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Faction Ballad of Shiraya: Crowning A Queen | CIS

Eternal Song




A world thrown into turmoil by the loss of two monarchs in a short space of time. The Naboo people were still reeling from the shock of it. Flailing without guidance, no purpose in sight. A comforting hand was sorely needed.

A benevolent monarch was sorely needed.

It means a great many things to be Queen. No longer are they responsible only for themselves, but rather the entirety of a Kingdom, country, or planet. The life once lived by a single individual no longer bears the same significance as that of those they become charged with the care of. No longer are there selfish needs and desires to strive for, but instead the wellbeing of an entire populace. Their needs. Their desires. What is good for the people becomes top priority - to tend to them, to protect them, to guide them.

Picking up the pieces of a damaged people is never easy, even when that damage may not seem significant to the masses. But the time had come for a new leader to step in and steer the people back onto a stable, dependable path. To become a new symbol of compassion, strength, and steady diplomacy. Someone who is not afraid to make the tough calls, or stand their ground to those who push back and demand compliance.

The time had come to crown a new Queen…

The Festival of the Moon is an event in and of itself, and what better time of year could be chosen to anoint a new Queen! Third time’s the charm, right?

At the heart of the Temple of Shiraya, the ceremony to crown the Queen-elect will be held. Attend the grand coronation of the new Queen of Naboo, celebrate with the people, and then spend time among the other celebrates dancing the night away to lively music.

While a spectacle to look at and gaze upon, the Lantern Lighting actually serves a purpose as well. Whether it’s to honor the memory of those no longer with us, make a wish for the future and release it out into the universe, or just simply enjoy the spectacular view with friends and loved ones as the lanterns light up and dance across the sky.

Not everything revolves around use of the Force or being able to swing about a plasma sword.

Long ago, during a more eloquent time on Naboo, regular tournaments were held as a competition of chivalry between the Royal Knights who sought to bring honor to their families and those they served. Their legendary skills were touted as poetry in motion.

Today, get down in the dirt and test your grit, as this age old tradition of swordplay is revived on the marking of a new era.

Located in the center of the festival and defined by clear boundaries, one may choose to test their skills in a quick paced duel with blunted weapons in an attempt to score points against their opponents.

However, participants must be mindful of their footing.

Stepping outside of the boundary is a foul, and may cost the offender a deducted point from their victory score.

At the end of the day, the winner of today’s tourney will not only win bragging rights, but a special reward as well. So, will the bards sing of your glory? Or will your legacy fade into nothing?

If you think you have what it takes, step into the ring and test your worth.

There are plenty of other things to be done around the grounds, if grand socializing isn’t on the agenda. There are plenty of food stalls - an entire festival of them, so to speak - and drinks to be found as well. The evening air is warm, the energy is high, and people are in good, generous moods. Finding any number of things to do this night should be no hard task at all!

Empress of Akarui

Naboo, the crown jewel of the CIS, and the home to one of the Galaxy's oldest continuous governing entities to date. Kimiko had been a visitor many times during the days of the Alliance, when she had attended banquets, councils, and various meetings on behalf of her people and the Alliance as a whole.

Those days were long gone now...

Now, she was here merely as a guest, to attend an event which she herself had gone through not that long ago.

A new queen was to be crowned, and the White Fox would not miss an opportunity to attend another regal event in support of an ally to her. The temple, and the people in attendance were beautifully decorated for this, as she watched them pay homage to Moon Goddess, before attempting to honor her hosts and do the same.


Location: Naboo [Theed] - Temple of Shiraya
Objective: Crowning Ceremony
Wearing: XXX
Tag: Teyla Ee'everwest Teyla Ee'everwest | Svana Neoma Svana Neoma (Queen Liviana) | Baros Sal-Soren Baros Sal-Soren | Kimiko Kimiko + [OPEN]


Wilhelmina Ee'everwest was nervous.

Just a smidge.

Okay, perhaps more than a smidge. A pinch. A thimbleful. She was thimbleful of nervous.

The invitation that had been extended toward her family once the new Queen of Naboo had been decided upon had been extensive. Seeing her own name embossed against the pale backdrop of an elegantly scrolled holo-card had caused some bit of spirit to lift and swirl in the pit of her stomach. She didn’t know what to call it. Excitement? Due to her rigorous studies, she had been forbidden from attending the previous coronations due to conflicts. Her education had been placed before all else. As were many things, all, duty-oriented. Sometimes, it made her feel incredibly caged.

