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Approved NPC Baroness of Nowhere

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Zef Halo

Good Ol' Scoundrel

  • Intent: To submit a small crime lord for plot, story and lore purposes.
  • ​Image Credit: This artist, art found here
  • Role: A crime lord based on Port Nowhere
  • Links: Employer of this job and this job
  • Age: Late Thirties - Early fourties
  • Force Sensitivity: NFU
  • Species: Twi'lek
  • Appearance: Rutian Twi'lek with green skin sharp eyes and nose, attractive features amplified by her simple, yet very elegant attires. The Baroness' is known for wearing extremely expensive and rare jewelry due to her obsession with all things shiny. Some say she's got a vault full of jewelry. Not surprising considering she started as gem thief. For her age she has retained an athletic shape, the result of occasional workout and a good diet.
  • Name: Kandra Tyth
  • Loyalties: Herself
  • Wealth: Wealthy
  • Notable Possessions: A few cantinas on Point Nowhere, a network of spies, a shiny gem pendant which hides a vial of poison, electro-plasma energy filament short dagger.
  • Skills: Cunning, Athleticism, Charisma, Slicing.
  • Personality: Controlling, possessive, obsessive, ruthless, opportunistic, lone wolf.
  • Weapon of Choice: Blackmailing and her position of power.
  • Combat Function: Physically Kandra is agile and quick, and okay in using a dagger. Other than that, her 'combat function' is her position as a crime lord where she uses that power to have others serve this function.
Born on Ryloth to a gangster, Kandra's life only shifted temporarily to a better direction when she fell in love and chased the stars after her 'significant other'. She married young, six months in a relationship, and a month after the wedding Kandra found out her significant other wasn't really faithful at all. In a fit of rage she assaulted him leaving him to live with a permanent physical trauma before she returned to her criminal past as a gem thief.

Her ambitions did not end there. Kandra rose in the ranks of the gangster circle of one A'ghar, an Ugnaught on Point Nowhere. Her skills in stealing served her well in her goal to take the Ugnaughts place by finding access to blackmailing information. The pieces of information served as instruments to topple the Ugnaught in a patient and carefully planned scheme.

After A'ghar 'disappeared' from Point Nowhere, she came out victorious in the subsequent power struggle rising to the moniker of the Baroness of Nowhere.
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