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Approved Tech Azera's Hybrid WESTAR-34s

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Affiliation: Azera
  • Market Status: N/A - Closed-Market
  • Model: WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistol
  • Modularity: Yes
    • Specifically Designed to be Integrated into Gauntlets and Wrist Mounts
    • Can Link to Virtually any Electronics, Sensor Suite, HUD, Artificial Intelligence, or Targeting System
    • Various Settings and Programming Alterations
    • Rail Interface May Accommodate a Number of Attachments
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material:
  • Classification: Hybrid Cryogenic/Particle Beam/Ion Disruptor Pistol - Class-D Weapon
  • Beam Color/Appearance: Variable
    • Particle Beam Disruptor: Ferrari
    • Ion Disruptor: Electric Purple
    • Cryogenic Disruptor: Cyan
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: Light
  • Ammunition Type: Blaster Power Pack - Tibanna Gas / Power Cell
  • Ammunition Capacity: Very Small - 12 Shots
    • 12 Shots per Power Pack
  • Effective Range: Average - 50 Meters
  • Rate of Fire: Average
  • Damage Output: Extreme
  • Recoil: Average
  • Data and Information Security
  • Targeting Computer - 3K40 Targeting System
    • Interfacing, Uplink, and Networking Capability
    • Oversight and Governing Computer Brain
    • Rangefinder
    • MFTAS
    • Target Imaging System
    • Thermal, Infrared, Low Light, and Ultraviolet Imaging System
    • Variable Zoom - Up to 20x Magnification
    • Automatic Deflection/Target Lead System
    • Holographic HUD Display and Manual Targeting System - Secondary Control System
    • Automatic Zero Adjustment
    • Fire Linked Functionality - If Applicable
    • Firing Mode Selector
      • Particle Beam Disruptor - Considered to be the "standard" firing module, this module deals damage in much the same way as a typical Class-D disruptor pistol, though it should be noted that the discharged bolts have an explosive effect upon connecting with a target.
      • Ion Disruptor - Essentially a downscaled ion disruptor rifle, this module deals damage through a powerful ionization effect, while still retaining a high amount of potential destructive power, making it just as much a disabling weapon as a lethal one. It is best deployed against cyborgs, powersuits, energy shields, and under extremely ideal conditions, light vehicles, as the ionization can potentially disable these targets, even if penetration fails.
      • Cryogenic Disruptor - Fires a bolt of cryogenic particles, frozen to ultra-cold via force fields and electromagnetics in a process that mimics the Omega Frost effect, albeit significantly downscaled. These bolts are capable of freezing targets at the atomic level and potentially inflicting deep, penetrating cold injuries, up to and including shattering the target entirely.
  • Power Systems
  • Utility and Safety Systems
  • Versatility - A hybrid particle beam/cryogenic/ion disruptor pistol, Azera’s WESTAR-34s can be switched on the fly from one firing module to the other, allowing her to choose the best option for the situation. Alternatively, the governing computer brain might select or recommend the best module for the situation, after analyzing a host of factors and conditions.
  • Firepower - Being disruptor-based weapons, Azera's WESTAR-34s are horrifically lethal, capable of striking down targets up to and including light vehicles under very ideal conditions. Their level of energy output is enough to feasibly overcome many conventional defenses.
  • Small Capacity - In the process of modifying the WESTAR-34 and amplifying its firepower, ammunition capacity took a hit owing to the more powerful, concentrated bolts. As such, Where most blaster pistols have a capacity of ~50 shots, each of Azera’s WESTAR-34s can only fire twelve shots before the power pack runs empty. This can go pretty quickly if the shooter is not careful.
  • Fortune Teller - If one of the pistols is fired with a misaligned prismatic crystal, the risk of an explosive outcome is very high, likely ending with the weapon exploding in the wielder’s hand to potentially catastrophic effect in the event that she attempts to fire it.
Modified by Azera after taking the pistols from old Mandalorian stock, while they very closely resemble the stock, factory variant, these weapons are anything but that. Utilizing her talents as a tinkerer and a weaponsmith, Azera essentially ripped out the internals and replaced them with technologies derived from the FAE/SW-07 and FAE/SW-08 Hybrid Beam Cannons, albeit significantly downscaled to fit within the frame of a pistol. Admiring the versatility of those designs, incorporated much of the same functionality in her pistols, allowing her to switch firing modules on the fly, based on the demands of the engagement. In addition, Azera boosted the energy output as well, giving the weapons enhanced damage potential, far beyond that of the factory variant.

Like any energy weapon, Azera's WESTAR-34s have no physical recoil. Instead, recoil takes the form of overheating, which is the chief limiting factor to the sustained rate of fire. Naturally, the pistols have a heat dispersion and cooling system to counteract this to a small degree, but it is by no means an instantaneous process and as such, Azera generally fires the pistols in short bursts, giving them time to cool between volleys.

Finally, Azera did not neglect in incorporating various utility technologies into the pistols, including a targeting system, information security measures, combat de-ionization, and yet more. All in all, Azera hopes that these weapons will serve her well as she prosecutes the conflicts of the Black Iron Tyrant and His allies in the Sith.
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