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Approved NPC Cha'jen Setar

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Cha'jen Setar


​[Source: Thor Ragnarok Gladiators]


  • Intent: ​To create a Cathar member of the Promethean Guard, and diversify the species involved in Tathra Khaeus elite group.
  • ​Image Credit:
  • Role: Cha'jen is a professional swordsmen, but also makes use of hacking technology to infiltrate and collect data. Providing tactical data and relevant information on missions.
  • Links: Tathra Khaeus
  • Age: ​36
  • Force Sensitivity: Knight
  • Species: Cathar
  • Appearance: ​Like any Cathar, Cha'jen has feline like features; with orange and white skin, black stripe tattoo's across his chest and tuffs of pale orange fur around his neck. Cha'jen was solved into slavery at the age of seventeen, his body is powerful but slow. He did not require speed in his life to survive and thus his body correlates with his.
Gladiator Armour - Made of a variety of Durasteel plates mixed with armourweave and animal hide, Cha'jen takes pride in what he considers a work of art.

Retrofitted Pilots Helmet - When Cha'jen escaped from the slaver mines, he did so alongside a morally dignified dock worker who piloted them both out of the system. When the slavers gave chase, their ship was hit and crash landed on a barren waste. To survive, Cha'jen crushed his companions head with his own helmet and retrofitted it for his own purposes.

Trophy Belt - Cha'jen carries a total of six trophies, three Jedi lightsabers, a twi'lek's skull, and two Rancor teeth.

Vibro-Broadsword - Cha'jen uses a simple broadsword to get his work done, a thick blade that can do a lot of damage with his weight behind it.

Stun-Chakram - Using technology similar to a Stun Baton, Cha'Jen supplements his lack of speed with the use of a Stun-Chakram, a circular weapon he keeps close to his chest; ready to temporarily stun an enemy to get a lethal strike with his broadsword.
  • Skills:
- Force Cloak: To complement his hacking abilities, Cha'jen uses the force to cloak himself while he is busy with tech. Cha'jen can hold the cloak whilst moving at just about any speed, but has trouble holding the cloak in tense combat.

- Force Body: During his years as a slave, Cha'jen learned to draw from a larger pool of endurance to keep himself ahead and ready for a fight in the cutthroat mines.

- Telekinesis: Cha'jen is an adept in the use of telekinetic powers to lift and throw objects, or to throw his own weapons.

- Dual Wielding: Cha'jen is particularly adept when using both weapons in tandem to stun and batter his opponent with his Broadsword and Chakram.

- Technology: Cha'jen has a knack for technology in regards to ships, he can repair and enhance nearly any vehicle he comes across. His forte is in more conventional designs, and smaller ships.
  • Personality: Cha'jen is a solitary individual, he is not a fan of small talk or pleasantries but does enjoy the presence of both men and women. He also enjoys alcohol and food quite a lot. But, truly he lives for the fight. To die at the hands of a worthy opponent is his sole wish.
  • Weapon of Choice: ​A mixture of force abilities and dual wielding his weapons.
  • Combat Function:
+ One man Kill Squad: Cha'jen, unlike the other members of the Promethean Guard is a far less efficient team player; preferring to deal with multiple opponents alone, Cha'jen enjoys the challenge, its all he lives for. Thus, Cha'jen is equally an expert if not more so proficient when facing multiple opponents.

+ Fair game: Anything is fair game for Cha'jen, he'd use any tactic; any dirty trick to throw off his opponent and land a lethal blow.

-/+ Brute: To speak plainly, Cha'jen is a brute of a Cathar. his body is large and unhealthy but strong. He throws all of his weight into his attacks and could be easily defeated by an agile and equally skilled opponent.

- Cat and Mouse: Like any cruel man, Cha'jen perceives himself as a predator; and when against an opponent of note? If Cha'jen is able to gain the other hand, he'd rather play with his food first, brutalise them than kill them quickly. He enjoys the sport.

- A Shoe sized too Big: Cha'jen has no true loyalty to any singular ideal or individual, he's practically suicidal; willing to face the biggest and deadliest opponent he can find to finally die at the hands of a worthy opponent.

​At the age of seventeen, Cha'jen was with his sister on a colony ship when their ship was attacked by pirates. The pirates killed Cha'jen's sister in the crossfire and captured the Cathar, taking him to the outer rim territories to be sold as a slave. for ten years Cha'jen worked tirelessly in the mines. By then, he was changed and sullen; accepting his dour fate. During his time as a miner, Cha'jen discovered his endurance was up to par with beings much healthier and stronger than himself, drawing from a power outside of himself. This was, the beginnings of how Cha'jen discovered his potential as a force wielder. Over the years of his servitude, Cha'jen heard stories of wielders, using the force to move objects. Eventually, he tried it himself. However, a Jedi taskforce arrived in their area; fighting off the Zygerrian slavers which in turn lead to a Slaver uprising.

This was when Cha'jen first tasted blood, when the Jedi helped liberate him, he went after his overseer; attempting to kill him as revenge was all he had wanted that last decade. The Jedi tried to stop him, leading to their deaths as well. He knew the Jedi couldn't help him then, so he took their lightsabers as trophies, escaping off planet with the reluctant help of a dock worker.

As the slavers fled in their ships, they attempted to shoot down as many escaping slaves as possible; shooting down Cha'jen's ship in the process. Once the ship landed, Cha'Jen was lost on a desolate world, cracking open the skull of his companion for food to survive. For a few years, Cha'Jen spent his time on that planet, repairing the damage done to the ship overtime and learning how to make do with the various types of technology available to him.

After Cha'jen left the planet, he sought one opponent after the other. In that time, Cha'jen had to compensate for his slowness, learning the ability to cloak himself from a Sith Assassin whom he split a bounty with. Eventually, he ran into the titan, Tathra Khaeus. However, Tathra spared him; offering him the chance to fight powerful enemies, promising him a meaningful death in his service.
Renegade Rodian
[member="Tathra Khaeus"]

Tathra Khaeus said:
- Technology: Cha'jen has a knack for technology, with a keen understanding of various levels of technology.
Some further clarity here would be nice. Does this mean he's a skilled mechanic? What technology has he shown proficiency with? Or does this mean he just as an innate understanding of machines? Judging from his backstory this seems like it would mostly only apply to ships.

Tathra Khaeus said:
Weapon of Choice: ​A mixture of force abilities and dual wielding his weapons.
Force Cloak is his only listed Force ability. If he has any more, you'll need to list them.

On that note, his history doesn't exactly mention him discovering his Force sensitivity or receiving any sort of training. How did he come to have an ability as exotic as Force Cloak?
[member="Feeto Chivaro"]
Added some extra detail regarding what exactly he can do, tech wise.

Added what other force powers he has.

Also added more notes in the first and third paragraphs of his backstory regarding the development of his force abilities.
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