The auburn-haired young woman knew not to let that odious feeling linger. This was a wonderful event and her family, her sisters, only ever wanted what was best for her. Delicately gloved hands pressed against her face for a moment, hiding a side smile, while she took in the mesmerizing sight of the Temple of Shiraya. Little lights and bioluminescent flowers seemed to have been placed strategically that poured down sculpted pillars to make every inch of the location seem magical.

Fit for a Queen. Pun intended. Mina felt as if she’d slipped into some storybook daydream.

Speaking of—She’d entirely lost sight of her elder sister while the ambiance filled her heart to the brink before it overflowed. “Teyla?”, she asked, her voice light, airy, and vibrating with just a little bit of youthful exuberance.


This time the volume was a little louder, pitch higher, but her question still went unanswered. Mina didn’t see Baros or any of the littles either and all of the imaginative clothing and vendors seemed to make things blend together. She was dressed like many other young ladies that made their way through the Festival of the Moon, though, her own gown held a touch more formality. The colors were cheerful enough to let her shine; while ensuring the design was muted enough so that she wouldn’t upstage her elders. Auburn tresses were partially pulled back and held with a golden pin while the rest fell in free-rolling waves down her back. Mina held a white beaded satchel around her wrist.

Pale pink lips quirked to the side a little while she tried to scan the crowd without making it seem like she was entirely, completely, and hopelessly lost. Oh, how could she have been so careless? This was her very first time attending a ceremony so grand and she had already, somehow, managed to bumble it up. The nervousness she felt increased tenfold but she did her best not to show it.

It would be fine.

How hard could it really be to find the place where the coronation would be held?

John Locke


Location: Temple of Shiraya | Theed | Naboo
A T-shi...no a suit
Tagging: Shalita Verd Shalita Verd

There was something about a royal court, the pageantry that you could find in few other places, a sense of ritual linking the past, the present and the future. There was a sense of gravitas in it, a sense of history that you could almost taste in the air. It surrounded you, with every step you took into the temple of Shiraya you could sense the ghosts surrounding you. John lacked any connection to the force, lacked the ability so many of his friends had to reach out and touch the energy that surrounded them, to draw on it to sense the past. Even without that, he could still feel that weight pressing down on him, as if his every step was surrounded by ghosts, walking in the footsteps of those that came before.
It wasn’t usual to find John outside of one of his offices or a workshop, or a ship or party, wherever his responsibilities as a CEO, as an Exarch took him. There wasn’t a lot of free time to kick back, to smell the roses, there was always some new crisis, some new fire that he had to put out. Only…he’d made the time today. Ok, so maybe not so much made the time as snuck out of the office, leaving his AI to run things for a few hours in his absence. Nothing could possibly happen…ok so maybe something would happen in the meantime that he might have to deal with, but if EX needed him he could reach out.
Naboo had become special to John, a fact that surprised the cyborg as much as anyone else. He’d always been a city boy, growing up in Coronet City on Corellia had left him…suspicious of the countryside. He just couldn’t get used to the idea of so much space, yet this garden planet had wormed its way into his heart. That still amused him, but the people were so warm, the entire aura of the planet was so welcoming that he couldn’t help but find himself settling in here. Find himself wanting to give back.
That’s why he’d wanted to slip away, to be here at an occasion like this. It wasn’t every day that you crowned a new monarch, that a people broken by the assassination of their previous leader had a chance to lift themselves up. Someone had pointed out to John not too long ago that he couldn’t really hide who he was, his positions left him too well known, too exposed but…that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. If someone in the news saw him if he turned up in a photo that made it’s way to the holonet it would be taken as a sign that the Confederacy and Locke and Key supported the new monarch, supported the planet that had taken them in.
The man’s hands slipped into his pockets, that well-practised gesture that came as second nature to him as he pressed forward through the crowd into the temple. Nothing would ever have to be said, no interview given, but if his presence could help in a small way then that was good. And if not, well then he still wanted to be here, to observe the planet settle into its new direction and observe the new Monarch and her court. To blend in with the crowd and lose himself in their infectious joy.
This was his home now, these were their new leaders, unconsciously a hand came up, straightening his jacket from the imperceptible creases that marred it. For a day, for at least a few hours, he could just enter the temple as one of the observers and not be thrust onto centre stage. To observe events rather than drive them. A wry smile touched the man’s face, at least for now. Sooner or later duty would require he meet with the monarch and her court and John, the man who had fallen in love with the planet, would be subsumed behind the mask of Exarch Locke. Or…maybe it was Exarch Locke who had temporarily been subsumed behind the mask of John…it was getting harder to tell these days.
Mother of All Darkness

