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Cadden Blackthorne-Sith

Cadden Blackthorne


Cadden Blackthorne
"Myself? My path is a far greater one. I shall meet my enemies, both on the battlefield and in spirit, and crush them, devouring them by the hundreds and the thousands. Soon, all that was promised me shall be mine, and then Sivter will be as nothing against me. Even the Jedi Order will pale before me, and I shall stretch out my hand and wipe this galaxy clean, to remake it in my own image!" -Cadden's Ultimate Goal

Name: Cadden Blackthorne
Alias: Agent Throne
Age: 30
Height: 1.83 Meters
Build: Muscular
Faction: The Empire
Rank: Sith Apprentice
Force Sensitive: Yes
Strengths & Weaknesses:

+) Strength
Cadden is very strong because of the time he spent as a bounty hunter.

+/-) Cold
Cadden, like all Sith,is cold and doesn't care about others.

-) Thinks highly of himself
Cadden thinks very highly of himself

+) Speed
Cadden is very agile from his bounty hunting years.

+/-) Heartless
Like all Sith Cadden is heartless and mercy less

-) Mood Swings
Cadden has violent mode swings

Viroblade, Unmodified
Blaster, Unmodified
Cadden Blackthorne was born to Faarel and Trina Blackthorne on the world of Corellia. He was raised with his younger sister, Aaralyn, by his mother and grandfather. His grandfather, Akitane, was a political figure in the Galactic Republic, and was played a part in getting Cadden later accepted into the Imperial Military Academy.

Growing up an intelligent individual, Cadden attended, and graduated with honors from, Coronet's best institute, which granted him the extra boost he required to being accepted into the Academy. Once again showing his intelligence and skill, his graduation from the Imperial Military Academy was decorated with honors.

Cadden was placed in command of a squad of stormtroopers at the beginning of the his career. He grew notorious for leaving no enemy alive, and fought the Empire's enemies with a sense of ferocity. Cadden soon became aware of his father's true background during wars and resuming a life of secrecy on Corellia as a Moff, but despite his loyalty to the Empire he swore to both his family and himself to never reveal Faarel's secret. However, his views on the Empires enemies differed greatly, which led to many arguments and heated debates when he was at home, on leave.

Part of Cadden wished to report his father for his under-the-table dealings with the Empire's enemies - his conditioning as a soldier and a loyal member of the Imperial side. However, his strong sense of family and loyalty to them above all else kept him quiet. His father's dealings began to wear on him, however, and after a while Cadden became more sympathetic toward the Empire's enemies, yet still viewed their cause as treason.

As time progressed, Cadden's squad was re-assembled into an elite division of stormtrooper commandos. Retaining the original look of stormtroopers, but with vast improvements over their shock trooper comrades, the squad became more of a specialist unit in the Empire, and slowly shifted into the ranks of the Stormtrooper Corps front lines assault units. However, they continued to act as a commando unit, and often penetrated enemy lines during the heat of battle in order to achieve a favorable outcome much sooner than conventional means would allow.

Cadden's personal life became far more complicated, however, when he was assigned to Corellia to eliminate the Empire's insurgents planted planet-wide. He and his squad were assigned search-and-destroy duty, and these actions nearly led Cadden to becoming disowned by his mother and father, as they saw this as placing his own loyalties to the Empire above anything else, and even compromised his father's secret.

This was mostly true, as the Empire had eventually discovered Faarel's underground activities. They sent an elite stormtrooper unit, lead by a Dark Jedi and a stormtrooper commander, to the Blackthorne Estate. Faarel was wounded and had managed to escape and flee to exile. From there, the stormtroopers did their work on destroying the estate. All that was left after their work was its ruins.

