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In the lap of the Gods
Hi guys,
Just want to know if it's something on the forum or my machine, but how can I highlight text to colour, namely dialogue?
When I try and do it, highlight text and then choose a colour it just defaults back to the start of my post and not the text I select.
The only way I can do it copy and paste the colour code in the "Lightswitch" mode, and paste it before and after text, but that seems just to be a headache.

Any tips...? :)
In the lap of the Gods
THIS LINE FOLLOWS FROM THE BOTTOM *I selected Orange to go in my 3rd paragraph below, so selected the colour and it's brought me back to the start, it does this all the time. So I have to hit that light switch button and then copy this text and paste it with the code into my response, which is a little repetitive every time I just want to write dialogue.

I can't unfortunately, when I type normally and then select the colour change button, and select my colour, it takes my cursour back to the start of the response.
As it happens, I will do what I do normally to write a line in colour....