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the galactic empire

  1. Tango112

    Character  Capt. Voxer

    name: Captain Voxer Faction: the Galactic alliance Rank: Captain Species: human/clone Age: 902 Sex: Male Height: 1.83m (6 ft) tall weight: 79 kilograms eyes: brown hair: black with a stubble and a crew cut Skin: white Force: low - average sensitivity Strength and weakness...
  2. T

    Cold Storage

    By right of conquest, Warlord Tuspin is now the de facto leader of the Empire. You don't deserve the luxury of death, you are being put into carbonite; to suffer as I destroy everything you stood for. As long as I live, I will always control the Empire. His body tumbled to the ground with a...
  3. Robogeber

    All I See Are Familiar Faces.... | The First Order and Galactic Empire

    Location: L-49 Hex; The Hydian Way Defence Station; Primary Command Centre Time: 2243 - Local Station Time Duty Shift: 4 XO On Shift: Capt. Gallow, Heinz POV: Esgn. Dieet, Aleksander Alert Level: Yellow Musical Interlude: Outside Perimeter | Ratchet and Clank OST [X] Ensign Aleksander Dieet...
  4. I

    Calling all Imperials and Dark Siders

    The year is 853 ABY After a daring raid on Kamino, the Empire's leader is lost, frozen in carbonite and located somewhere in Wild Space unknown to all of the major powers. The Empire lies divided, the Second Imperial Civil War rages on as the loyalist factions under Lord Regent Baron Morcus...
  5. T

    Catalyst - The Imperial Civil War; Galactic Empire Dominion of AA-46

    KAMINO SYSTEM 852 ABY - THE IMPERIAL CIVIL WAR [THEME] [hr] It was unexpected, to say the least. Hundreds of stormtroopers turned on their brethren, mirroring the betrayal that was occurring in orbit between numerous fleets of star destroyers. Novatroopers inside the Imperial Citadel were...
  6. G


    THE IMPERIAL CITADEL, KAMINO 852 ABY - RISE OF THE WARLORD [THEME] [hr] Rain pelted against the large windows present across the room, resounding throughout it and almost drowning out the hum of technology unknown. Those present were indeed very high above the ground, almost at the top of...
  7. T

    State of the Union

    THE IMPERIAL CITADEL, KAMINO 852 ABY - RISE OF THE WARLORD [THEME] [hr] Every year towards the middle of the galactic cycle, a mandatory meeting of the system and sector moffs would take place in the Empire's heavily-guarded citadel on their capital of Kamino. A hail of rain pelted against...
  8. T

    Approved Starship  The Sunrunner - Stellar Tribune's Chariot

    Intent: To create a reward ship for [member="Khonsu Amon"] Image Source: Here Canon Link: N/A Restricted Missions: Primary Source: D5-Mantis Patrol Craft Manufacturer: The Galactic Empire Model: Prototype D50-Mantis Patrol Craft Affiliation: Supreme Sun Guardian [member="Khonsu Amon"] The...
  9. T

    The Stampede of War; Imperial Invasion of Alliance-controlled Coruscant

    852 ABY - THE GREAT GALACTIC WAR Peeved by their miraculous defeat on Dagobah, and subsequent attacks by the Alliance's last-minute allies, the Empire attempts a new campaign of terror throughout the territories of the Galactic Alliance. Ranks of white-armoured stormtroopers load onto their...
  10. T

    Approved Starship  Conqueror II-class Star Destroyer

    Intent: An updated variant of the (in)famous Conqueror-class Star Destroyer. Image Source: Here Canon Link: N/A Restricted Missions: N/A Primary Source: Conqueror-class Star Destroyer INV 'Silencer' Manufacturer: The Galactic Empire Model: Conqueror II-class Star Destroyer...
  11. Varik Ice

    Exsibilation | The Sovereignty Invasion of Galactic Empire held Zenith Prime Hex

    Planet | Invading Faction | Defending Faction | OOC Thread | Headers | Music Exsibilation Aboard the Adviser-Class Carrier Broodmare Zenith Prime. A world of forts and camps, encampments and entrenchments. The fortress world on the edge of Imperial territory awaited now, for the...
  12. WolfMortum

    The Power & Principle of War (Adron Malvern)

    Raider Class Assault Cruiser Herios Sector, Orbit of Excarga Galactic Empire Space The Galactic Empire, well known across the Galaxy for it's vast history of Imperial leadership over countless worlds going so far back as to the fall of the Old Republic and the Empire's first rise to power...
  13. T

    Mandator V-class Siege Battlecruiser

    Intent: To create a siege vessel for the Galactic Empire. Image Source: Here Canon Link: Restricted Missions: N/A Primary Source: Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought Desolator-class Battlecruiser INV 'Silencer'...
  14. D

    The Void Looked Back; Imperial Dominion of Ord Pardron

    >> Transmission Secured... >> Contents Decrypted... >> Opening... FROM: Travis Caalgen/DAWR TO: Drakar Arywn/HINQ CC: DS-[REDACTED] "Gorgon" (DT-0911, DT-7343, DT-7824, DT-2318), Torne Kang/NCAP SUBJECT: Mission Order 9164-Sigma...
  15. K

    End of Line [The Empire vs. The Alliance]

    MUSTAFAR 852 ABY [hr] "Refueling sequence complete, Admiral." An ensign bowed deeply as she gave this report to the white-uniformed grand admiral, scurrying off immediately afterwards to go about the rest of her duties. Cardan rose gracefully from the seat of his command throne, pacing...
  16. K

    End of Line [The Empire vs. The Alliance]

    The War continues. As venerable factions are consumed by this conflict, empires and republics alike rise from the ashes to take their place. Many powers of the galaxy turn their staggering industrial complexes towards total war, intent on wiping their adversaries from the space that they...
  17. D

    Looking for Force-sensitives

    For millennia, the Force has been divided between the beliefs of both the Jedi and the Sith. These two religious orders have seen many republics and empires fall in their wake, a galaxy-spanning feud that has affected hundreds of trillions. In this age of Chaos, numerous force-sensitives have...
  18. T

    The Galactic Empire [Major Faction Advertisement]

    [Invasion] This is Getting Out of Hand, Now There are Three of Them! | Imperial Invasion of Dagobah [Dominion] No Further; Imperial Dominion of Dressel [Flagship] Gravity
  19. D

    This is Getting Out of Hand, Now There are Three of Them! | Imperial Invasion of Alliance-controlled

    Resistance, Rebellion, Defiance... Ideas that permeate within the confines of the Galactic Alliance, ideas that cannot be allowed to persist should the Empire ever hope to restore order to a galaxy of chaos. Those that have garnered themselves a true understanding of this age know that peace...
  20. T

    This is Getting Out of Hand, Now There are Three of Them! | Imperial Invasion of Alliance-controlled

    851 ABY A year of supposed peace and diplomacy for the galaxy at large. But deep beneath the heaps of bureaucracy and pleasantries lie a fiercely fought battle between galactic powers, their strongest weapons being the words they bring to the table. In pursuit of an everlasting age of unity...
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