Mere days after the event, Cadden learned of the Empire's actions. Infuriated, he resigned his position in the Empire, and traveled to the remains of his family's estate, in search of clues as to who was responsible for the murder of his parents and, he assumed, his sister as well. After discovering the unit that destroyed the estate, Cadden stumbled upon a data disc, located in the sublevels of his former home. When he searched the data, however, what he found was entirely unexpected. Coordinates were listed for the whereabouts of a suit of armor, which had belonged to one of his ancestors.

Cadden followed the trail, having to fight many fights over the next couple months, before he found himself on Dathomir, and the location of an old hut. Entering the former homestead, Cadden found a chest, sealed shut and air-tight. He spent the next couple days attempting to open the chest, until he finally was able to open it. Contained inside was a full suit of blood-red Mandalorian armor. Cadden looked at the perfectly-preserved legendary piece of equipment with awe, all the while wondering how anyone of his family could have gotten their hands on such a thing. It was at that point Cadden was a free man.

From that moment on, Cadden trained himself rigorously on several different worlds, taking on beasts of nature big and small alike. Like Boba Fett, Cadden had remained silent about the origins of his armor. He used the mysticism, and the perk that a similar Boba Fett was a notorious bounty hunter, to climb even higher in notoriety in the Underworld, until Cadden had become a very common household name. Not even the Empire was capable of touching him at this point, for the Blackthorne bounty hunter had become one of the most feared individuals in the fringes of space, next to Boba Fett, Bossk, IG-88, Raptor, and other well-known bounty hunters.

Cadden never took his helmet off, not for anybody or under any occasion. It was rumored that he was a grotesquely disfigured man, and was ashamed of seeing his own face. Another rumor had it that he did not wish to be reminded of his family, and the tragedy that remained in the memory of Corellia. The truth behind Cadden's behavior remained the same, however, in the fact that he used the armor to strike fear into others. He was quick and agile enough to hunt without it, but Cadden knew that anyone whom bore Mandalorian armor automatically gained the respect of others.

Cadden returned to working for the Hutts, and got a hefty salary out of his occupation with them, and even started working for the Empire. He was always slow and methodical and as unpredictable as the shifting sands of Tatooine. He rarely lost his quarry, and had shown no remorse for their fate. Cadden was known to work with other bounty hunters, but his motives may have been to show the others up; Cadden had always emerged as the one who caught the prize.

At one point, Cadden had been on hire to intercept and eliminate Jedi Knight Cameo Naton, and was backed by a very large reward. Cadden had spent several weeks tracking Cameo and learning about the other. Opportunity struck when the Jedi was to meet with someone interested in becoming his apprentice on some backwater planet. Cadden had taken the opportunity to exterminate the future apprentice and take the ten thousand credit reward, and used that as his chance to ambush the unsuspecting Jedi Knight. Cameo took the bait, but he had escaped Cadden's grasp.

The bounty hunter chased Cameo around for some time, never meeting with success, before he finally gave up the pursuit and accepted the ten thousand, instead of the heavier 900,000 offered on the Jedi Knight, and went on his way. Cadden and Cameo would eventually meet again, nearly fifteen years later. However, Cadden had finally found a chance to face off with the Imperial Inquisitor, Ansara Bansari, responsible for his parents' deaths. He dueled Ansara, and had emerged victorious with nothing more than a mere cut in the Inquisitor's right arm before she fled the scene. Several weeks later, Cadden had finally tracked down and eliminated the team he believed responsible for his parents' deaths, thus effectively removing an aged act of vengeance.

As his last jobs, Cadden had turned in the Imperial traitorous senator Ubio for 300,000 credits and a hyperdrive for the one partially responsible for his capture, Councilor Jobe. During the capture of the Bothan former senator, When Cadden returned from his deliverance of Ubio to Imperial authorities in order to give Jobe his hyperdrive, complications came along and Jobe left the ship to, unexpectedly, Jade. Later Cadden returned and successfully captured Dark Jedi Cazzik Wyn and turned him in to Karde for 1,500,000 credits. That was his last bounty, and Cadden assisted the Dark Jedi in escaping Karde's clutches for reasons unknown.

