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Conquering Zahat'n'ira

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Hi, people!

So... I have some plans for the second faction thread. Since the first one is going nowhere and it's fine, I present you the idea of the second one.

Basically the Council invades a little tribe on Zahat'n'ira (most likely Da'h'ega-n'd), but some other people have already heard about it and they are already there, defending the tribe.

All ideas are welcome, but the main plot is probably not going to change too much.

About 3-5 people should participate from our side!


  • @Lilith Mae Lancaster
  • @[member="Aiden Clairemont"]
  • @[member="Darth Arcis"]
  • @[member="Morna Imura"]
  • @[member="Helmut Todstern"]


@[member="Aiden Clairemont"] @[member="Alachei Mnemenos"] @[member="Arcturus Procyon"] @ Ayña Kottos @[member="Balaya Zambrano"] @[member="Darth Arcis"] @[member="Ephyt-ri of Dahega"] @[member="Helmut Todstern"] @[member="Ixil'ana'adheygan"] @[member="Javir Strilla"] @[member="Jericho"] @[member="Morna Imura"] @[member="Philia "]@[member="Sera Inkari"] @[member="Shado"] @ Ti Laveau @[member="Valentina Clairemont"]
@[member="Aiden Clairemont"]

Judging by our current activity, it won't be very fast-paced. But in case the other side decides it should move on quickly, we should do that.

Participating in this is completely your own choice. :)

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
I'm game for it! Just tag me!

Not sure this was the right thread for Aiden to first dive into, considering he's in the process of just beginning his Sith training. I'll post soon. Admittedly, I'm a little overwhelmed with all our new visitors. :D


Can I join?
If so, can I glass it?
If not, can I kill everyone?
If not, can I attack the Council instead?


I'm confused. If we're not on equal terms, I should assume you mean by Jedi, the Jedi? That they are on higher terms? All the more reason to let me gunboat all of them! Regardless, the original question of whether or not there is room for one more has yet to be answered. :c
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