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Calling all Imperials and Dark Siders

Imperial Storyteller

The year is 853 ABY
After a daring raid on Kamino, the Empire's leader is lost, frozen in carbonite and located somewhere in Wild Space unknown to all of the major powers.
The Empire lies divided, the Second Imperial Civil War rages on as the loyalist factions under Lord Regent Baron Morcus fight tooth and nail against the revolutionaries commanded by Warlord Rizzan Tuspin.
Director Caalgen halts all travel to and from Scarif, his last command being to ferry massive amounts of raw material to the secret Imperial research world; Grand Admiral Cardan directs much of the Imperial fleet to Hypori, taking it upon himself to keep interlopers out of Imperial space for the time being.
Other high-ranking members of the once mighty Empire's government carve out their own fiefdoms of Imperial territory and declare themselves warlords, rightful heir successor to the position of Grand Moff.
A single person's decisions can change the Empire forever.

Who will you be? How will you take part?
Will you remain loyal to the grand moff... Or fight for a change, however good or bad?