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Game Beating a Dead Horse...

Gilamar Skirata

Skirataridge Farms Remembers
Anyone still playing Red Dead Online? Have you heard of these guys? This honestly looks and sounds SO dope. If you're still playing what format are you on? I have it on PC and only play every once in a while but I REALLY want to play because I love the world and stuff. If you play on PC I'd love to play with you and actually find a reason to grind for the bar and crap

QEMD-15 Echo

Sirens wail, I might as well be dead.
Man I haven't play Red Dead Online in a couple of months... Honestly I loved it, but I had no get out of it because I was so busy, and I had to uninstall it for other games and such. But I could get it back and get back into it...

I mean I play on Xbox and since it isn't cross-platform(I think), then we might not be able to play. But I mean if anybody has it on Xbox hit me up.