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Approved Starship CNS Midnight Exigent

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Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War



  • Manufacturer: Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Model: Exigent-class Star Dreadnought
  • Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Closed-Market
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Durasteel, Duralumin, Transparisteel, Starship Components

  • Classification: Super Star Destroyer
  • Length: 10.000 Meters
  • Width: 1132,08 Meters
  • Height: 984,93 Meters
  • Armament: Extreme
    - 1x Dual-Emitter Composite Beam Cannon
    - 30x Heavy Torpedo Launchers
    - 40x Hypervelocity Cannons
    - 80x Heavy Turbolasers
    - 250x Turbolasers
    - 100x Quad Lasers
    - 40x Heavy Ion Cannons
    - 60x Medium Ion Cannons
    - 120x Laser Cannons
    - 4x Tractor Beams
  • Defenses: Extreme
    - Quad-layer, honeycombed high grade durasteel armor plating
    - Duralumin-reinforced superstructure
    - 4x Shield Generators (2 Recessed inside the hull)
    - Electronic warfare suite
  • Hangar: Low: 21 Squadrons
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average: 2 | Very Slow: 13 (Backup)

  • Starship Ion Engines
  • Starship Hyperdrive
  • Starship Repulsorlift Engine
  • Starship Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Starship Life Support System
  • Starship Escape Pods
  • Starship Inertial Dampeners
  • Starship Medical Bay
  • Starship Barracks
  • Hydroponics Bay
  • Shipboard Cantina

  • Dual-Emitter Composite Beam Laser: Designed as a frontline flagship who's primary purpose is to engage enemy supercapital ships, the Exigent is outfitted with an axial composite beam laser comprised of two emitters that produce a pair of orange beams for a period of 1.094 seconds, beams which connect to merge into one. This weapon system is roughly equal in strength with a proton beam cannon and can inflict significant damage to a target
  • Advanced Communications System: As a flagship, the Midnight Exigent is equipped with a wide array of communications systems, from short-range tightbeam antennae, to line-of-sight laser communicators and powerful long-range dishes, boosted by highly capable computers. These systems allow the Exigent to defeat most types of jamming and engage in electronic warfare
  • Advanced Battle Management System: Intended to function as the flagship of an Admiral in command of a large fleet, the Midnight Exigent features an advanced battle management system which conglomerates and processes battlespace information from the ships in the fleet and displays it on a three-dimensional holographic projection on the bridge, allowing the Admiral improved situational awareness during combat

  • Long Range Firepower: Its composite beam laser and torpedo launchers give the Midnight Exigent the ability to engage targets at long ranges
  • Space Tank: Designed to give and take a beating, the Midnight Exigent is outfitted with heavy armor and powerful shield systems which make it a formidable foe in combat
  • Superdreadnought: The exigent is a powerful dreadnought who's intended purpose is to counter enemy Super Star Destroyers and large battlecruisers
  • Electronic Warfare: Equipped with powerful sensors and advanced communications systems, the Midnight Exigent is capable of engaging in electronic warfare against other ships

  • Space Brick: While heavily armed and armored, the Midnight Exigent is a slow-turning and not very maneuverable ship who's vast firepower is concentrated mostly towards the front, thus rendering it vulnerable to flanking attacks
  • Rebel Scum: Intended to engage enemy Super Star Destroyers, the Midnight Exigent's size and relatively poor anti-fighter defenses render it vulnerable to daring pilots at the helms of nimble bombers and starfighters
  • Team Player: Despite its extremely powerful armament, the Exigent's drawbacks force it to rely heavily on support ships and would be extremely vulnerable if it traveled alone, or was somehow isolated from its support fleet by the maneuvers of an enemy Admiral
  • Can't Catch the Razorback: A lumbering behemoth, the Midnight Exigent takes a long time to accelerate and decelerate and almost any enemy vessel has a guaranteed advantage in speed over it, allowing a clever captain to dance in and out of the dreadnought's weapons range
  • Incapable of Microjumping: Due to its immense size, the Exigent is incapable of the high precision over short distances required for tactical FTL jumps, thus forcing it and its escorts to maneuver exclusively under sublight propulsion during combat


(Image Source: DeviantArt)

Certainly one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by the Confederacy's shipbuilding industry and military industrial complex at the time of its inception, the Midnight Exigent has been designed from the ground up as a marriage of both Confederate and Shrouded Republic technology, drawing from both nations' entire pool of experience at designing and constructing spacefaring engines of war.

