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Clone Revelations

CC-4938, AKA Commander Marl of the Grand Republic Army was misplaced in this galaxy. 2 weeks ago his life was turned upside down when he awoken after being frozen in carbonite after around 900 years old. He chuckled to himself, thinking that he was probably as old as General Yoda had been during the Clone Wars.

He walked off the transport shuttle and towards a speeder bike rental and threw down a few credits to rent a speeder. For the past 2 weeks Marl hadn't seen any clones or battle droids or anything familiar to him. Marl deducted that the war must've been long done before he arrived. he drove the speeder across the desert wastelands of Jedha, It had looked much different the last time he had been here. On the map he was given, Jedha City was nowhere to be found. When asking the man in charge of the speeder bike rental, he said that it was the crater on the map, made after an ancient superweapon had fired there.

"The Seperatists must've bombed Jedha city to spite the Jedi." Marl muttered to himself as he got on his bike.

Marl kept driving his speeder bike to the location of an ancient Jedi temple not many knew about. The temple was carved in the entrance of a mountain, Marl only knew this because the Jedi master he had been assigned to brought her Padawan here to let him choose a kyber crystal. However he had forgotten one slight detail, you need the power of the force to open the temple. Marl started a fire as it turned dark on NaJedha's moon. He began to drift off for the night.

[member="Tanya Thiran"]
Tanya had landed on Jedha only to refuel. Her ship had only barely made it here, of course when she finally landed, it was getting dark. The refueling would take all night, but Tanya knew a trustworthy person to keep an eye on her ship. Now, she needed somewhere to sleep. After wandering through town, she gave up on sleep, and instead went to a local market.
From eves dropping, the young Jedi heard that a clone had been here recently, and had headed off to the old Jedi temple. That must've been impossible, the clone wars ended 900 years ago. Tanya rushed off to her bike, and sped out of town to investigate these surely impossible rumors.

After a few hours of speeding through the dessert, Tanya came to a stop. A fire was lit, and near by a figure lay huddled against the cliff face. Tanya got off her bike and strode towards the camp. In the dark, Tanya slipped and nearly fell, but managed to regain her composure, but in the process made a fair amount of noise.

Marl had been dreaming of the Mygeeto Campaign when someone approached him. he quickly opened his eyes, got up and drew his pistol. He yelled "Hold it right there. Drop all your weapons." Marl did not trust strangers and as of right now, everyone was a stranger to him.

"Look Ma'am I have no clue who you are or what you want, but I don't want any trouble." Marl yelled over to her.

"Walk up 10 paces towards the fire so I can see who you are." Marl said blaster still pointed at her.

[member="Tanya Thiran"]
Tanya raised her hands to where the man would be able to see them, keeping ready to draw and activate her saber in a heartbeat. Walking slowly, she stepped into view, while attempting to explain herself.

"My name is Tanya Thiran, I was out here looking into rumors that a clone wars era clone was still alive."

Speaking calmly, she looked at the man, who had a blaster pointed straight at her. The man seemed to have seen combat. His pistol was not a design she had seen.

Marl pointed at the lightsaber at her waist. He kept his finger on the trigger,

"So 'Tanya Thiran' What are you? Jedi? Sith? Inbetweener? Or just a swordswoman who happened upon a lightsaber?" Marl had recently bought a DC-17 blaster pistol from a Junker who didn't realize the value of the gun. Got it at a bargain of around 200 credits.

Marl put his blaster down, if the Tanya was going to attack him he would be dead right now. Plus she didn't have sith eyes so she wasn't a complete darkside user if she was one.

[member="Tanya Thiran"]
"Jedi." Tanya responded. She lowered her guard, as the man had lowered his as well. The young Jedi sat down, legs crossed.

"Now, let me ask you a question. Who are you? Why are you here?"

Tanya felt force energy permeating the area, though had no clue where it came from. Most things here would have been destroyed by the Death Star, and as far as Tanya knew nothing knew had been built.
"I go by the name of Marl, However I was designated CC-4938, Commander Marl of the 107th Attack Battalion. I served under Jedi General Azha Heganle and her Padawan, Darjer Daipun. We fought battles on Geonosis, Christophis, Mygeeto and others." Marl said proudly. He reminisced why

"As for why am I here? I haven't noticed any clones or Jedi walking around, well besides you, and I had feared the worst, I was here when Darjer constructed his lightsaber. When he was finished she told him if anything terrible had happened, they would rendezvous here. I had feared that the temple here would've been ruined but it's not. It's sealed shut completely. And I was waiting if a Jedi would show up and it looks like you have." Marl said with his spirits slightly lifted.

