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repeating blaster

  1. Captain's Choice LLC

    Approved Ranged Weapon  CC-B/L22 Twin Weapon Platform

    art by Beverly Williams CC-B/L22 Twin Weapon Platform SPECIAL FEATURES Adaptable to multiple starship classes and designs. Autosteady Gyroscopic stabilizer gimbal with 360-degree Hydro-Servo Bearing. Internal Power Generator. Power Cycler with Capacitor Bank, and Radiator. Galven Coils and...
  2. Valery Noble

    Contract  GADF Commission — Repeating Blaster Rifle

    The Galactic Alliance needs you! Following the Second Great Hyperspace War, the Alliance began a long process of upgrading its military capabilities to modern standards and demands. Now, with new threats rising all around its borders, even more resources are dedicated to upgrading old and...
  3. Commodore Helix

    Approved Tech  DLH "Herald" General-Purpose Repeating Blaster

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: to create a repeating blaster weapon for Helix Solutions Image Source: Sendoa Bergasa Canon Link: DLT-19 Permissions: N/A Primary Source: Wookiepedia, DLT-19 PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Helix Solutions Affiliation: Helix Solutions Market Status...
  4. Amelia von Sorenn

    Approved Tech  AT-RB07 Heavy Repeating Blaster

    AT-RB07 HEAVY REPEATING BLASTER OUT-OF-CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent Heavy Repeating Blaster for use by the Galactic Alliance Defense Force Image Source [HERE] Permission(s) Not Applicable Canon Link(s) Heavy Repeating Blaster E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster Primary Link(s)...
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