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Marl, CC-4938 AKA The Last Clone Trooper



Top Pic: Marl in smugglers gear, after he got out of carbonite.
Middle Pic: Marl during the Clone Wars in his armor.

NAME: Commander Marl, CC-4938, The Last Clone


RANK: Formerly a Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic.


AGE: Biological age, 11 years old (Rapid Aging), Actual age, 881.

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 1.83 Meters

WEIGHT: 200 lbs.

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Black




STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Good Soldiers Follow orders- Due to a bio-chip inside his head. he can be taken over if one knows orders commissioned by the chancellor during the Clone Wars a now ancient conflict. However due to his extended carbonite freezing, the effect only lasts temporarily.

ARC Training- Due to being one of the first commissioned clone commanders, Marl is as highly skilled as they come. The program constituted grueling training, with the goal being individuality and independence.

Proficiency using blaster pistols and rifles- Like other Clone troopers Marl was extremely skilled in combat.

No life experiences- Marl is as socially awkward as he comes, he was raised for one thing at that was war. In a galaxy where you never know who you're enemy is, it's dangerous.

APPEARANCE: Average looking Jango Fett clone.


CC-4938 or, Commander Marl was one of the first Clone Commanders issued in the Clone Wars. After narrowly surviving the battle of Geonosis, Marl was a highly successful commander in the Clone Wars sustaining a high amount of victories with a low amount of casualties. However on a trip to another campaign, he was captured and brought along to study, on his way to a secret separatist outpost he was stripped of his armor, and was placed in carbonite so that he couldn't escape from the Separatists. However the Separatist ship carrying him was attacked and the cargo hold was breached sending Marl in carbonite, spiraling into the vacuum of space. after flying aimlessly in space for several centuries the carbonite preserving his body flew into the hangar of a space station. He was awoken by bystanders, only to find out the year was 849 ABY. the man who was bred for war is currently trying to find a purpose. He is the last clone trooper.





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Hi. I'm one of many writers who play a clone trooper from the Clone Wars. My alt, Kage, was once a clone pilot. There are several others, but they changed their names so I don't remember.

If you ever wanna chill out and reminiscence about the old days, lemmi know!

I'm thinking of making a clone account too. I have a droid account, but it doesn't even have a bio yet and is one of my abandoned ideas. However, this clone account could maybe hang out and talk about the war.

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