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Approved Location Bilbringi Shipyards

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Jairus Starvald


  • Intent: To codify a major shipyards operated by Iron Crown Enterprises for a few decades now.
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  • Shipyards Name: Bilbringi Shipyards
  • Classification: Asteroid Shipyards
  • Location: Bilbringi system.
  • Affiliation: Iron Crown Enterprises | Apex Incorporated.
  • Population: Heavily Staffed. Bilbringi Shipyards is one of the most productive yards operated by Iron Crown Enterprises and this is reflected in its staff. The shipyards are heavily staffed by sentients and synthetic workers alike. Much of the organic population is drawn from the locals of the Core. Humans, Arkanians, but there is also a healthy number of Chiss individuals working there together with Zabrak engineers from Iridonia.
  • Accessibility: Once upon a time the Bilbringi Shipyards might have been a closely-guarded secret with only a handful of people knowing how to get there, but those times have long since passed. It doesn't take a lot of effort to find out the coordinates of the Bilbringi system and Iron Crown's heavy involvement in the system has opened it up even more. Many of its yards are rented out to other corporations that want to make use of the central location of the system for their own production and sale needs. The asteroids do make the place more secure than a run-of-the-mill yard with the core facilities needing a specialized route only known to trusted suppliers of Iron Crown.
  • Description: State-of-the-art shipyard facilities located in the Bilbringi system, smack-dab in the middle of the Galaxy with many hyperlanes in close proximity for efficient supply and production demands. Some are hollowed-out asteroids, others are fully-fledged shipyard facilities in space, but all of them are widely known for their efficiency and quality of production.
  • Production: The Bilbringi Shipyards has numerous facilities that cater to anything from small starfighters to frigates and up to gargantuan Super Star Destroyers. Its location is uniquely well-suited to expand its capabilities compared to other shipyards that are more constrained in their approach. It is relatively easy to build-up a second set of shipyard facilities for a larger scale of starship class this way.
  • Specialty: While it can produce a large variety of starships it mainly focuses on Cruiser and Destroyer-class starships.
  • Output: The rate of output has slowed over the years. While it can theoretically produce ships at a frightening speed the Bilbringi Shipyards prioritize quality and design over a large production capacity. This could theoretically change in the future if the demand increases even more.
  • Market: The shipyards aren't catered towards a single scala of markets and Iron Crown sells to many clients. This, together with the renting of facilities to outside corporations, ensures that many of the galactic nations (and even smaller organizations) depend on the shipyards for their ship needs.

  • Installation 01: One of the many asteroids within the system has been hollowed out after centuries of mining. Its interior has been expanded with infrastructure and now operates as an administrative center for Iron Crown operations within the system. Many of the employees that work on the shipyards have a home in Installation 01 which, throughout the years, has developed into something of a city with its own entertainment districts and other establishments.
The Bilbringi Shipyards have a long-treasured history within the annals of the Galaxy. From its maintenance by the Galactic Empire to its usage by the Imperial Remnant under Grand Admiral Thrawn, the shipyards have been mainly used by imperial forces throughout the years.

Two decades ago the One Sith conquered the system and among the treasures were the shipyards themselves. One Taeli Raaf managed to acquire control over the shipyards for a few years, using them as the one of the primary yards of her corporation and supporting the war efforts of the One Sith through it. This came to an end when Taeli switched sides and betrayed the One Sith. One of the Voices of the Dark Lord, Darth Carach, was tasked with reacquiring the shipyards for the Sith. The shipyards were safely transferred into his stead without any bloodshed.

His then-apprentice, the Bard of the Hyperlanes, seeded the shipyards with SCINET, as a safety precaution. After the fall of the One Sith, the interest of the Foundation Trust and Iron Crown itself the shipyards have reverted towards more commercial means.

Many of its facilities have been rented out to other shipwright concerns that either don't have their own yards or are in need of additional production output. Not much else has happened since those 'exciting' days and Iron Crown maintains the shipyards with due attention and effort.
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