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Approved Species Celestiri

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Important Note / Disclaimer:
The world of Centerra, as presented in this setting, explores the concept of the Force. Within Centerra, the various races and micro cultures/religions use terms like interconnections and celestial energies to refer to the Force. These terms are interchangeable with 'The Force,' and their usage is intended to align with the cultural beliefs and identity of each group. It is important to understand that in Centerra, the Force is often perceived as magical or mystical, similar in thematic nature to the culture and region of the Ewoks. The terms employed in this context serve as a representation of the cultural portrayal and belief in the Force within Centerra.

The world of Centerra, within this setting, is deeply influenced by the Force, and Force anomalies occur frequently. These anomalies are manifestations of the planet's strong connection to 'cosmic energies' or Force Energies. The Stellar Convergence shapes the cultures and beliefs of Centerra, as it highlights the delicate balance between the Force and mortal existence. Please note that the portrayal of these Force-related anomalies is for imaginative purposes within this fictional world.

The Celesteri people belive in divine realm, known as Tyrryn Nah Nogg, This is really just they Celestella or Force Ghost or Force Anomalies that occur in the nature of the chaotic world. With the The concept of the Otherworld Their culture is vastly entwined with The Force that resides in Nature and Force Ghosts.

'Dark magic' is just the Dark side of the Force.


  • Intent: To colorize, enrich, flesh out, and diversify the Planet of Centerra.
  • Image Credit: - Bottom Giph Image-
  • Canon: N/A.
  • Permissions: N/A.
  • Links: N/A.
  • Name: Celestiri
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: Centerra [Link to the Home World of Centerra]
  • Average Lifespan: 30-90
  • Estimated Population: Planetary
  • Description:
    The Celestiri are robust, muscular humanoids with pointed ears, descended from the lineage of the Celestella. They boast majestic horns atop their heads, resembling antlers with elegant curves and intricate patterns, reflecting their individuality.
  • Breathes: Air
  • Average Height of Adults: 5'-8 ft 8 in / 264.16 cm
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A.
  • Skin color: Varied human like, including earthy tones
  • Hair color: Reflective of natural elements (forests, lakes, sunsets)
  • Distinctions:
    The Celestiri are distinguished by their elegant, curved horns that grace their foreheads. These horns vary in shape, size, and color, reflecting the individuality of each Celestiri. Adorned with intricate patterns and iridescent hues.

  • Races: N/A.
  • Force Sensitivity: Standard

  • Nature Affinity: Celesteri are naturally attuned to nature, able to communicate with animals, comprehend plant life, and utilize natural energy. This connection provides them with intuitive environmental insights and the ability to utilize nature's forces.

  • Resilient Physique: Celesteri possess a sturdy and resilient physical constitution, marked by enhanced strength, agility, and endurance. These traits make them formidable warriors capable of enduring prolonged physical exertion and overcoming challenges with ease.
  • Susceptibility to Dark Magic: While the Celesteri are attuned to light and nature, their inherent vulnerability to dark magic poses a significant threat. Malevolent forces that tap into the shadows can manipulate and exploit their vulnerabilities, potentially causing internal strife and conflicts within their communities.

  • Reliance on Nature's Balance: The Celesteri's well-being is intricately tied to the balance of nature. Disruptions in ecosystems or the depletion of vital resources can have a profound impact on their physical and mental health. They require a harmonious environment to thrive, making them vulnerable to any disturbances that upset the delicate equilibrium of their surroundings.

  • Diet: Omnivore, with a preference for plants.
  • Communication: Spoken Language Centerran
  • Technology level: [Starwars Tech Levels] Feudal / Information
    The Celesteri combine feudal structures with advanced information technology. Their society uses sophisticated data networks and digital archives. An example is their "Data Scrolls," which store and transmit information through nanotechnology. Users can access data by touching the scroll with a specialized device. These scrolls, adorned with calligraphy and artistic designs, bridge tradition and modernity. This fusion preserves cultural heritage while enhancing efficiency.

  • Religion/Beliefs:
  • The Celestiri's religion centers on reverence for nature and celestial forces, featuring a pantheon of deities embodying aspects of the natural world. They believe in a divine realm called Tyrryn Nah Nogg, where ancestors and deities reside eternally.

    Their rituals and festivals, held in natural settings, honor deities and nature's cycles. The Rite of the Sacred Grove marks adulthood, while the Feast of Harvest celebrates the autumn equinox, expressing gratitude for nature's abundance.

    Celestiri folklore emphasizes interconnectedness and stewardship of the land. They tell stories of mythical creatures, ancient heroes, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness. They believe in the Otherworld, a parallel realm where fantastical beings reside, accessible through rituals or spiritual connection.

  • General behavior:
    The Celestiri's behavior is characterized by their harmony with nature, strong community bonds, reverence for myth and lore, love for music and art, spiritual connection, and adaptability.

    They respect nature, acting as its guardians, and value unity within their community. They cherish storytelling and pass down oral traditions. Music, art, and poetry hold significant cultural importance, often serving as spiritual communication.

    Their spiritual connection guides their actions, fostering resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges. Overall, the Celestiri embody qualities of wisdom, creativity, and resilience, living in harmony with their surroundings and drawing strength from their spiritual beliefs.


The Celestiri, rooted in ancient forests, revere nature and its spirits, the Feyanara. They believe in balance and reciprocity, performing rituals in sacred groves to honor nature and seek guidance.

But not all tales end well. The story of Lirael, who sought peace with the Marbrecretians but sparked conflict, teaches the need for patience and empathy in diplomacy.

Despite challenges, the Celestiri remain resilient, drawing strength from their folklore and striving for a world of understanding and respect.


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1.) Please link the Planet somewhere in the submission. You can put it in the "Links" section.

2.) Communication: What language do they speak? Galactic Basic? Centerran?

3.) Technology Level: What does "Feudal / Information" mean in terms of Star Wars?

4.) Again, keep in mind, that this connection to the elements should be Star Wars/Force related. Please make adjustments to reflect this.

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1.) Please link the Planet somewhere in the submission. You can put it in the "Links" section.
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2.) Communication: What language do they speak? Galactic Basic? Centerran?
Added languages
3.) Technology Level: What does "Feudal / Information" mean in terms of Star Wars?
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4.) Again, keep in mind, that this connection to the elements should be Star Wars/Force related. Please make adjustments to reflect this.
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