It is unknown how long Cadden had planned to change, but when he did, the entire galaxy was in shock. The famous bounty hunter returned to a life of mystery, simply fading into the dark expanding abyss of space. It was here that he had met Trai Kanossi. Trai helped Cadden discover his potency in the Force, as well as bring him and Renalla together for their first, and last, adventure together.

Over the course of time, Cadden had developed a perfection for hiding his presence in the Force. Much like how the Jedi Master Yoda had hid himself with the Dark Tree on Dagobah, but Cadden did not need any kind of mysterious, dark location to remain hidden. It was a trait that could only be perfected to this extent by few, and the Blackthornes were no exception. In order to keep his situation a secret, Cadden had placed an under-the-table order for an HRD, which would look exactly like him, to do his dirty work. For some time, the HRD succeeded in keeping the Empire away from Cadden.

Cadden and Trai continued to work on their own, eventually stumbling across a slave ship under the Imperial Remnant's employ. Here, they helped free the slaves, amongst them being a Wookiee named Ryy'Suuk. Cadden in particular was befriended by the Wookiee, who swore a life-debt to the man. Cadden was taken aback, and argued against the idea, which merely offended the Wookiee. Had Ryy'Suuk not pledged his life-debt to Blackthorne, one of the two would have wound up dead due to those actions.

The trio continued onward, eventually meeting up with Renalla Starrider, who was the primary benefactor to Cadden leaving his previous occupation as a bounty hunter. They helped out those in need for a short while, performing acts against local criminal organizations, Imperial Remnant outposts and bases, and the like, before Cadden finally decided to begin a more settling lifestyle.

Later, Cadden finally resurfaced and re-established Blackthorne Enterprises in the Hoth System, a family corporation which operated out of the Udine system generations ago. The company had gotten off to a good start, and continued to see some promising times at the rate it was going, yet Cadden's old ways got the better of him again. The freedom fighter, and now Jedi-in-training, decided to send a kamikaze ship to Bilbringi, the center of the Empire. He was to pilot it, and collide a modified, custom frigate, packed to the max with highly dangerous and explosive missiles and other detonating projectiles into the planetoid, but one of his Elite Guard members, Trasj Ricknas, took it instead.

Following the kamikaze attack, the Empire sent massive forces to the already-fleeing Blackthorne Enterprises forces, but they still outnumbered the company three to one. Because of an Interdictor field, Cadden's forces lost approximately 75% of its military forces and around 12% of its evacuees, a heavy loss for the company. Captain Irrad of the Red Star Alliance Star Frigate Benevolent gave the ultimate sacrifice, however, staying behind to delay the Empire. As soon as he knew that the company could escape, the Benevolent self-destructed, destroying all on-board, which seemed to include Cadden's personal ship, the Pursuer.

After the Blackthorne Enterprises forces had retreated to Midpoint Station, they hypered out toward their next rendezvous point in a series of jumps to shake the Empire off of their tails. However, Cadden, along with Trai, Ryy'Suuk, and Renalla Starrider, all found themselves in an unknown sector of the Outer Rim to face their ultimate trial of their skills.

But while they were stuck on the ice world Talmohkt, Black one-eighteen, Cadden's Human Replica Droid, sacrificed himself to Ket Maliss in order to have the bounty lifted off of the real Cadden Blackthorne's head. His last move was sending out a message to an agent of Cadden's by the name of Kay'l Syao, a message that would have to be given to Ket Maliss prior to the agent's visit to Junrest, in order to get the apparent killer of Cadden Blackthorne a message from Cadden himself (prior to his departure from Midpoint).

