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Manufacturer: Captain's Choice
Market Status: Open Market
Production: Mass-Produced
Weight: Light
Size: Small
Make the right choice, make it Captain's Choice!

art by Beverly Williams
CC-B/L22 Twin Weapon Platform
  • Two Weapons, One Package: The B/L22 can toggle between a light laser cannon and a heavy repeating blaster, letting the platform handle a wide range of lighter targets.
  • Almost Unlimited Ammo: The B/L22 is able to run both weapon systems off an internal, high-capacity power generator routed from the ship.
  • Small Targets Only: The B/L22 is only designed to handle smaller, weaker targets like fighters or freighters, it lacks the punch or range to deal with havier targets.
  • Definitely Limited Capacity: The B/L22 can't be fired indefinitely as both weapons can overheat the platform or overdraw from the generator with sustained fire.
Another design from the Captain's Choice everything-but-the-kitchen school of design, the CC-B/L22 combines a light laser cannon and heavy repeating blaster into one platform. The B/L22 is designed to take out lighter targets by switching between a potent laser cannon and a rapid-fire blaster cannon, both excellent to take out smaller targets like ground vehicles or fighters. Also, unlike most vehicle-mounted weapons, the B/L22 runs on an internal power generator which gives it practically unlimited ammunition rather than the standard tibanna. Of course, this design is practically useless against larger vehicles or heavy defenses, and while the power may be theoretically infinite, the B/L22's heat resistance and circuit tolerance aren't. Yet these setbacks haven't stopped Captain's Choice from making the B/L22 one of its premier vehicular weapons.

Out Of Character Info

Intent: To create a mixed starship weapon platform
Permissions: N/A
Primary Source(s):


Technical Information

Affiliation: Captain's Choice and its customers.
Model: CC-B/L22
Modular: Yes
Effective Range: Personal
Rate of Fire: Automatic
Material: Durasteel, Alusteel, Dallorian Alloy, Hyperbaride, Condensed-Matter Composite.
Ammunition Capacity: Very Large
Damage Output: Low
Recoil: High
Ranged Class: Machine Gun
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