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Azog the Destroyer



Name: Azog
Nickname: Azog the Destroyer
Age: 27
Species: Graug
Clan: Imperial Clan of the Horde Mother
Home world: Gratos
Language: Graug
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Bloodshot Blue
Height: 7 ft
Weight: 176lbs
Faction: (to be) The Empire
Rank: (to be) Sith Apprentice
Force Sensitive: Yes
•Strength - Azog was genetically enhanced with the strength of a well trained Warrior, which just added on to his natural strength, although not as strong as a wookie, Azog could wrestle with one for a short period of time before his body would begin to get weary.

•Voilence - Azog is naturally violent even without his violence thirst being genetically enhanced, whenever he is battling he goes into a insanity trance that increases his senses and fighting skills.

•Intelligence - Although his mind was never touched by generic engineers, Azog is still naturally intelligent and his mind is often considered one of a wise old sage who had seen all the wonders there is to see.

•Immune - Like all Graug, Azog has a naturally occurring micro-bacteria in his blood stream, the number of micro-bacteria in his bloodstream was increased and enhanced by genetic engineers.
•Light Side Phobia - Although he is less scared of it than most, Azog still fears the light side of the force, this is caused by his species being immersed in the dark side.

•Languge - Azog can only speak the native Graug languages, which aren't very common in other places of the galaxy.

•Voilence - Azog's thirst for violence often cause's unnecessary fights, that often end with him losing

•Diet - Azog diet consists of only meat, which can sometimes be extremely hard to find.
Ship: None... Yet
Azog, like most Graug of the Imperial Clan of the Horde Mother, was genetically modified inside his mothers womb, the plan of the Graug was to make him a warrior, maybe one of the greatest Graug warriors of the Graug, they engineered him without concern for the life of his mother, or what would happen to his father if his mother did die, of course both his mother and father were impervious to what might happen.

Soon Azog was born, and as predicted his mother died giving birth to him, this had a huge effect on his father, who ran off after a day and never was seen again. He was immediately taken by officials and put into the care of others until he was old enough to be submitted to warrior training. His new caregivers named him Azog. After meals they would give him bones to entertain himself with, and Evert time after a minute the bones laid destroyed, this began a small nickname for him 'Azog the Destroyer'.

Azog quickly grew to the size that they trained warriors at, they took him from his caregivers and he began training as a warrior, he soon got nicknamed 'Azog the Destroyer' there to because he usually destroyed everything he was permitted to kill, but this life was getting boresome for him and he longed to escape the life of a Graug warrior.
Bounties Collected: N/A

Kills: N/A

Roleplays: Coming Soon


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