A week after being on the ice world, Cadden finally faced a great soul stealer named Ulfik Nevekron, who had a Dark Jedi Master inside his essence. After a heated duel, Cadden managed to get a jab through Ulfik's defenses with his lightsaber, killing the man almost instantly. While that was going on, a heated battle between Triad and Imperium forces was going on just outside the spaceport they were sent to destroy. Cadden got the detonators placed and had to manually detonate them, racing the explosion out on a hoverbike and barely escaping with his own life, while I'Flym valiantly saved Renalla's life by stopping a jab at her from an Imperium troop's baton. The troop was confronted by Renalla and Ryy'Suuk and taken away, and Renalla went down to the wounded Cadden.

After saying their good-byes, the gang hypered away from the planet and to a secluded, independent system, where Cadden spent the next few weeks recovering from his wounds on the world of Thonner. However, when he had first awoken, he discovered Renalla had left, and perhaps would never know of the real reasons why. As soon as he was healed, he was cleared of all doubts. He could not remain hidden forever... but he did know that there was one thing he had yet to do. Unaware of what was stirring within his own essence.

Later, Cadden received a call for help from a familiar source - Talmohkt, the ice world in which Cadden and his friends had returned from but a standard year prior. Cadden accepted the stressed call for aid, and returned to the ice world, alone this time. However, the call was a trap - the Nomad Soul had returned in his full form, a grotesque alien by the name of Klatonn. Klatonn, the original Nomad Soul, had gathered enough strength to return from the netherworld, whereupon he goaded Cadden to the Dark Side by claiming to be the cause of the deaths of his entire family, including Renalla Starrider. Cadden, infuriated, charged the Nomad Soul, cuting the soul down. Letting his rage take over, Cadden released a destructive surge of energy on Klatonn, completely destroying the creature's body, and sending his spirit back into the abyss. But at a great cost. With that simple act, Cadden had engulfed himself in the Dark Side, and soon after the defeat of the Nomad Soul, Cadden arose to the creature's place.

He led Talmohkt into a revolutionary stage, where the planet was to engage in modern technological advances of space, a movement that the people accepted well, but was masked with a true purpose - Cadden, with his newfound rage and dark powers, was intending on launching a frontal assault against the outskirts of the Outer Rim, in an attempt to raise a force to strike at the heart of the Empire. However, plans went awry.

He decided to focus on getting off Talmohkt, first. However, when civil war erupted with the rebels, led by Cadden's long-time friend, Trai Kanossi, alongside Ryy'Suuk, Cadden's friends managed to convince him to abandon his efforts. After some struggle, Cadden launched into space, using the very single-crewed fighter he arrived on the world with, and destroyed a subspace portal that was to lead the people of Talmohkt to their new home. Staging his own death, Cadden used decisive timing and expert piloting to escape through the portal, as it collapsed upon itself. He emerged in the Outer Rim territories, and ultimately decided to head to the Hoth System, whereupon he crash-landed on the ice world. He barely survived the wreckage, due to the interference of a Zabrak named Zartok Ular. When Cadden awoke three days later, he found himself with an artificial eye, and a thanks to be found with a new ally. He spent the next two weeks in recovery and, with no way off Hoth, he dedicated a lot of that time to meditation and training. Cadden had realized the kind of monster he had become, back on Talmohkt, and saw his time on Hoth as a good one to remain separated from all those whom he cared about, in hopes that his seclusion could rid him of his taint.

After the third week, Cadden received a visit from a man named Kladaar, an older ancestor of his from six generations prior, in his spirit form. Kladaar informed Cadden of a dark past that his family had shared, for quite some time, until they had come to the Jedi Order and a new generation of Blackthornes had been established. However, to keep Cadden from walking down the dark path, he refused to disclose any details. Instead, he warned Cadden of the dangers of the Dark Side, that once one walked down that path, it would forever dominate one's destiny, consume their will. And, for those that repented, they would be engulfed in a war with themselves, a war to purge the dark taint that would remain. Kladaar parted with these words: "A Jedi is free to follow the path he has chosen, but do not mistake the path of the Dark Side to be the strongest of the two. It is merely the easiest."

Cadden then made long preparations to leave Hoth, once and for all, and even took Zartok and his medical droid with him after a week's worth of preparations.