"Can you see if you could open this door for me?" Marl said pointing at a seemingly blank mountain as he got up.

"Just focus all of you're energy right about here." Marl said pointing at the spot. "900 years ago, that's what Anzha told Darjer to do."

[member="Tanya Thiran"]
Tanya had questions about him being a clone, but she felt that she should trust this Marl. But his story seemed credible, and it explained the force energy.

"All right, Marl. Let's see if this works."

Tanya stood, and held out her hand. Focusing all her energy into one spot, she felt the force flow down her arm and out her hand. After several minutes, a rumbling was heard, as the rock began to split open, revealing a cavern within. There really was a door there. She concentrated more, and the door opened further. Little by little, it inched open, eventually opening fully.

"Job well done, general." Marl said use to calling Jedi Generals, "Sorry, I meant Tanya."

Jim continued into the doorway where he saw a terrible sight. About 5 Clone troopers bodies laid at the entrance of the door. the door was covered with dry blood, as if they tried to claw their way out. he took off the helmet of one of the troopers. Nothing left but a skeleton and some dust. it's been 900 years after all.

Farther in he saw an even scarier site, what it looked like was a battle between clones and Jedi, but that was impossible unless they turned to the dark side. He looked at one of the Jedi's lightsaber,

"Darjer..." He muttered to himself. Nothing was left of the Padawan besides his robes and a skeleton. He searched the other Jedi, all padawans but found nothing about Anzha. He did find the Holorecorder for the temple however and he began to play it.

It showed Captain Alish and Commander Frenken, formerly Lieutenant Alish and Captain Frenken. Outside of the temple where he had just been at.

The small task force snuck into the temple after killing the Padawan outside of it after she opened it. However the entrance closed soon after. The small group of clones eliminate the padawans one by one. The last Padawan was Darjer he took three of them out with him, including Alish. After watching the horrible massacre. Commander Franken opened up his coms and said

"They have been dealt with Lord Vader." The Commander had just sent out the transmission when a Padawan who had seemed to hid jumped down and caused an explosion, possibly using the force to activate some of the clone's thermal detonators. the holorecording ended after that.

There was one last thing, by Frenken's body was a small piece of ripped paper that read.

"IT MADE ME DO IT" over and over again. He seemed to have taken a piece of shrapnel to the chest and the blood loss turned him delirious.

Marl looked over at Tanya, "How did the clone wars end?" He said slightly traumatized, by his former squadron's sudden betrayal.

[member="Tanya Thiran"]
Tanya herself was a bit taken aback. Normally she wouldn't be phased by this, but perhaps seeing a clone and being tired from opening the temple had loosened her up.

"The clone wars ended with the collapse of the republic and the separatists. At the end, when the separatist home worlds were under siege, sidious, I guess you would have known him as palpatine, gave out an order to all clones. The clones betrayed the Jedi, killing them before the Jedi could react in some cases. At the same time, four Jedi masters attempted to kill or arrest sidious. They nearly succeeded, when Skywalker came and killed the Jedi. After that, he was a sith, known to the galaxy as Darth Vader. He led his legion into the Jedi temple, which burned that night. The senate was manipulated into reorganizing the republic into the galactic empire, which negotiated peace with the separatists. In the following years, Jedi were hunted down, and the order nearly ceased to exist."

"Palpatine? Why... why would we listen to Palpatine?" Marl said, He had received ARC Training on Kamino, with the toughest soldiers in the republic, but nothing could've prepared him for this. Marl sat down, thinking over what Tanya had just said.

"No... That's not true... That's impossible." Marl muttered.

General Skywalker turned to the dark sider, Darth Sidious was actually the Chancellor, and the Galactic Republic was turned into the Galactic Empire. He had just realized his life's purpose was to be a pawn. Him and all of his comrades pawn in the game they were never asked to do. Sure, he had expected all of his friends to have been dead, but not like this, he never expected to have seen it gone down like this.

"Come on General." Marl said as he got up. "I mean Tanya, Let's get out of here." He picked up Darjer's lightsaber and put it in his bag. He then took frenken's helmet and gloves put them on and waited for Tanya.

[member="Tanya Thiran"]

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