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Beloved Brother [Thurion & Thyrian]

King of Midvinter
NOTE: This is a past thread which dates back to when Thurion and Thyrian were small children, before their old lives ended and fate claimed them both.

Pelagon, Tapani Sector

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the city streets of Pelagar were two children, one younger and one older. The 5-year-old had golden hair and blue eyes, while his 10-year-old brother had dark hair and the eyes to match it. "Thyrian, wait up!" said the younger brother, who struggled to keep up with his older brother, who had issued a game of tag between the two. Five years separated the two, yet they were an inseparable pair; the one called Thyrian would never abandon his brother, who was his responsibility and had been since before the younger brother, called Thurion, could even walk. Their parents were both dead through unknown circumstances of which none of them would remember, and even Thyrian struggled with remembering their faces. This is how it had always been, and always would be; the two of them fending off whatever life would dish out and triumph, so long as they were together. Eventually the older brother settled down and allowed the younger to catch up, prompting a hardly noticable slap on his arm, along with a soft: "You're it!" But instead of returning the favour, Thyrian grabbed hold of his panting brother and proceeded to wrestle him at the side of the street. They'd roll around in the dirt without so much as a care in the world, and the older would always let his brother win in the end by admitting defeat. In the end he embraced his younger brother upon helping him onto his feet. "You win again, Thurion! I don't know how you do it."

Thyrian Hearthfire

Fallen Phoenix
The jubilant laughing of his brother rang like a sweet melody through his ears, and an expression of pure joy graced him as he shared Thurion's joy. It was all that mattered, in the end, that his brother was happy; too much had already gone wrong in their short lifetimes, and all they had were eachother. Food was scarce and they had no credits to speak of; the orphanage was poor, though it provided them with the bare necessities like a place to stay at night along with whatever food the old caretaker could spare with the meager contributions made by the government. While his brother was blissfully unaware, Thyrian would often times listen in on the conversations between their caretaker and his sponsor. He felt the need to bear the burden of keeping his fellow orphans from finding out; they had enough to worry about with the fear of the place going completely bankrupt. A slight sign escaped his lips as their embrace loosened, prompting a worried look on Thurion's youthful face. "Thyrian, what's wrong?" he asked his older brother, gazing up at him. To him, his older brother was his idol and sympolised everything he wanted to become; he was stronger than anyone his age, braver than most grown men, and very street smart. He'd have to be, for his Thurion's sake. Looking back down at his brother, he shrugged. "It's nothing, don't worry about it." He managed a smile to replace his worried look, if only to instill hope and encouragement in his sibling. "I do believe I'm it..." he stated as his grin widened, prompting a blissful laughter from the young boy as he turned and ran as fast as his tiny legs could carry him, which in truth wasn't very fast. Despite his obvious advantage, he would let his brother gain a significant head start before setting off, keeping his pace so that Thurion would be able to hold his distance. He did so enjoy his brother winning the games they'd play.