From there, Cadden re-surfaced, joining forces with Jhuston Vox in the apprehension of the notorious pirate Kaldone for Esran Croft. Zartok had lost his life in the hunt, but the others managed to pull off the bounty with little trouble. However, during the capture of Kaldone, Cadden had detonated the Pursuer, with his armor inside, in order to grant them the time needed to escape Kaldone's ship. His ship was destroyed with his armor inside. Cadden once again went into seclusion.

He has recently re-surfaced one last time, and re-established Blackthorne Enterprises, this time in its rightful place in the Udine system. The company progressed well, with Cadden collaborating with the Loris Empire to obtain independence from its debtors. Plans went awry, however, and with the help of Cadden's sons, Guan and Jerik, they managed to avoid a disastrous outcome.

Cadden decided to leave the new Blackthorne Enterprises, and resold all its assets. Using the credits he got for that, as well as a healthy sum of credits from commission costs from selling older Blackthorne Enterprises designs to Esran Croft Enterprises, before his older incarnation of the company went belly-up, Cadden went into retirement. However, old habits die hard, and within a matter of a couple years Cadden was secretly scouring the galaxy in his Rogue-class Armed Transport, the Rogue Star. After hearing of the Xen'Chi and Gait threats, Cadden assembled together a crack team of combat and information specialists to deal with petty thugs, preparing them to combat the new threats on their own.

The Falleen named Xhander joined the Rogue Star's crew shortly after Cadden had a run-on with a deadly Dark Jedi by the name of Ilan Garuda, Cadden defeated Ilan Garuda twice over the course of three weeks. During those three weeks, he had met with a Jedi Master whom had been in exile since the Clone Wars began named Teslar Maladan. Teslar guided Cadden toward a new path, separate from that of his ragtag team of specialists. After Cadden had supposedly killed Garuda on Holoworld III, he decided to take Teslar's offer and leave the group for his own destiny. Little did he know it would lead him to the planet Mandalore. When Cadden arrived in the Mandalore system, his ship's hyperdrive had suffered a major malfunction, due to the tampering of the computer systems, causing the ship to explode. Locke Rekkon and Gandon Belak, two surviving Mandalorians, found Cadden floating in space above their world, after receiving news about the explosion, and nursed them back to full health. Only three days later did Cadden become accepted as a true Mandalorian, despite his past being devoid of the Mandalorian lifestyle. Cadden vowed to lead the Mandalorians to their former glory, or die trying. During the quest to reunite the clans, Cadden had been chosen to become the new Mandalore, and he immediately began the process of combating for his position, and reuniting the clans.

As soon as the clans were reunited, and the skirmishes between Cadden's Mandalorian Protectors and opposers of the new structure came to a closure, MandalMotors swore its fealty to Cadden, and the company became once again under Mandalorian control. With the fast-approaching threat of the Xen'Chi looming but on the horizon, there was little time to waste. Gandon Belak was charged with resurrecting the Mandalorian Warriors to fend off this and future galactic threats, whilst Locke Rekkon was tasked with the training of the fleet, alongside Admiral Ghrark Fyrebyrd, in orbit of Mandalore.

After the reunifications of the clans, Cadden had set his sights on rebuilding the Mandalorian strength that it had once had, so long ago. With thousands of shock troopers, and hundreds of supercommandos, he finally viewed his Protectors ready to fight by roughly 14 ABY. They would soon get that chance, when upon heading to the Corellia system, to receive a new ship, a VCX-820 Escort Freighter he later dubbed the Hellfire, Cadden intercepted a call for help from the most unlikely of sources.

