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Codex - Experiment Template

Sanya Val Lerium

Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko
So I was curious from time to time people have their chars undergo some kind of self or forced experimentation or even an animal. I have one such char myself has gone through it and I was looking to sub the changes and felt that an entire spieces sub doesn't fit so well. So I wanted to ask would a template that falls under experiments be something people would be interested in?

Lyn-Char Beorht

It's a new dawn
That's a really good idea. The only mechanisms for modification so far have been biotech subs (blood mods, muscle mods, etc.) or doing a whole new species sub. A modification template, maybe handled through the Species section, could see a ton of use.

Lyn-Char Beorht

It's a new dawn
Adron Malvern said:
[member="Sanya Val Lerium"]

I like this idea, but after too much augmentation or change , you basically become a new species. So it would make this slightly unnecessary.
The flipside is that:
  • If a judge thinks it's significant enough to be a new species, they can request it be subbed as that.
  • A subbed modification like Sanya's proposing could be used by a variety of species without needing to submit a new species for each one.
[member="Lyn-Char Beorht"]

Yea, I think I understand what she's going for. A good medium between standard biotech subs and a new species all together. I just think in the end most can fall in one category or another. Not knocking the idea though, it could certainly be useful.
Taiia's Shadow
Roleplay Judge
[member="Sanya Val Lerium"]

Changes to your character such as this would just need to go into your character profile. This falls too close to the Species submission template and would be repetitive.