Tag: Darth Metus Darth Metus
Location: Near A Lantern Building Table
The dark one pulled herself through the mingling bodies and meat-suits as if she were made of little more than smoke and silk. The jubilant crowd parted as she moved, as if she exuded something they instinctively wanted to shy away from. A coldness. A seething, rolling, burning sightless mark of the primordium that bespoke of her true nature in the purest form. The raven-haired woman felt caged in this timeline. Trapped. Locked within moments that repeated themselves over and over without deviation. It was madness.​
Was this not the third coronation? Was this not the third Queen of Naboo in such short order?​
What happened to their royalty?
Elyria could not imagine the very weakness of Nabooian stock that led to the untimely demise or deposition of their rulers so fluidly. Orbs of pure onyx that sat upon the gilded planes of an all too pale face sparkled in the evening light. She was curious, though, she could not grasp the complexities that were involved in these political marvels. The greasing of palms, niceties, and all things pedestrian were so far beneath her that she could no longer see them.​
She could recall when her kind referred to humanity and all their many offshoots as “the ooze that ate itself” but this was not an appropriate venue nor thought-space conducive to a “when-they-were-muck” story. Since she doubted this civilization had the technology or know-how to unweave time itself to give rise to a third monarch so quickly, she could only assume that someone, or something, was killing them off. If she were an enemy of the state—That was what she would do.​
If Elyria happened to pay attention to the holo-net, which she did not, she would have been able to discern the full story. As it were, she thought to suggest to the Vicelord that he offer additional security to this new Queen. It would not do to lose another. Not for Naboo and not for the nation that his children often called home. Speaking of Darth Metus Darth Metus it seemed that she had wandered away from his side while some boring aristocrat wanted to discuss…​
Nothing she cared about. He would find her when he wished.​
Mostly to ensure she wasn’t dining on the locals. Elyria could pretend to be fussed about it. She could feign innocent, but that took too much effort. It was a fair assumption and a potentially legitimate concern depending on how loudly her stomach started to growl in the presence of so might light-leaning souls. They were all so good. So happy.​
Deeply, she suspected mind control.​
Instead, she found herself staring at a long table where a variety of people were chatting and laughing in the crisp air that rolled in just after nightfall. It was neither too hot nor too cold. The black edges of her dress pulled across the ground while she came to focus on what intrigued these mouth-breathing apes. Waves of hair so dark that it seemed to hold a blue tint rolled down her bare back while she came to fill an empty spot at the table.​
An older woman looked up at her and seemed like she wanted to speak, but tongue-tied, she immediately looked back down at what nimble fingers seemed to be assembling. A paper contraption of some kind? Who used paper in this day and age? Was it not more precious than shimmersilk and corusca gems? Elyria watched as the object eventually began to take shape before staring blankly down at the paper and materials that sat before her. She was curious, but, she did not understand.​
What was she to do with all this?
The eldritch horror of a woman turned sharply when she felt a light touch on her left hand. Her expression was full of murderous intent until she realized, slowly, that she was staring at a youngling on a stool. Her eyes were large. Green. Her expression was innocent and as naïve as a day-old calf that had only begun to learn to walk. Elyria became even more inquisitive by the apparent boldness of this child and their lack of self-preservation.​
“You hold it like this, first. Then you make a triangle. See?”
Her hair shifted of its own accord and seemed to lengthen and shorten with varying levels of frustration. She folded the paper as instructed, pausing, only when little fingers reached over to correct her positioning. Elyria peered over at what the youngling was working on. Her eyes narrowed. What was this trickery? How did her paper monster look even, with neat edges, while the one she held seemed to be full of gaps and holes? Inconceivable.​
“This one is broken.”
Elyria put it down, irritated.​
The child looked over again and dimpled cheeks made themselves apparent while she reached over and picked up the sad paper beast. Carefully, little fingers began to fix the mistakes that the much taller woman had made. “No no, silly. It just needs a little more love.”
It needed…What? Love? Horrendous.​
What it needed was a good toss down a garbage chute.​
The Golden Voice


Tour Stop: Theed
How’s the crowd?: Anxious
How did you get there?: “The Golden Wings
Whatcha’ playin’?: Anything that will get them going.

Who are you playing to?: BYOO

Being back here was not something I was planning on, since I was still in the middle of my tour, but they called me on an "official" channel. That meant that they knew what I was out there for and how to get me. That meant that this took precedence over that and they were right. Naboo needed a new Queen, there was too much going on in the galaxy and with the recent news, being without one was simply a bad scene, one we didn't need right now. I would have liked to have been there for the actual coronation, and I will be moving to that stage afterwards, but right now? Playing at the food and wine festival? That's good enough for me. The people need this, no, not me playing up here... lol okay well, they did but ... the people needed to feel good again. Good about themselves, good about each other, good about life. I can appreciate that.

"Hey everybody, before we go into our next set, I wanted to offer anyone out there who's listening, a kind word. Thank you for coming out. Naboo isn't the place that it is without the people to embody it. You make us who we are.

I know that things are difficult right now, but a wise woman once said 'Hope is like the sun, if you only believe it when you can see it, you'll never make it through the night.' Just trust in yourself, trust in each other, and be there for each other. We'll get through this, and be better for it."

Cheesy? Maybe, but cheesy can be good. Cheesy can be inspiring.

"Alright, boys..." The next song was always one of my favourites, I didn't write it, in fact, I was not even the first to record it but it was a great one... I still remember the first time I heard it... "Ole' azure eyes..." and "Fly me to Naboo..."



((Naboo. A perfect day for a coronation. Iv’e Heard about it in the holo news channels. Reporters, Senators, factions..guild members. I’m sure they all have too. I prepared for this days in advance..Picking out my custom tailored suit of nobility..crafted and fashioned carefully from my tailor..Tu-Jomei. He was a Nabooian and didn’t care much for political things but was willing to make anyone look good for any reason...good or bad. See the thing about these events is this..it’s special..Once in a lifetime..beholding the scenery..taking it all in..admiring the beauty of the new Queen elect..Right in my cup of steamed Nassian Florette tea. My baby girl..Dawn..She would have loved to be here..don’t worry sweetheart..Daddy’s here for the both of us...Cleared by bounty list for today..didn’t come for violence..would be stupid to. Now if i happen to scan or get some valuable information in the meantime..that’s always a plus. For now..let’s introduce and mingle..Wait did i just say let’s?)) He asks himself as he continues down a corridor into the open sea of pedestrians.

He adjusts his suit..keeping his miniature gadgets inside his blazer. He was known on a few planets..mostly through underground Syndicates. Some on Naboo would definitely recognize him if they were aware of hunters..solo and guild members for that matter. (For now..I blend..Mingle..put on a fake smile that says..Hey! Everything's alright in this world! And behold this beautiful event that will take place) He nods to a few in the crowd and winks shyly to a woman passing by. He continues onward, after using a blue bar shaped device that injects medicine into his body through inhalation from a vial containing a blue liquid.

Taryn Alvor


(For now)
Wearing: Does it matter? No one is looking
Tag: | Rixa Numeck Rixa Numeck |


It had been quite the interesting development, to find long standing friends. More interesting than that was the fact that the Numeck boys had seemed to join up with the Confederacy. Admittedly, this tidbit of information had honestly shocked Taryn, and it had made her come up with quite a lot of questions to be asked...eventually. Thus far, a proper time and place hadn't presented itself. After all, she had been sought out for less than sociable reasons in the first place. But, things were better now, or getting better at least, and that was what mattered.

So, when an invitation had been extended to Taryn to come and bare witness to the crowning of a new Queen, right smack dab in the thick of CIS space? The blonde's curiosity hadn't let her refuse. Besides, she and Rixa had history, and it would be most unfriendly of her to reject his offer - even if she did have all the right in the universe to do so.

Still, all manner of imagination in all of the worlds could not have prepared her for Naboo, or this festival for that matter. All of the colors, the sounds, the sights in general. Come to think of it, Taryn couldn't recall having ever even been to Theed. Nothing had ever brought her here before, no jobs, family dealings, nothing. So she was hit with the full, awe-inspiring effects of not only the city being decked out for this Coronation and festival thing, but the city itself as well.

"Alright Numeck," she sighed out, though didn't peel her gaze away from all of the sights in order to actually look at her companion. "Are we required to attend this crowning ceremony, or are we free to try and hunt down drinks in this place?" She was after all, an outsider to these parts.
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Rixa Numeck


Rixa could only take so much of his older brother’s brooding for so long before having to get out of there. Tyran was a bleak bastard when he wanted to be and as much as Rixa loved a good fight every now and then, he much more preferred the comforts of a nice royal court. Boosing it up with socialites at the coronation of a new Nubian Queen sounded much more his speed than trudging through frozen wastelands shooting zombified aliens.

Having moved around in places like this for years, using his charm and his silver tongue to worm his way into the good graces of the royals, Rixa felt right at home as they walked into the massive palace. It was filled with people he knew he could definitely make a few credits off of. Politicians always, always, had jobs for a Mandalorian, even on Naboo. All he needed was a place to start getting his name moving around the right circles and then before long he’d be making bigger moves with bigger targets.

His companion for this trip was a very old friend…enemy…frenemy? It was complicated. She’d tried to stab him more than once so bringing her to a function where there was premium drinks was a bit of a risk on his part, but well it had been some time since he had seen her and he couldn’t leave her on that dumpster of a planet Roon.

“For the love of the Manda, Taryn, don’t act like such a tourist.” He grinned at her as he snapped his fingers at a wandering server droid and it rolled over to them with a tray of drinks. Rixa grabbed two flutes of something that was a metallic blue color and handed one to her. “At things like this there is usually a social gathering beforehand, then the ceremony and then the real celebration starts afterwards. Just don’t get drunk until after the ceremony, that would be unprofessional.”

Taryn Alvor Taryn Alvor

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We don't have to dance

TAG: Octavia Bardot Octavia Bardot | Svana Neoma Svana Neoma | Open

Rebel with a cause.

Daer was kicking against the arranged marriage with every opportunity he got. He would not give up his freedom. And if his parents think he would give up his music, the were sorely mistaking. The Rockstar of the Galaxy would not ever lie down.

Yet, he was sidelined.

Another singer was asked to perform at his sister's big hooha. Probably because the man was not such a leathered disappointment to the Neoma patriarch. Which drove him further and further away from Svana Neoma Svana Neoma as well. They used to be close. Until he was labeled the disappointment of the family and suddenly, out of the blue, his younger sister cast a very big shadow over him. He can't even do autographs anymore without people wanting to know what his sister is really like.

This gave the already Badboy of the Confederacy a dark edge.

The explosion that ensued when he was told to go to his sister's coronation was truly something to behold. But in the end, the man that was usually dressed in studded leathers, was dressed in a tailored suit.

And he hated every karking second.

To make matters worse, he was to take his future bride along. The already grunge performer was highly on edge at this. That meant no slipping off with a cute fan or even take a puff of Spice.

His blue eyes were flashing dangerously when he picked Octavia Bardot Octavia Bardot up in Theed.

He was not delicate in his flying.
"I can drop you on a sidewalk if you want. That way, we can both be free." he said bluntly as they approached the festival grounds. He should probably park close to the Temple, but he refused to be so predictable. His future bride would just have to be happy to being dragged around a bit before they went to the Coronation.

Which Daer hated doing with every bone in his body.

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Octavia Bardot


Tags: | Daeryn Neoma Daeryn Neoma | Open |


This was not how she was supposed to be spending her evening at the festival. Plans had been made with friends, with loved ones, with people who actually wanted her around! But oh no, all of those plans went right down the tube in a single evening. Instead, Octavia was to be forced to spend the eve bonding with her betrothed; a man who not only wanted absolutely nothing to do with her, but was fairly curt and downright rude to her when it wasn't necessary. Neither of them wanted this arrangement, and yet between the two of them Tavi had yet to strike out and take it out on Daeryn.

In fact, she had at first at least attempted to be kind. To engage him in conversation, to offer the chance for the pair of them to get to know one another, considering they had no way out of this arrangement. But he had not budged, and had instead made her feel most unwelcome and unwanted. A fine thing indeed for a bride-to-be.

The trip to Theed had been silent save for the noise of the shuttle they had taken for the journey, so when he finally did speak to her, Octavia was not at all surprised by the context. "That's fine," she told him, tone level and just as soft as it always was. That was just merely her voice; soft and delicate as her features appeared to be. But in truth, it was not fine. The pair of them were supposed to be getting better acquainted, and how were they to do that if all he wanted to do was get away from her?

Never-the-less, Tavi stood from her seat and stepped away so that she could be ready to exit the craft when able. She was not one to force things upon people, which was only one part of why this whole arrangement bothered her. So the very last thing she was going to do was force Daeryn to spend time with her, especially when he would clearly rather be doing anything else.

Besides, she was more than capable of finding ways to entertain herself this evening and staying out of her future husband's way.

Chant Sindhu


Wearing: XX (OOC: Except for the hat, Chant is wearing a bronze colored helmet custom designed for her species though it bears the royal Naboo crest in the center. Also the guard gauntlets to designed for her hands as well.)
Tag: Open
- - - - - - - - -
Inside the moon goddess temple Chant Sindhu in full royal guard uniform stood at attention some distance away to the main altar on the left side in formation with a squad of fellow guards. The blue Mon Calamari maintained a professional stance, keeping her webbed hands clasped behind her back, while silently observing the mass of people that filled the temple. Outwardly she appeared to be calm but inwardly Chant was nervous to the core.

Never thought helping to guard the coronation would be my first assignment.

Chant thought, trying not reveal the sheer anxiety that threatens to overwhelm her. Closing both goggle eyes for a moment she took a deep breath and released it before opening them again. Remembering her training Chant tried to calm down by focusing on the crowd nearby, for any sign of suspicious activity. Given what has happened to the last two monarchs, the Royal Guard had every right to be concerned about what could possibly go wrong.

The weight of that responsibility and desire to redeem their honor had made the Guard take extra precautions for this momentous occasion. Sentries were placed in key positions inside and outside the temple. Comms were online with repeated updates and secret holocams installed throughout the building to track every known vantage point that any would-be assassin may try to take. Of course there were further other security measures being employed as well especially by the Ebony Knights.

This knowledge didn’t completely lessen Chant’s nervousness but at the same time she did feel a sense of awe.

To think someone like me a daughter of offworld immigrants is bearing witness to history in the making. While I have watched the royal coronations before but only on the holonet but this feels different for some reason.

With that reminder determination and anticipation filled Chant’s soul, causing her to straighten up further in posture. She was inexperienced, yes the young woman would be the first to admit it. Nevertheless Chant fully intended to carry out her sacred task as a royal guard.

Once off duty I’m gonna check out the festival if possible. There going to be great food there.

The thought caused the Mon Calamari to briefly smile before switching back to a neutral expression.
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Baros Sal-Soren

"It just seems a little uncouth, don't you think?"

Baros heard the words, and paused for a moment as he entered the throngs of nobles hob-nobbing and networking. He knew this woman. Erina...something.

"Having a Corellian as Hand to the Queen...it's just...not done."

"You are quite right, Lady Erina," Baros said, with a slight step to bring him into the conversational orbit, "I will endeavour to do your people a great service for the high honour that has been bestowed upon me. But please do come to me with any concerns. I will need all the help I can get, I am sure."

The middle-aged woman looked quite flustered. Her eyes blinked a few times, while her mouth parted then closed on what seemed like a loop before she finally spoke. She was a tall, thin, long-necked woman. Not unattractive by any means, but given the impeccable genetics Baros had witnessed among the aristocracy of Naboo, she unfortunately was on end of having lucked out.

"Ah...Master Sal-Soren...you honour us with your presence...I..."

"Think nothing of it my lady," he said with a slight bow of his head. The insinuation was there. Yes, he had heard what they were saying.

"Where is your...your..."

She was struggling to say family. He and Teyla were unmarried, quite the subject of gossip he was sure. And then her elder children were not his, so they were not really family either. She did not know how to classify his circle.

"Teyla and the elder children will be along soon," he said, ignoring the need for Teyla's official title and going with a hopefully deescalating casualness. It didn't seem to work.

"...she has a title, doesn't she?" Asked the woman in a clearly rhetorical tone.

It was about then that Baros thoroughly tired with playing nice, and needed an appropriate excuse to exit the conversation. Thankfully, he heard Teyla's younger sister calling out for her. Perfect.

"If you would excuse me, Lady Erina...I have someone in need of assistance...family," he said with a bow.

Turning without waiting for a fairwell, he mentally noted Erina as one to do some research on. She could be one of those mosquito like annoynaces if not dealt with properly.

He pushed his way through the crowd with an ease and flow that came from years of working the fashion scene. Events like these, though not as steeped in history in tradition such as this one, were still of the same ilk as far as the flow of patrons. He let Mina's voice guide him, before a group of gathering friends partered to see the bewildered looking Ee'everwest standing in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

"She will be along soon, Mina," he said with a smile. He barely knew the young woman, but she exuded the type effortless, Ee'everwest charm, even when befuddled. "Marcus was fussing about the choice of clothes he had been given."
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The Biotic Woman
Objective: BYOO
Current Configuration: Maternal Form (see bio for details)
Wearing: A white shirt and black pants, but stylish
Tags: OPEN

When Bithia had suggested the family take a vacation on Naboo, she hadn't expected they would be there during not only a major festival, but the coronation of a new monarch. Traffic was absolutely horrible, the airways congested with visitors from countless worlds and dignitaries whose entourages blocked off entire highways. She felt less like a guest and more like an intruder on someone else's party.

At least Miri was enjoying herself. The eight year old had ice cream and was content to sit and eat it. Her mother, now lacking in taste buds, could only watch in envy, remembering the taste of the cold dessert as a distant memory.

Nimdok Nimdok had gone into an antique store. Bithia and Miri sat on a bench outside, since food wasn't allowed inside. It was a warm summer evening, the atmosphere rather humid, almost stifling. Bithia sighed. She needed to talk to Nimdok about something important, but she wasn't sure how to broach the subject. Not when they were supposed to be celebrating.

Then there was Miri. She didn't even want to think about explaining this to Miri. Maybe she wouldn't have to, if things went according to plan...

Stardust Solus Skirae

The Emerald Dragon
Naboo, her birthplace, more importantly the city of theed where she grew up around when her parents came on business. Such a city and planet held great importance no matter what flag it fell under and in the past star had risked everything to see her home, now it had been a few months since she was called away to rally with the mand'alore to fight against the graug that plagued her peoples planet. The sight of the blue and green planet brought a smile to her face as she glanced to the message again she had been sent

Once more they wished her to act as minster of defense, she felt a weight on her chest since they had just recently lost two monarchs in such a short time, closing the data pad she let a breathe out to ease that weight. This time she was going to ensure that the defense of the planet and more importantly queen cut zero corners

Something she would focus on later, the small transport ship came to a slow stop at a landing area, gently setting down as hydraulics hissed and the ramp lowered. Shielding her eyes for but a second she let them adjust before she sighed

this city hasn't changed much, good to have this one unchanging anchor

Her mind felt at ease, the armored towering twilek letting a breath out as she clipped her helmet to her belt and started forward towards the towards the place where the coronation shall be held, many glanced at the mandalorian clad in the armor of her people. She paid them zero mind as she kept a steady pace not worrying about being late at all
A Peaceful Man
Objective: Taking A Stroll/Moving to the Ballroom
Wearing: Nicer Jedi Robes and Cloak
Carrying: Lightsaber under the Robes

The Jedi Master had come only to witness the coronation of the new queen. To taste the feelings in the air about the whole situation. Confusion, shock, anger, and dismay were but a few of the flavors that tinged the air. People sought guidance, permanency with this new queen. An explanation for what was happening, why they needed yet another queen.

He could only imagine the nerves that were wracking the new queen. Or perhaps she had a strong enough group in proximity to her that the nerves had already been assuaged and it was merely the eyes of her people that would affect her.

It didn't matter. The Silvers presence was not here to judge, nor was he here to do more than witness something he had yet to see in life. He cleared the outer walkways, slowly making his way to the temple. He passed through merrymakers, people quietly pondering the event, and others simply happy to be alive. All felt peace and calm as he walked by though he never stopped.

The temple in view, he made himself scarce, trying to find a balcony to overlook the dancing below. Two left feet made him avoid the dance area, but he did request a sparkling drink in the mean time.

Taryn Alvor


Objective: BYOO
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There was a lofty scoff from Taryn, "But I am a tourist." she remind her companion, with a smirk to aid her words. However, when the flute of liquid was offered to her, the blonde did not question or refuse. She took the flute, observed it, and then sipped lightly from it just to get a taste of the contents. A slight face was made after and she again drew the flute back so that she could look at again with a more scrutinizing gaze. "Is everything on this planet floral?" she questioned, her gaze shifted to Rixa rather than the glass in her hands.

And then of course, her expression smoothed back out to a more amused, smirky one. "That would explain why you're so fond of this high society nonsense." she stated, though whether it was a tease or not was up in the air.

"As for getting drunk, I am not one of those lightweight, flighty little girls that you and your brother have seemed to collect since you've made your home within the Confederacy." The flute in her hands was shaken only enough to swish the contents around inside of it. "And it would take a whole lot more than this to even touch my tolerance." Taryn had spent her days keeping up with the boys after all, she wasn't some dainty thing so easily influenced by drink.