While in the Corellia system, Cadden visited his father and Cameo Naton, in order to tie up loose ends and square away old feelings that may have been harbored toward him. Then he set off with his son, Jerik, to the source of the distress call he had received but moments earlier, and rendezvoused with the long-thought-dead Cazzik Wyn. He was asked to help him begin his search for his missing sons, Caius and Xanic, leading them to the City of the Jedi. The group discovered the location of the City of the Jedi, and immediately set out to get there before Kamulos would. There, Guan, along with the Conqueror and her crew, met up with them and aided them and the Mandalorians in the defense of the planet from Kamulos's forces. Cadden's moment of glory, and show of his continuous dominating presence over many others, was shown when he successfully beat K471 in personal combat.

After the battle was won, Cadden left his sons under Cazzik's care, and returned to Mandalore.

With this information, as well as the final preparations to the Mandalorian First Assault Fleet completed, Cadden set out a daring plan to strike back at the Xen'Chi and sever their invasion path which separated Mandalore from Coruscant itself. Nicknaming it Operation: Dissection, the order of attack was to strike at close-by systems, and purge them of Xen'Chi presence. The series of attacks began with an overwhelming victory at Woostri, and continued toward Aquaris. With their victory at Aquaris, the Mandalorians made an astonishing example of their growing strength, as they continue to press forward in their goal to stall the Xen'Chi invasion long enough for the galaxy to counter-attack.

Now, the Mandalorians ferociously duke it out on Ploo, poising to strike next at Obroa-Skai and continue onward to Myrkr. If done well, the tactic would cause the Xen'Chi to divert a fleet to Mandalore, where the planet would then be defended by the Protectors' full arsenal, and show the Xen'Chi just how unwelcome they are in this galaxy.

However, not all went according to plan. As the Assault Fleet returned home, they found Mandalore already under seige, and the Mandalorian defensive weakening by the minute. In a moment of desperation, the Assault Fleet counter-attacked, and sent the space above Mandalore into disarray. Cadden led the assault on his Basilisk War Droid, until it was destroyed, where he was picked up by Kya Waise on the Star's End. It was during this time Cadden experienced a disturbing vision of mysterious proportions.

Being awoken from his subconscious state, Cadden was questioned by Kya where he should be dropped off. After some consideration, Cadden instructed her and her crew to drop him off above Kedalbe, Mandalore's capital city, so that he could liberate the command tower from a pressing Xen'Chi presence. Making his way to the Square, where the remaining Mandalorians in the city were holed up, Cadden managed to get to the command tower and call for reinforcements. Just as the battle inside the Square seemed to be at a loss, Garen Starfall and his Mandalorians arrived to provided the assistance that was desperately needed. Unfortunately, it was soon discovered that the Xen'Chi commander was a Chosen. He quickly made work of several Mandalorians, and nearly killed Garen, before confronted by Cadden.

The duel was fierce, and quick. In the end, Cadden utilized the unorthodox method of destroying an explosive barrel near the Chosen to shatter his weapon, a deadly barbed lightsaber-resistant whip, before he leapt over the Xen'Chi warrior and penetrated his chest with one of his lightsabers. The Chosen, however, responded by cleaving some of Cadden's flesh with the remnant of his whip. It was at that point that Cadden returned the favor, with interest, by relentlessly severing the Chosen's head from his body.

He was then forced to leave the battlefield, from which point he provided some assistance to the Mandalorians from the command tower. Afterwards, Cadden picked up an assault rifle and continued to stay in the fight from the perspective of the tower, until Kladaar's voice instructed him to rely on the Force to aid him in battle.

It was at this moment that Cadden felt more connected to the Force than ever before, and surged into the heat of the battle, once again saving Garen's life as he and two others were surrounded by several Xen'Chi. Once Garen was clear, he took charge of the battle, and coordinated Nedth Dinsan's and Aeorn Mors' forces into the Square.

When the battle was over, Cadden collapsed in exhaustion, later to wake up, and on the road to recovery. It was at this point that he made his firm decision, that he would place the Jedi, his friends and family, as his priority, and thus began the transitioning of his title over to Garen Starfall.

