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Suggestion Bring Back The Order of the Sith Lords

JD Hayes

I would like to bring back the Order of the Sith Lords as was defined by Darth Bane. But I need some suggestions on how to bring this era back for the entirety of the Sith.
Well it's not going to be for the entirety of the Sith - but you might well get some people to sign up for a faction or group you start.

Remember, we're a long way into the future from the movies, and there is a metric ton of Sith floating around the galaxy of all types.

So the question for YOU, is what way will you define and make your vision for the Sith special enough for people to join you? I strongly suggest creating a character, setting up a looking for group request and see who bites.

J JD Hayes
J JD Hayes Almost everything related to universe history, events, and factions is writer-driven. The Admins won't enforce a "Rule of Two" or any sort of cap on how many of what kind of characters there can be. The best you can do is do it yourself and make that powerful Sith Lord and find yourself an apprentice! Good luck!
Järkyttynyt Illusionisti
J JD Hayes


There is a metric ton of Sith about as previously said. With that said, they are spread out through the many Factions, Major and Minor alike. Not every Sith is associated with The Sith Empire (Currently rebuilding I believe). So, if you are seeking to create a Sith based faction, as previous said: Create a character, post in the Looking For Group, and see who bites.

Minor Factions is a fun way to write with people, no stress: just good old fun.

If you have any questions, I'm always here to answer them to the best of my knowledge.
If you want to do the rule of two the only way I could easily see it being done (though still an impossible task) would be to get a master and apprentice together and set out to kill all the other sith or discredit there sith claims ic somehow. Especially killing that Darth Solipsis Darth Solipsis guy he stinks and has no friends (jk just had to a jab at him).

I mean it will never feasibly happen but it would be a good start to a story wanting to restore what was.