Corek Custom Revolving Slugthrower No.1
Affiliation: Omega Pyre/Omega Protectorate
Modularity: No
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Plasteel
Description: The Corek Custom Revolving Slugthrower No.1 can be summed up with four words,loud,big and hard hitting. These words make the weapon what it is,the loudest,biggest and most hard hitting slugthrower pistol on the market,it can take a Bantha down with half of its ammo capacity. But like its good advantages it also has some a downfall. One of these is due to its massive stop power,it also has a massive amount of recoil,which would break the arm of anyone who isn't well versed in the shooting of high caliber weaponry.
Classification: Slugthrower
Size: Handheld
Status: Limited,Military
Length: 35.6 Centimeters
Weight: 1.2 Kilograms
Ammunition Type: 12.7mm Pistol Slugs
Ammunition Capacity: 6
Effective Range: 50 Meters
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