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Approved Lore Clan Atar

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  • Intent: To provide lore on Talohn's clan and family.
  • Image Credit: Sempermoi
  • Canon: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: Talohn Atar
  • Organization name: Clan Atar
  • Classification: Clan
  • Affiliation: Neutral, though Talohn Atar has some sway due to familial ties
  • Organization Symbol: A kiltik impaled on a blade
  • Description: A catharese tribe centered in one of the few green spots left on the planet of Cathar.
  • Hierarchy:
Elders - Leaders of the clan, they form a council of those considered the wisest and most experienced of the clan. This council makes most of the decisions, unless overwritten by majority support of a different decision by the clan itself.

Warriors - This is the largest portion of the clan. Due to the nature of their world, all cathar in the clan are given catharese warrior training when they come of age. Warriors double as the clan's defenders and hunters to keep the clan both fed and safe.

Shamans - Healers of the tribe, the shamans are informed in various forms of medicine, both physical and spiritual. These are the only force sensitives within the clan that actually use the force. They employ auras that calm the mind and in some cases can heal physical wounds with a touch.

  • Membership: Clan Atar is one of the smaller clans on cathar, counting at around a few hundred people. Membership within the clan is often through being born within their village, however adoptions have happened through trial. The trial is a hunt all cathar that come of age perform, where they hunt a nest of kiltik, the beetle scourge that infests their planet. All catharese clans share this tradition.
  • Climate: The clan functions like a group of adventurers, a guild of sorts. Lots of parties, boasting about stories, and steadfast brotherhood and sisterhood are common concepts amongst clan Atar
  • Reputation: As with all the tribes of Cathar, they still have a reputation for being savage and more rugged than the more developed civilizations in the galaxy. This makes people tend to be wary of them. Due to their carnivorous habits, some of the more hostile catharese tribes have been known to eat sentients. No incidents like this have been recorded in the case of clan Atar, however. They are more open minded than most of the catharese clans, and engage in trade when they can. The other Catharese clans on the planet look down on them for their diminutive clan size, their origins, and for communicating with outsiders.
  • Curios: The people of Clan Atar often wear the spoils from successful hunts, it serves as a status symbol of one's skill. These curios are often pieces of large beasts, or a trinket taken off of a slain foe.
  • Rules: Clan Atar is very free going, though there are typical rules. One must share the sustenance from the hunts they catch with their fellow tribesmen, no sentients shall be consumed under any circumstances, and all kiltiks are to be killed when they are seen in order to defend their oasis at all costs.
  • Goals: Based in an oasis that's in the middle of a Kiltik infested desert, they hope to one day wipe the kiltik from their lands, and are constantly searching for the kiltik queen that they call the tyen la'e, or 'deep mother' in basic. They work alongside the Rajoré laokal tribes that inhabit abandoned mandalorian bases across the deserts in order to achieve this goal.
  • Headquarters: Cathar
  • Domain: They reside in one of the many spots of green that remain on the planet of cathar. Each remaining cathar clan is tasked with defending these spots from the ravenous kiltik. As long as these strips of green on the planet remain, there is hope for cathar to be returned to it's former glory
  • Notable Assets: While not notable to the rest of the galaxy, Clan Atar has access to more tech than most of the Catharese tribes due to their openness to trade. More employ modern weapons, such as blasters and viroblades, than seen in other clans.
Talohn Atar Talohn Atar

The first mention of Clan Atar found within catharese history was around the time of the clone wars. Considering the cathar only started recording their history once again around 3,000 years after the mandalorians destroyed their society.Tthis makes Clan Atar a quite recent development, perhaps even only a few generations old. However, the broken up nature of catharese history records makes it hard to say for certain. The Atar clan is often referred to in the catharese tongue as 'Tak ohzro'una' which translates to 'The Outsiders'. This is a derogatory term used by other clans because they view the fact that The Atar clan is willing to deal with offworlders as foolish and treasonous. Many of the clans still refuse to interact with the wider galaxy, but Clan Atar sees it as a necessity in order to survive on their world that is slowly fading at the pincers of the Kiltik. They've come to terms with the fact that they cannot save the planet on their own, and hope to one day get outside help, which is why the allow their people to leave the planet with the various merchants and traders that visit their colony. Supposedly, Clan Atar initially started as a group of exiles from the nearest much larger Clan Lirgul. Clan Lirgul owns one of the larger green spots left on Cathar, it's size being about as big as a state and their numbers being in the thousands. They expel their undesirables and criminals into the surrounding inhospitable deserts that belong to the kiltik. The leadership of Clan Lirgul thought the exiles would just die. This was far from the case. The catharese exiles gathered together and wandered the desert, their combined forces being enough to keep the Kiltik patrols at bay. Eventually, they came across a small oasis in the desert, a spot the Kiltik had missed due to the rock formations around it. That became the cradle of Clan Atar, Atar being the name of the Catharese woman who led the group and helped them survive until they found the oasis.

