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Codex Judging


The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
Those members were former Codex Judges who once had the Codex Judge usergroup as their primary. Most of them resigned and their usergroup was removed.

[member="Vee Toa"]
Coopers Cooler
[member="Valiens Nantaris"] Thanks for that....

[member="Jamie Pyne"]
That's okay, we don't count you as interesting or surprising.

[member="Vee Toa"]
We have a super high turnover rate on factory judges/rpjs/admins (for example we've had I think 5 factory admins in the last 3 years and 5 factory RPJs, including myself, Zef, and Jamie) and some of us (including current factory RPjs and the Factory Admin) are promoted internally into staff positions. Looking back you'll see a lot of Writer/Character/RPJ/Admin accounts judging submissions because at one point we were all factory judges. The forum has also been around for ~5 years now, so we've had 5 years worth of factory judges, rpjs, and admins to go through.