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Chaos Pokemon Draft League: The Third Season

Burn the Mantle

It was just over six months ago now when [member='Taeli Raaf'] and I had a neat idea. As fans of competitive Pokemon battling we thought it would be fun to host a league-style competition for our fellow Chaos members, an idea that at first was really just a 'what if' scenario. In the end, we decided to simply give it a shot. Now we have a great little community of Pokemon fans and the league we set up is about to wrap up its second season, with at the moment of writing only one semi-final and the final left.

People have come and gone over time, but in both seasons we have had ten players duking it out. Some have reconnected with a game they played many years ago while others with experience in competitive battling helped them out with the ins and outs. Some play to win, some simply want to have fun and use their favorite Pokemon while doing so. Over time a very small number of non-Chaos people have joined, but it still very much feels like a Chaos community. And with season 2 almost coming to a close it is time to send out another invitation to any and all Chaos members to come and do battle with us, or to simply come hang out with us and spectate the battles as they happen.

The best way to get a feel for how everything is set up is to join our Discord Server, but I will also copy and paste the little writeup I have included with the previous LFG threads below:

  • A draft league has 8 or more players, or coaches, that participate. First a draft will be held, much like an NBA draft for example, where at the end of things everyone will have eleven unique Pokemon. Everyone builds a team of six Pokemon and plays a match against another coach once a week, and everyone plays each other once. The top cut of players will then advance to the playoffs, and the winner of the final will be crowned the champion!
  • You can also trade Pokemon with other coaches and pick up Pokemon from the pool of undrafted Pokemon.
  • There is this nifty website called Pokemon Showdown, a fantastic Pokemon battle simulator that runs in your web browser and even works on your phone. All matches in the vast majority of draft leagues are played on here, with only a select few using the 3DS games. The best thing about it: It's completely free! If you can access Chaos, you can play on Showdown.
  • If you haven't kept up with all the shiny new Pokemon and are thinking "Well, I only know the original 151 and would get completely lost," do not fear! The creators of Pokemon Showdown have also created their very own version of the Pokedex where you can look up their stats, what moves they can have, and even examples of good movesets. In addition, I have also created a document which will neatly show which Pokemon are good and which aren't, so you will have all the info you need to get yourself a strong roster. We also have a number of experienced battlers who would more than gladly help you out with any questions you may have.

If you are interested in either watching the action jumping in yourself, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to join the Discord Server (PM me for it, random people from Google have been joining the server thinking it was any other league) or simply ask me about anything that might be unclear in this thread. We hope to see you on the other side!