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Back at T Digs (Silent Hand meet up)

Jerrick awaited in the bar the group used for a base of oberations. He had beeped the rest to come back for a meet up. He hadn't seen them in awhile. He was now a Czar, different. He was bigger, stronger, and no longer a mandalorian. He sipped his drink and layed hunched over the bar. "That's quite a story Jerrick." T Dig said after Jerrick had told him his story. "Glad your back, though I don't know if the Silent Hand will come back. After you left, it kinda fell apart man." He ended his comment. He was right. "I know..but I couldn't pass this up." He said back
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Jerrick turned with a brow cocked, and his scar from the changes pushed up into his hair line. He got up now standing taller then @[member="stardust"] and now much massive than before. "Well hello there." He spoke softly. Not sure how she felt towards him now he stood next to his stool at the bar studying her. "So it appears. Though..Parker died." He shook his head. Parker was a man lost in the dark in need of guidance. Who else was still left?


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"I suppose, if you define 'merc' as 'slaughterer of innocents'." Orn'komad took a seat at the bar and gestured for a drink. "I'll take a Corellian ale. The good stuff, mind."

He looked @[member="JerrickShado"] up and down. "You look... different. Courtesy of your new Imperial friends?"