Cadden left Mandalore shortly after his recovery, and traveled with Ryy'Suuk and Neddac to the Udine System. There, he recovered an old, forgotten ship, and continued to investigate the mysterious outposts deep within the asteroid field.

Afterwards, Cadden traveled to Onderon, where just after his arrival the planet was attacked by the Cult of Shadow. With very few truly skilled Jedi to guard the praxeum from a full frontal assault of such a caliber, Cadden teamed up with his father, and an unlikely encounter with his old apprentice, Zan Fyar, to help drive off the Cult. None were aware of the Cult's true intentions of the attack.

Faarel departed from the group, after sensing Sivter in the Force, and went to investigate, leaving Cadden and Zan to finish off a group of Dark Jedi that were attempting to enter a side entrance to the praxeum. Once the two Jedi defeated the group, Cadden led Zan around to find an unlocked door, and more cultists.

There, Blackthorne engaged in a duel with a wounded Dark Knight. During the duel, he maintained a defensive position, until he sensed a disturbance in the Force. He set for a distraction, and utilizing the time, made his way into the Praxeum, where he eventually came upon his dieing father in the archives.

There, Faarel asked Cadden to remain with the Jedi, but before he could respond, his father died in his arms. Cadden became enraged, and stormed out of the temple, hell-bent on destroying the Cult of Shadow, particularly the one who killed his father.

The quest lead Cadden and Zan to a distant planet deep in the Unknown Regions. Where he found his viroblade.

With the blade in hand, he proceeded on his mission to become powerful enough to avenge his father's death. This mission lead him to another place within the Unknown Regions. Due to Cadden's desire for power, he threw caution into the wind and traveled to an ancient tomb. Therein, Cadden and Zan entered a burial ground, whereupon he unleashed a powerful spirit from its grave. Vying for additional power, he was unwilling to be controlled, and so the failed attempt resulted in the merging of both his soul, and that of his greatest enemy - the Nomad Soul - into his body.

The merging complete, Cadden gained the wisdom, experience, and power of the Nomad Soul. He retained his own memories and personality, but the price was severe, as Cadden knew he could no longer return to the Jedi Order. With only Zan at his side, he decided to travel to the Udine System once more, and set up a base of operations within the asteroid field.

Cadden set up base in the Udine System, having discovered thousands of individuals frozen in cryogenic sleep onboard a large asteroid facility deep within the field. From here, he staged his plans for striking against the Cult of Shadow.

Utilizing the Battle of Onderon to his own ends, Cadden began a quest to seek out Jedi who wished to aid him in his quest to hunt down and destroy those responsible for his father's death. He and Zan left Udine in charge of Olan Signas, commanding officer of Cadden's new army.

At the City of the Jedi, the Council declined Cadden's request for aid in hunting down the Cult of Shadow. Disappointed, Cadden held the Council in contempt and left the Council chambers. He decided against traveling to Onderon, as he knew that, if Cazzik denied his request, Daer'Gunn certainly would. Betrayed in this regard, Cadden scorned the Jedi Order, and instructed Zan Fyar to recruit any that would be willing to accompany him on his quest, and in the end meet him back in the Udine System.

Cadden traveled off-world, and ventured to Holoworld III, in order to pick up the trail of an old enemy of his, Ilan Garuda, through wakes in the Force. During this time, Cadden's feelings of anger and hatred toward the Jedi Order caused him to abandon everything that he was associated with, and he became Cadden Blackthorne, Sith Apprentice.

Bounties Collected:

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Cadden Blackthorne

This I what happens when I get bored and have nothing to do, sorry if it is to long.


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Cadden Blackthorne said:
This I what happens when I get bored and have nothing to do, sorry if it is to long.
My God MAN! I have been RPing on this site for less than a year and I have a shorter bio! (in the sig if you want to see it) Dude, I want to see how this character progresses over time. because this is really cool.

Cadden Blackthorne

Thanks Asmeir, one of the spoilers wouldn't work so I had to delete it but I fixed one.