Began shortly after the fall of the Ancient Eye and the Confederacy's absorption of its remnant elements, the massive superdreadnought that was designed to serve as the flagship of the newly minted Confederate 5th Fleet, which is comprised out of the remnants of the Ancient Eye's navy, the Midnight Exigent has been the single most expensive project ever undertaken by the Confederacy's newest member state and one of the most expensive in the history of the entire Confederacy. Costing almost three billion credits to develop and build, the Exigent was mostly funded by the Shrouded Republic, out of both its own defense budget and the contribution that is made towards the Confederacy's national military budget.

Within certain, more pacifist circles, this vessel is viewed with scorn and distaste, as the staggering amount of money that has been spent on its construction, has rendered it a somewhat controversial hot topic of debate amongst news agencies and the general public at large.

And yet, despite the controversy, development and construction of the massive dreadnought, was fast-tracked as a result of extensive lobbying to the Confederate government by prominent members within the Shrouded administration, most notably Darth Tacitus himself.

Intended to serve as a frontline flagship and as a means to engage enemy Super Star Destroyers, the Midnight Exigent performs excellently within those roles, benefiting from an intimidating array of weaponry which can unleash a withering barrage of fire at respectable ranges, especially due to its axial dual-emitter composite beam and the heavy torpedo launchers that it possesses. As secondary, close-range armament, the Exigent is outfitted with a large number of medium and heavy turbolasers, ion cannons, hypervelocity guns and a set of four tractor beams for immobilizing enemy vessels such as frigates and corvettes.

Complementing this impressive armament, the Midnight Exigent's defenses are equally excellent at withstanding fire from enemy dreadnoughts, utilizing a quad-layered, high grade Durasteel armor plating which is honeycombed, in order to better disperse the energy of impacting shots. The dreadnought features four shield generators, two of which are recessed within the hull of the ship itself so as to protect them from enemy fire.

Designed to engage enemy dreadnoughts, the Exigent suffers from a number of drawbacks which can be exploited against it. Its armament and defenses are geared towards supercapital engagements and are not suited for fighting against smaller, more nimble ships.

Additionally, the sheer size and weight of the dreadnought, as well as its slow acceleration and extremely poor maneuverability leave it very vulnerable to flanking maneuvers and attacks from the rear, making an escorting fleet an absolute necessity that the Exigent simply can not do without.

In a notable departure from the standard Confederate doctrine on space warfare, which emphasizes large numbers of droid starfighters, the Midnight Exigent has a rather low hangar capacity, comparatively to its size, being able to hold and service only twenty-one squadrons of strike craft, as well as a number of shuttles for transporting personnel and supplies.

The Midnight Exigent's communications and sensor systems are top-notch and excellent, enabling the vessel to gather data from other ships in the fleet and display it in an aggregate manner to its commanding officer, allowing for improved situational awareness. Also, its powerful communications systems give the dreadnought the ability to engage in electronic warfare in a decent, competent manner, although it is certainly not on par with a dedicated electronic warfare ship in this regard.

A veritable city in space, the Midnight Exigent's crew requirements create the need for shipboard amenities that can adequately meet the crew's need for comfort. The dreadnought features an onboard hydroponics bay in order to provide fresh produce for its officers' meals and even features a shipboard cantina, for off-duty crew to relax and socialize.

An impressive tool of war and a powerful symbol of the strong ties which bind the worlds involved in its construction, the Midnight Exigent is one of the Confederacy's most impressive achievements in military engineering and shipbuilding and its presence on the battlefield inspires Confederate spacers and ground troops as well.
Darth Tacitus said:
Supercapital Killer:

Darth Tacitus said:
Dual-Emitter Composite Beam Laser: Designed as a frontline flagship who's primary purpose is to engage enemy supercapital ships, the Exigent is outfitted with an axial composite beam laser comprised of two emitters that produce a pair of orange beams which connect to merge into one
The only description for the weapon, regarding how powerful it is, that I have to go off of is the name of the strength it is mentioned in. If you'd like to amend this by elaborating on that either in the description or the special features, and in the strength itself, otherwise I'm going to require you to change the name of this strength to something that, once approved, doesn't look like permission to "kill" dreadnoughts. We don't allow "capital ship killers", "starfighter killers", or any other kind of weapon that guarantees the disabling or destruction of anything or anyone in a specified number of hits.
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