Throughout the ages, the clan has persevered. Cathar was mostly left alone during the galactic civil war, and though they never truly rebuilt their previous civilization, they managed to develop the means and technology to continue fending off the kiltik and protect their homes. The catharese now often communicate by letter or message delivered by mailmen riding large beasts of burden that the kiltik dare not attack. Though in comparison to the rest of the clans, Clan Atar is quite isolated, as no one wishes to communicate or talk with those of such undesirable ancestry. During the Gulag plague, Clan Atar survived by cutting off trade with the galaxy. The plague didn't heavily effect Cathar numbers due to the planet's isolated nature. However it delayed Clan Atar's plans to get outside aid, and the kiltik threat got worse.

During their time on Cathar, Clan Atar was one of the few on friendly terms with the Mandalorian Union, who they traded with often for supplies. The MU also helped with the kiltik threat, their superior weaponry keeping the insects at bay as they established bases and outposts in the desert. Following the abandonment of the planet by the MU, Rajoré laokal inherited the bases as they were finally able to leave the caves and deep jungles the MU's expansion chased them into. The cathar conduct trade and work alongside them to fight the Kiltik just the same. Most of the clans consider Rajore useless rodents, but Clan Atar has found a steadfast ally in them. In short, Clan Atar's history is one of pragmatism. They are willing to do what the others on their planet won't in order to make it another day.
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Saket Keane Saket Keane it'll be finished in a few hours actually. I've had the edit page open all day. I just post the thread after copy pasting the template because writing in the tiny window when posting a thread is inconvenient. So no need to move it, I'm on historical information now!
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Under Review Talohn Atar Talohn Atar

Thanks for your patience! Overall this is a well-constructed submission that I can see leading to some good stories. Just a few minor things before I stamp it with my approval.

  • Per the codex rules, submissions must include all fields from the relevant template. Please add back the Canon field under Out of Character Information and simply put N/A

  • In the Affiliation section, this is super nitpicky, but please link Talohn's bio (again) if you're going to mention him.

  • Under Historical Information, it looks like you accidentally linked to Killiks (from Alderaan and the Unknown Regions) rather than Kiltiks, the creatures that live on Cathar. Easy mistake, the names are super close together. Please fix that link.

  • Also under Historical Information, I'd like to see a little more. Kiltiks were last talked about on Cathar almost 5,000 years before Chaos. Has the tribe been doing the same thing that entire time? Were they affected by the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, the Gulag Plague, and other such events? How have they changed (or worked to stay the same) over thousands of years?

  • Optional, but I'd like to see a little more information in the Description section. What makes Clan Atar stand out? What first impression might outsiders have of them? Why should we be interested in this tribe, as opposed to other Cathar tribes?

Please reach out with any questions or concerns!
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Darn Star Wars and their super similar bugs! I'll fix that link, yeah. I'll also expand more on clan Atar.

In regards to what's been going on for the past 5,000 years with the kiltik, and the history of cathar, I plan to expand upon and explain all of that when I make a codex sub for the planet of cathar, which I have recently gotten permission to do. Truthfully, and I'll specify this in the changes I make, clan Atar came into existence at some point during the clone wars. I just thought I didn't need to state pre chaos info because it's already canon that the mandalorians basically attacked cathar to the point that they almost went extinct, and that they didn't finish rebuilding their society until the galactic civil war. In my codex sub for cathar, I plan to expand more upon what the kiltik were doing during the rebuilding phase that the cathar were trying to do, and how their society fell yet again during the plague. However, since I'm making a planet sub, I don't think it's necessary to state the same history twice. Honestly I probably should have made the planet sub first, that's a mistake on my part. My bad.

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Talohn Atar Talohn Atar

You don't need to rehash Cathar's history, just talk about things that are directly relevant to Clan Atar, even if those things happened pre-Chaos. The clan being founded during the Clone Wars is definitely relevant, and anything the clan was directly involved in during the rebuilding and the continuing struggle with the kiltik should also be mentioned. Tell me the cliff notes of their full history. If it happened on Cathar but had nothing to do with Clan Atar, you can leave it out.

Please tag me when you're finished with changes, or if you have any questions (or PM me).
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