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Approved Vehicle AT-ASG: All-Terrain Armoured Shield Generator

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Prefsbelt Commander

The All-Terrain Armoured Shield Generator

The Chassis

The shield dish. (Please just imagine its mounted on the back)

And this is sort of the visual effect. Again, ignore the gungans and stuff.

  • Intent: To create a new and interesting piece of military hardware.
  • Image Source:
    • Star Wars.com (x)
    • Artist 3D.com (x)
    • Screenshot from Star Wars the Phantom Menace, found on Science Fiction and Fantasy (x)
  • Canon Link: Found within submission.
  • Permissions: None.
  • Primary Source: The AT-SG [x]
  • Manufacturer: Prefsbelt Command [The New Imperial Order]
  • Affiliation: The New Imperial Order (x)
  • Model: The AT-ASG
  • Modularity: No.
  • Production: Minor
  • Material:
    • Composite Hull
      • Impervium [x]
      • Matrix Armour [x]
      • Quadanium Steel [x]
      • Laminanium [x]
      • Duralloy [x]
      • Durasteel [x]
    • Plasteel Panelling [x]
    • Alusteel Skeleton [x]
    • Glasteel Viewports [x]
    • Faraday Cage Components [x]
    • Computing Components
    • Electronic Components.
  • Classification: Walker
  • Role: Support Vehicle
  • Size: Very Large
  • Weight: Extremely Heavy
  • Armaments: Low
    • 3x EWEB Blaster Cannons [x]
    • 1x Homing Missile Launcher [x]
    • 1x Low Caliber Rhypalm Mortar Launcher [x]
    • 6x Point Defence Cannons
    • 5x Flare Launchers
  • Defenses: Extreme
    • Composite Hull
    • Deflector Shielding [x]
    • Particle Shielding [x]
    • Ray Shielding [x]
    • Ion Shielding [x]
    • Molecular Shielding [x]
    • Xythan Force Shielding [x]
    • Electronic Countermeasures Suite [x]
  • Maneuverability Rating: Average
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Propulsion: Quadrupedal
  • Minimum Crew:
    • 1x Pilot
    • 1x Shield Technician
    • 1x Engineer
  • Optimal Crew:
    • 1x Gunner
    • 1x Pilot
    • 1x Commander
    • 3x Shield Technician
    • 2x Engineers
  • Passenger Capacity: Very Small. A squad of 5 soldiers.
  • Cargo Capacity: Small

  • Big Shield Generator: The AT-ASG packs with it a large shield generator, capable of projecting a shield with a radius of approximately 500 Meters wide, and 80 Meters tall. This shield is multi-faceted, with the generator being taken from corvette designs and stuck on the back. This shield generator is designed to mitigate most forms of fire that can be fielded by either artillery, vehicles or small arms.
  • Droid Brain: Hooked up to the point defence weapons systems is a droid brain, which calculates missile movements. While the shields do not shield against such ordinance, the droid brain does its best with both flares and its guns to mitigate the threat both to the AT-ASG and nearby friendlies.
  • Serrated Leg Armour: The Battle of Hoth in the year 3ABY helped lay bear the inadequacies of imperial style walker doctrine and how simple cables and harpoons could destroy multi-million dollar pieces of equipment. Ergo, the inclusion of serrated leg armour to not allow simple cables or harpoons pierce the walker.
  • 220-SIG Tactical Sensor Jamming Device [x]: Fitted unto the AT-ASG, the 220-SIG is a device designed to assist friendlies by hindering their abilities to communicate and targeting systems.
  • Big Brother: The AT-ASG projects a large shield, covering and allowing for nearby forces to recover with most enemy fire mitigated.
  • Comms Jamming: The AT-ASG works to jam both the comms and targeting of nearby enemies and aid local forces.
  • Anti-Infantry Cover Fire: The weapons mounted on the AT-ASG such as the rhypalm mortar and E-WEB blasters are designed to suppress hostile incursions into the shield, and support friendlies beneath it.
  • Pentratable Shield: The shields provided by the AT-ASG are not an impenetrable barrier. Some ordinance, along with ground forces can storm through it.
  • Top Heavy: The AT-ASG carries with it a large shield and dense cadre of electronics at the very top of the vessel. As such, it is at the mercy of gravity and those who wish to enlist her aid.
  • Low Weapons Power: While the AT-ASG is an imposing walker in regards to size, it packs very little damage against walkers its own size and smaller. Only effective against light speeders, it requires support to perform anti-armour activities.
  • Vulnerable Shield Generator: The Shield Generation array sits atop the AT-ASG, and is vulnerable to attack from the air, meaning it requires consistent support.
The AT-ASG is a vehicle with a simple premise behind it, to create a vehicle which can either support attacks or project a defensive shield and allow for recovery and regrouping. The AT-ASG is a more advanced model of the First Imperial AT-SG, a walker designed a decade earlier for the same purpose. What the AT-ASG does differently is it is made of a composite hull of separate components and the shield generator is larger and more complex. The AT-ASG is designed to project a myriad of separate shield types, meaning it provides in theory a more comprehensive protective barrier.

The AT-ASG’s shield is projected on a large, 500 meter radius around it at maximum, with the ability to fine tune and draw that back as needed. It is also fitted with weapons systems and droid brain targeting designed to mitigate hostile attack. Either through missile systems, or infantry assault. Jamming systems have been installed to attempt to disable short range enemy comms and mitigate the threat of missiles. The shield ceiling has also been lowered to disallow hostile fighter craft the ability to strafe troops at short range, and a homing missile launcher on the otherside acts to either pre-emptively distract the enemy, or to avenge an attack.

But the AT-ASG is not a perfect beast. Far from it actually. The shield can be walked through and penetrated by vehicle and trooper alike. It can’t defend against all forms of attack, as much as it might try. And the walker is vulnerable to being tipped over. