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Back in the Saddle (Firemane)

Tegaea Alcori

Firemane Industries CEO
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It was time for action!

Not all of Firemane’s time could be spent lounging around on Kaeshana with pliant Eldorai girls. Or rather it could be, but the company wouldn’t survive long.

And so it was time to get back into the fight. A nest of pirates operation outside of Protectorate space had been periodically raiding the Eldorai settlements on Kaeshana. This could not be allowed to continue, so Tegaea had gathered together all her troops, got hold of a pair of corvettes, and made all speed for the space station housing the pirates.

Standing on the bridge of the Tempest, Tegaea Alcori was in command. She would head the space side of the operation whilst her XO and wife @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] handled the boarding action. Unfortunately they didn’t have the power to simply blast the station from a distance into bits, so a boarding party to place charges was required.

“Colonel Kerrigan, are you ready to go?” she asked into her commlink.
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It was back to the beginning it seemed. Ironically enough Siobhan had gotten into Omega Pyre in the first place because she had participated in an ill-fated Jedi mission where an evidently foolishly Jedi master had tried to negotiate with pirates to let their slaves go. Said pirates had ambushed and massacred the Jedi, leaving only Siobhan left fighting before the Pyre under Tegaea burst in. As for what came afterwards, sufficed to say Tegaea had possessed many persuasive arguments to make the choice to ditch the Jedi without even giving them a holophone call and join Omega very simple for Siobhan. And the rest, as they say, is history...

"Yes, we're ready and good to go at your signal. Have the flyboys do their job and you'll get a pretty lightshow," Siobhan replied into the comm as she surveyed the Firemane mercenaries and Eldorai forcers gathered in one of the heavily armoured troop transports. A wing of interceptors would protect the transports that would contest the landing.

In a way Siobhan missed the Inimicas, for it could have swept the space clean and blasted the station to smithereens. At least, that was how she remembered them, as flying powerhouses. From what she had heard, they were a good deal less powerful now. She was not sure how that had happened! A secondary team in fast fighters would infiltrate the station from the other side and push through so that they could pincer the pirates, then blow them to hell.

Explosions were a beautiful thing.


Just under the upper hand.
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Old Kal had assumed the form of a near-human male and joined the crew that belonged to the fire bush, or leaves, or hair or some such thing. He was outfitted with some kind of coverings that these soft skins prefered for protection. They had too Many jigglly bits to protect.

He had tried to poke a female officers mammary Protrusions and only recieved a slap and a string of numbers for a combunitator or communicator or somerhing. He still didn't know how to use it.

Now a female soft skin handed him ablaster rifle. Oh that is something he had seen used before many times. He could handle that.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@Tegaea Alcori, @Anemone Nivalis, @Kalizka, @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"], @R2-5B
((Just so you know :p Doing the challenge to get Laminanium "complete a role-play from an NPC’s perspective who is accompanying your character."))
I'm just a new soldier, barely finished my training regiment, why do I have to join them for this?
Thought one of the soldiers, sitting in one of those heavy troop transports Siobhan was in. He glanced about, looking at the mercenaries sitting along with them, he adjusted his helmet.
Bettering interracial relations my ass.
He looked up at Colonel Kerrigan, standing in the narrow corridor of the transport.
That's one hell of a woman.
He looked to the tall metal and armored covered figure besides her, the droid HK-36
And he must be that Metal Demon I heard about, what good a lesser machine could do on battlefield I'll never know.

In mean time HK leaned closer to Kerrigan, speaking to her
"Reminds me of our old days, Colonel! May this battle be as glorious as the battle of the past were."

The Eldorai soldier rolled his eyes beneath his helm
What a kiss-ass

Anemone Nivalis

M.D., Expert Trauma Surgeon
Gear? Check.
Blasters? Check.
Sanity? Yeah.... Not so much.

Anemone leaned against the side of the transport, eyes scanning over those before her. Even with everyone seemingly prepping themselves for what was to come, her eyes continued to drawn to Kerrgigan. It could have to do with the fact that the woman could carve a path of destruction like no other. Or maybe it was because she simply sucked at forgetting anything, especially people who leave an...impression on her.

A small sigh slipped from her lips as her head shook, hand scratching at her head. "I must be out of my mind... Why in the hell do I keep on letting myself get dragged around like this? Where the hell does this all end?!" Her face turned a deep red as she notied that she'd said all of that out loud... Oh, whoa was her.

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Yoru Shakou

Well-Known Member
What was he doing on a vessel that was going after pirates? Sure he was an astromech; however the vast majority of his capabilities were in spying and espionage, not combat. Still he was moving through the halls and heading towards the bridge to serve as an intermediary. The holoprojector in his dome would help with coordinating movement on the station, which seemed to be an older model and one which the droid had plans to. As the doors opened to the bridge he little R2 unit pushed forward, then it happened. A loud thud echoed in on the bridge as the R2 backed up. Whistling while his dome spun slightly from the impact before he managed to regain his composure to a point.

"Bweep bwoop"

The R2 emitted as he came up next to @[member="Tegaea Alcori"] on the bridge of the Tempest. The little astromech sitting there quietly now with the occasional beep or chirp as he rocked back and forth slightly. So there he was, sitting and waiting now for a battle that was about to begin. The R2 unit lifted himself up a bit in an attempt to see out the view screen before he lowered back down. His dome spinning so he was looking up at Tegaea.

"Bwee, bwooo, bwee."

@[member="Anemone Nivalis"], @[member="HK-36"], @[member="Kalizka"], @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]

Tegaea Alcori

Firemane Industries CEO
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Tegaea turned at the thud, and sighed. The new astromech she’d bought…it was good at its job but had a habit of running into things. She wondered if there was something that could be done about that.

Either way, they had other concerns. “Launching fighters now, Colonel, you may begin your approach.”

From the hangers of her corvettes came two dozen fighters, all of them made up of ex-Protectorate or other experienced mercenaries. The pirates, surprised by the incursion, launched their own craft, and the battle was on.
“Gunners, concentrate fire on the station’s defences. Clear them a path!” Tegaea ordered.
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"Not sure there's glory here, but a couple pirate heads will roll," Siobhan said in response to HK. She was still terribly fond of the idea of putting the heads of Dark Eldorai on pikes for all to see, but Tegaea was significantly less barbaric than she was, alas. Eyes travelled over briefly towards Anemone as her thoughts erupted out of her mouth, as so often.

"Admit it, Doctor. Deep down you really like the mayhem," she quipped. No, Siobhan just could not resist trolling her. However, despite evidence to the contrary, this was actually supposed to be a serious mission and so the soldier took over. She checked her gear again, made sure her grenades were secured, her bolter loaded and made her round across the ship, issuing instruction, encouragements, stern warnings here and there to make sure the soldiers would not slack.

"Acknowledged," she spoke laconically into her comm, giving the pilot of the craft a signal, which was transmitted to the other heavy transporters. "Assault's starting. You know the rules, see a corsair kill him. No prisoners till the battle's over. Now and blow the station to hell." Amidst the missiles lancing through space and eruptions of laser fire as the fighters scrambled to the defences, fierce dog fights developing, the transporters shot out of the corvette and stormed towards the the station. Some lighter, stealthier craft took off as well, heading for the other side of the station. Space was set alight as the gun turrets of the transports spewed out laser fire.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
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The soldier glanced to Doctor Nivalis, thinking to himself
You and me both, sister, mm-mm-mm.
He didn't really paid any mind to Colonel Kerrigan's comment, it was a Siobhan brand of humor, it wasn't for everyone especially when they were most likely going to face certain doom.
That was until the metal being spoke up again
"Oh sure, you get a perky doctor to follow you around, but when I asked for engineering assistant there was no funding."
The soldier rose brows under his helmet mask, he saw the droid turn back to speak to Anemone
"It is because they have mustaches, whether male or female, apparently Colonel does not like facial hair scratching in some places."
The Eldorai soldier just sat there, his mind overloaded with the information he was hearing.
Why would the droid even care about that?
He though, then his eyes turned to look at the droid's crotch
Why WOULD he care about that?!

Their ship shook as they entered battle, and Colonel said her orders, the soldier clanged to his rifle, the ramp would surely open soon.
Before they would venture into that fire he looked to Anemone
Yeah I guess I would tap.
He looked to the door of the ramp
Maybe I'll ask her out if I'll survive.
Delila was fairly quiet the entire trip, sitting next to some soldier that got stuck with the Metal Demon or Iron Hellraiser or whatever [member="HK-36"] was calling himself these days. She hadn't been keeping up. In fact she had thought the bucket of bolts had been melted down for scrap. Wouldn't surprise her either way. The droid was a corrupted pervert with an annoying tin mouth. How did she even live without him all these months?

[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] was leading the helm, another interesting one. Delila had been keeping her mouth tightly clamped since their fight. There was a bit of reconciling on some Rebel mission but the ground was still extremely shaky. No need to rock the boat even more. Instead she focused on readying her weapons behind the nameless soldier attached to HK.

Anemone Nivalis

M.D., Expert Trauma Surgeon
God! This woman could switch tracks at a moment's notice. It was like she had two people inside her head, and both were absolutely insane! But that was simply her thought on Siobhan. Lord knows, she had plenty more..

Rather than say anything back to the former Colonel, Anemone threw her hands up in frustration. "Forget it! I quit! I give up! I don't even know why I try!" Okay, she said something, but everyone should've seen that coming. The surgeon was known for putting her foot in her mouth, and giving others ammo to use against her. Nonetheless, there she remained, nearly ineffective blasters strapped to her thighs as she looked about at the others. Why, oh why, did she continually subject herself to this? and by this, she meant the missions under Kerrigan.

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Tegaea Alcori

Firemane Industries CEO
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As attack craft clashed and exploded in space, the transports sought an open hanger where they could land. Soon they found it, but as they came in to land their enemies were ready and poured a destructive fire at them. Before the transports could land something would have to be done by the more aggressive individuals on-board to clear the path.

Meanwhile, back on the corvette, Tegaea called the droid over to her. “Run a scan on the station’s shields, 5B, try and locate them. We you’ve got it, concentrate fire against it. That should give our guys a bit of an easier time.”
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"], @[member="Anemone Nivalis"], @[member="Delila Castillon"], @[member="HK-36"]

"I'm sorry, Doctor, you must've missed the fine print. There's no...quit option. We sorta own your soul," Siobhan quipped as the transport shot out of the hangar bay of the frigate and sped towards the pirate station, various transports following it, moving in irregular formation so that it would be more difficult to hit them. Intense flak fire greeted them as they sped through space, pirate fighters moving to intercept, they in turn were greeted with a hailstorm of fire from the Firemane troops.

Siobhan stood there in the cockpit, telekinesis anchoring her to the ground as the transport lurched and swerved, going through some rather wild evasive manoeuvres that made one hope the Firemane troopers either had a strong stomach or not overindulged themselves today. Briefly her eyes travelled over Delila before returning to the view ahead of her, just in time to see the pilot evade a suicide drone that was speeding towards the craft, the offending automaton being blasted into pieces by the fire from the turrets. Things between her and her former XO back at the Pyre were still...tense, despite a tentative mending of fences during a Rebel mission. Still Siobhan was glad that she was back to serving under her. Even though at times she wondered how long they could be in the same room without hitting each other!

An open hangar lay before them and the transports poured into it, even as pirates, having already set up positions, peppered it with laser fire and grenades, the ship shaking as moved in, but the intense fire prevented a landing for now. As the ship approached Siobhan gazed upon the defensive perimetres in place and concentrated, not losing focus even as the transport dodged to evade a missile that exploded in the vast nothingness. A pirate starfighter, just speeding out to jump into space, was seized in her grip and violently yanked backwards with a forceful throw. Then, as a powerful whirlwind of telekinetic energy blossomed it was thrown across the hangar into an emplacement of pirates manning e-webs and turrets, orange blossoms rising up as it exploded, taking the corsairs with it. As pirates sought to escape the flames her mind seized one of the turrets and squeezed the trigger, unleashing a hail of laser rounds before it was blasted as well.

She gave a signal to HK. "You and the Knights are with me. We're punching a line through. Castillon, you head the insertion team, prepare for deployment and setting up a perimeter. I want that hangar purged," she spoke as the turrets sprayed out rounds to keep the pirates suppressed in the aftermath of the wave of power she had unleashed. The assault force included some Angelii on loan from the Queen, their elemental powers should help make a clean sweep of the corsairs arrayed against them.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
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The soldier glanced to Delila next to him briefly as the ship started to shook and twirl violently. He clenched to his seat, hoping they will not die before even touching down.
As more of the rocking and turbulence was thrown their way the soldier tried to hold his stomach contents in.
Don't barf on the pretty ladies, don't barf on the pretty ladies, don't barf on the pretty ladies.
He repeated to himself as he struggled with his own stomach.

To no avail, however, he lost the fight as he pulled back his helmet, leaned forward and
Right on the feet of droid in front of him, he couldn't do it on the pretty ladies after all.
The soldier looked up at the droid, HK was staring back at him, hopefully the pilot would not hit too many turbulence again, it could splash around.

The soldier feared for his life as he anticipated the droid's reaction, he saw HK only turn towards the cockpit as he said
"Eh, don't worry about it, I kicked Sith in the face before, worse filth touched that foot."

The soldier sank back in his seat, securing his helmet in shape that he was the one who lost his stomach contents.

However, before other embarrassment could be brought to him, the ship rocked violently once more, a sloshing noise was heard from the vomit on the floor, and the Colonel began to give out orders.
The soldier saw the droid adjust towards the dropship door as he took weapons off of his belt, the machine looked to Delila, putting the metal hand on her shoulder briefly.
"Try to stay out of bullet's path, Delila, alright?"
The droid then nodded to Anemone
"Doctor, make sure you will be behind cover, or me preferably, we need you once our boys start to get hit."
The machine spoke before it called out
"Iron Knights!"
A group of large soldiers from the other side of the dropship answered
"Prepare for glory!"
The soldier rolled his eyes beneath his helmet
I don't feel as bad about vomiting on him now, what a douche-bot.
The droid began to sing
Oh for feth's sake, really?!

Kaida Taldir

Ice Lady
@[member="Tegaea Alcori"], @[member="HK-36"], @[member="Anemone Nivalis"], @[member="Delila Castillon"]

Corsairs! Every Eldorai hated them. The slaver scum deserved to be drawn and quartered, their heads put on display on pikes for all to see. For some reason a few whiny liberals had protested that such measures were uncivilised and not worthy of a race as noble and civilised as the Eldorai who wanted to be accepted by the larger Galaxy. But then Kaida preferred poetic justice anyway. Like stuffing the corsairs into coffins and tossing them into the ocean or freezing them in cubes of ice so that they could freeze to death.

So here she was eager to shed their blood like any right-thinking Eldorai. A right-thinking Eldorai whose exile had only been lifted about two years ago, and now had regained her position with the Angelii after an in her eyes long overdue promotion. Evidently killing plenty of Reavers and getting her hand hacked off on Gehenna had paid off! She had remained calm during the trip through hyperspace, busying herself with a small device that looked a bit like a gameboy - except way more high-tech and with better graphics - playing some sort of racing game. It was pointless and made by humans, but strangely addictive. At least it was better than that holo tropes site - seriously that site was so addictive its owners just had to be demons!

The ship lurched and shook violently as they shot through space and reached the hangar where their quarry - death to corsairs! - lay. By now she was used to the fact that all human pilots were crazy. She saw one soldier vomiting all over the foot of the 'Metal Demon' - she had spent quite some beating that term out of new recruits because it was primitive superstition and Angelii should be better than that! Actually, iron rods were no longer in use. She made no comment, though presumably she was thinking something about the general inferiority of men. She also noted the red-maned human female, Castillon. Among Eldorai redheads were very rare. The in Kaida's eyes clearly crazy Colonel kept insisting that redheads were special. Kaida was quite certain she said that to anything that was pretty and female!

The ship had not touched down yet but the hatch opened for Kerrigan and the Iron Knights to storm through as the transports' guns opened up a hailstorm of suppressive fire in the aftermath of one of the pirate fighters being violently thrust at the enemy by Kerrigan, producing a big explosion, pirates screaming in pain. Hopefully that woman would not blow a hole into the hull or something, for Kaida did not relish the idea of getting spaced. Heavy blaster fire greeted them as they began their intrusion, the corsairs also lobbing in grenades, auto-turrets spewing out rounds, though some had just been smashed by the telekinetic throw.

As if that was not enough the droid was singing. Really! But after having spent many years with the Pyre Kaida was able to just shrug off the craziness and just deal with things productively. Such as, as the heavy weapons troopers landed and a shockwave courtesy of Kerrigan swept through the hangar, throwing pirates into the walls or simply smashing them, whirling around crates and weapons, by harnessing her Sciia to manipulate the cold inside her and the moisture in the air to unleash a blast of cold, intensifying her own cold and then directing it outward so that suddenly frost spread across one of the laser turrets, moisture dripping down in earnest out of the air, hardening and crystallising into ice, freezing first the barrel and then the entire turret so that it fell silent as it was engulfed by ice, which soon spread to its crew, functioning much like a force-based cryoban grenade as they were caught inside the cold blast. From above the drops of moisture hardened, sharp icicles pouring down out of the air and being transported by a wind, chilling to the bone, that suddenly swept through towards the corsairs.

Yoru Shakou

Well-Known Member
"Bweep bweep."

Without a moments hesitation the astromech quickly spun its dome and headed towards the port on the bridge. Of course another loud thud filled the room; though it wasn't clear if it was from the ship shaking or his own happening that he ran into the panel. A small whistling sound came from the astromech before it returned to the port. Accessing the ships scanning equipment as it began to scan the station, searching for the shield generators. It took some doing; eventually finding the location of the shield generator as R2-5B spun his dome.

"Bweep, booop, whooooo."

The controls of corvettes batteries seemed to pull away from the manual firing of the crew. The vessel beginning to open up on a lower portion of the base. The shield generator beginning to take heavy fire. The droid attempting to drain as much of the shield's power as it could by overtaxing it.

@[member="Kaida Taldir"] @[member="HK-36"] @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] @[member="Tegaea Alcori"] @[member="Anemone Nivalis"]
@[member="HK-36"], @[member="Delila Castillon"], @[member="Anemone Nivalis"]

Blood for the blood god! Skulls for the skull throne of Kerrigan! Alright, even Siobhan was not egotistical and deluded...yet. It was probably only a matter of time before her ego reached ridiculous proportions. Regardless, onward the brave Firemane troopers and Iron Knights would go on their noble venture of slaver and corsair cleaning. Like mushrooms shooting out of the ground the hangar was being filled with corsairs. It was like a hornet's nest and been disturbed and now countless angry, human-shaped hornets were pouring in through the blast doors.

"We got incoming!" one of the Firemane officers, another nameless one who would hopefully not gave to give his life in this noble venture, called out, the rounds of corsairs slamming into the landing party as platoons of Firemane troopers and Eldorai warriors poured out of the landing craft. "Scutarii scum. Gehenna taught 'em nothing." The Scutarii were a coalition of pirates led by competing Nawabs, during the Bando Gora War their services had been bought by the Cultists and they had been one of the key dealers in the corrupted spice that created the Reavers. Some of them, as Delila and HK would probably be able to recognise from their experiences during the war, still bore the Star of Chaos emblazoned on their armour, their skin motley and twisted. Along side them here and there could be seen stormtroopers, leftovers from a collapsed Empire who had turned to piracy. The Scutarii Nawab had been 'persuaded' by Moira Skaldi to keep his flotilla away from Gehenna when the Omegans had amassed an army for the final battle, with some 'help' in getting rid of rivals being the price.

Evidently the corsairs had not comprehended an important condition: Stay the hell away! So now they would all be put to the sword. "Go, go, time to kill the scum. HK, take your Iron Knights with me and punch right through. We are gonna force and opening and nail the scum. Castillon, First and Second Platoon set up repeaters and e-webs, suppressive fire on the corsairs, give us some explosions and blow the scum out of their cover into our firing line. Fire an RPG at 'em to mess up their defences, on my signal. Third, keep an eye on covering our flank," the platoon commanders signalled affirmation and began to bombard the corsairs with blaster and bolter and a single RPG that travelled through the air to impact with a beautiful explosion, in the same moment Siobhan lashed out as a force whirlwind blossomed into existence, seizing the barricades and heavy guns the corsairs had set up and violently spinning them through the air at high velocity, smashing them into the walls with such force they shook. As from an adjacent corridor more corsairs came storming, blaster rounds flying, a signal was sent to the platoon Kaida was in, directing them towards them. A bolter round blew up a water pipe, sending a wave of water spiralling out then the Eldorai focused her powers, directing the liquid towards charging pirates and hardening it, sending the wave flooding towards them as it turned into hard blocks of ice, smashing into them amidst the sound of explosions and blaster fire.