...Not unless it was something Tyran made at home. That was a whole other playing field.


At over six feet tall, the light tan Arkanian and her cybernetic right arm were difficult to miss even in a crowd this large. Hardly seemed necessary for her to prowl about seeing how many Knights, Handmaidens, Royal Guards, and what have you were loitering in the vicinity. Seeing how she'd spent time on Naboo recovering, however, why not contribute to the effort maintaining peace? After all, there were liable to be more children separated from their parents than there were assassins in attendance. The more officers present the better.

Ra slowly hooked a hololens over one ear as she stepped into the temple. A quiet stroll through the facility scanning for unauthorized devices or stealth fields. Maybe a quick vetting of all the formal officers in attendance as well. Couldn't hurt. Oh, she was aware there were all kinds of security measures in place, but what ever beat a manual inspection, really? Automation and technology were so easily co-opted or meddled with. Probably why no one trusted droids. Far more difficult to reprogram a sentient. Typically.

As Ra neared the altar, her milky white gaze slid over one of the Royal Guard present ( Chant Sindhu Chant Sindhu ). "Exciting evening," Ra declared even as she directed her gaze out toward the crowd. "Everything been calm so far?" The Arkanian held her badge out for the Mon Calamari to see behind her back so most of the crowd wouldn't notice.

No reason they couldn't both keep track of the crowd while checking in. Com chatter would only be distracting, and someone else was handling that anyway. Ra was just a humble servant of the Law. Well, not so humble especially since she was a member of the Knights Obsidian, but nothing so glamorous as being the Queen's Guard or being personally responsible for the security of the temple.

Svana Neoma


Queen Livina

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Why did it feel as if she couldn't breathe? There was a constriction, something wound about her chest and her middle. Was the dress too tight? No...it had been fitted again, and again to her frame. Still, her hands roamed the length of the torso once again, checking once more to see if perhaps the material had shrunk after she had been dressed.

It hadn't.

Svana's eyes rolled closed and she took a slow, careful breath. It was shaky, rattled - nerves. She was nervous to attend her own coronation, and yet it was not the weight of the crown that she was afraid of. It was not the responsibilities, or the lives of the people that had her nearly quaking in the shoes strapped to her feet. No, it was something so much simpler than that, and yet far more terrifying all the same.

"What if I fall..?" It was such a simple and ridiculous question, but the fact of the matter remained; Svana was clumsy. Enough so that even the women attending her did not laugh or giggle at her, or claim that she was merely being silly. It was a very real and possible scenario, and anyone who was close to her knew it. "The entirety of the Confederacy will watch as I land square on my backside."

"Friends of the Confederacy are in attendance as well." one of the ladies stated, and she was swatted for it by the other with a sharp 'Not helping!' hissed out.

Not helping indeed! The color of Svana's skin paled a shade and her brow pulled down in the middle. "Oh," was all she managed at first, accompanied by a wry laugh. "Well, at least they'll all be further united in their laughter."

This was going to be a disaster, and the longer it took to get ready and presentable, the more or a nervous wreck Svana was becoming.


Chant Sindhu


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There was a great sense of excitement in the air for obvious reasons. Chant stood at her post, hearing the collective conversation amongst the guests. She couldn’t distinguish all of it, but picked a few words here and there.

“Do you all think she will prove worthy of the throne?”

One heavy set gentleman asked to his fellow nobles in a small group several feet away on the right hand side.

“From what I see so far she tries to be dignified if nothing else. Time will tell. Her brother on the other hand…” Replied an eldery woman in elaborate green dress that looked like it cost more than Chant Sindhu’s whole salary.

She tuned out the rest of that gossip when a tall woman with white eyes and a cybernetic arm approached her. The Mon Calamari raised one eye in puzzlement when the stranger commented on the evening then asked about the situation as if in charge. Just as Chant was about to ask who she was, the royal guard saw the badge displayed to her and immediately froze upon realization.

While some older guards resented the Knights’ presence in what they see as their jurisdiction Chant was more intimidated by them instead given their force abilities. Moments later she stopped staring at the badge before clearing her throat.

“Uh..yes ma'am everything seems calm from this sector. Well, there was some shouting ten minutes ago but that was Lord Tyell of House Almyra being intoxicated and arguing with his widow sister in law over family inheritance. He was escorted out when he refused to calm down.”

More like dragged out. For a highborn noble he swore like a smuggler and sure couldn’t hold his liquor. Chant thought with some amusement but didn’t say outloud.
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