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Bounty - Empire of the Hand & Lucien E. Irridius

Tanomas Graf

Whether walking through a city street, purveying a marketplace, or a secluded alleyway; somehow a flyer would appear, stuck to the bottom of your boot, you bend over and retrieve it, looking over the contents displayed on the front
Name of Bounty: [member="Lucien E. Irridius"]
Name of Contractor: The Galactic Empire
Bounty Price: 2,000,000,000 credits | 500,000,000 credits | 2,500,000,000 credits | Other rewards (ships, weapons, vehicles) are available upon contacting contractor
Condition: Total Collapse of the Empire of the Hand and the First Fleet of the Mark | Successful capture of Mark and his squad of Deathtroopers, both taken to Kamino | Completion of both
Additional Info: Mark is in possession of a personal honor guard of elite deathtroopers, as well as commanding a sizeable formerly-Imperial fleet composed of several vessels (details available); Mark has launched a secessionist movement against the Galactic Empire called the 'Empire of the Hand'. If Mark and his fleet is located, hunters may call in the Imperial Fleet 'Death Squadron' commanded by Grand Inquisitor [member="Baron Morcus"] for assistance.

Tanomas Graf

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[member="HK-36"], Considering a long time ago a special someone ([member="Aedan Miles"]) got command of an entire fleet for an invasion, then just "took it" and left everyone high and dry, I don't think its that hard for a fleeting man to take an entire fleet and go Awol.
[member="HK-36"] [member="Atheus"]

Lads what do you not understand about keeping that low key.

[member="Tanomas Graf"]

If I get him can I keep the fleet.

Tanomas Graf


Well apparently it was a perfect mutiny, literally every navy person was so loyal to him that nobody out of thousands raised a complaint.

(Save for the Stormtroopers, they had their throats slit.)

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