"The scum doesn't ever learn, does it? " she called out to her droid friend as she dodged the powerful blow delivered by a Trandoshan with a heavy looking axe, raising the lizard into the air by an invisible hand to run her blade through and stab him before throwing him into a starfighter with such force the craft shook. Explosions, bloodshed, mayhem, beautiful.
@[member="HK-36"] | @[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"] | @R2-5B |@[member="Anemone Nivalis"]

"Not worried about bullets. Just blades"

Between the vomit and HK's singing Delila was ready to take a blade to her own throat. Digging in her breast pockets, Delila placed earplugs in her ears. It deadened the noise of the metallic singing. She liked focus on the battlefield. It was a side effect of seeing so many die under her own command. Wading through vomit and off-key notes, Delila started immediately gathering her little section of soldiers and fanning out. Her job was to be the backup explosive go-to.

"Set up thick on the right and left sides with soldiers. E-webs and heavy guns in the middle. Steady now. RPG behind the 'webs, give some cover to that weapon."

Rapid firing began down the line. Someone got a little cocky and tossed a grenade up front towards HK, Sio and the Iron whats-its.

"I dont like his singing either but lets not blow friendlies to bits!"


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
@Tegaea Alcori, @Anemone Nivalis, @Kalizka, @Siobhan Kerrigan, @R2-5B @Delila Castillon
The doors opened and all of the soldiers rushed outside, the Eldorai pukey fellow was along them, yelling his own feeble warcry as he followed the soldiers, image of the tall armored droid right in front of him as the being armed itself with a white lightsaber.
The soldier did not even had a chance to ponder about that as shots were fired his way and a couple of his brothers in arms to the left got him. Another salvo was coming as he lifted his gun to fire, he could see it travelling right at him and life flashed before his eyes as suddenly the looming droid deflected the bolts back at the pirates with a smooth movement. He gulped as he watched the being take front of the assault, twirling and pirouetting, sending the arrows of light and fire back to their enemies.

He did not had eternity to beheld that as a hand of his comrade snapped him out of it and pulled him to the barricade they were taking cover behind.
The Eldorai soldier let the rage of battle take him then, he fired and roared, downing his own share of enemies, from time to time he could see the droid commander form a line of those armored Iron Knights that followed him, shields and bolters raising as the attacks of the pirates and stormtroopers did little against them.
"Come on, form up on the phalanx!"
One of the soldiers called out as they rushed behind the droid and cover of armored Knights, the voice of the metal being ringing out as he sung, beautifully, thank you very much.

Suddenly, a grenade rolled near them, the soldier looked down on it as mechanisms beeped quickly and opened his eyes
Oh come on! The battle just started!
He thought as he was ready to fare well with life once more.

The droid sounded out as metal claws erupted from his foot next to the grenade, grabbed the ball and in a low quick arced tossed it in direction of the pirate emplacements, exploding in shower of fire and shrapnel.

The soldier just shook his head
At this point, I'm not even questioning those things anymore.
He thought but was snapped away from day dreaming prematurely once more as he heard voice of the droid yelling out
And with that thunderous noise raised as the tall metal being and his heavy-armor covered guards rushed at the enemy, colliding into the lines of pirates and stormtroopers like a bull would collide into a set of bowling pins, members and blood splatter everywhere as they engaged the enemy into melee.

And the soldier was there as well, stabbing and cutting away with the bayonet at the end of his gun.

Anemone Nivalis

M.D., Expert Trauma Surgeon
It wasn't like she was an amazing fighter, or anything close, but she could lead. This was a fact that no one could deny, especially Dells. While keeping her lips shut, for the most part, she'd moved up with Dell's group, staying towards the rear. There was no need to be in a rush and get shot for no reason. Plus, that just wasn't her style. She liked living. Hearing her commands being dealt out, Anemone took it upon herself to take charge of the left and right flanks, since her sister was up the middle.

Anemone bolted to the left side, setting up with the soldiers. "Lay down blaster fire!! Provide cover for those moving up the middle!! And, please, don't shoot our own. For once, I didn't come prepared to do my own job people!" It was true, She had no idea if anyone had even brought any medical supplies along. But considering who she was running around with, there would be no shock upon her face if there indeed were no medical supplies along. With that thought behind her, she drew her own blasters from their holsters, opening fire to assist with the push.

God, it felt great to let off some steam.

@HK-36 | @Siobhan Kerrigan | @R2-5B |@[member="Delila Castillon"]

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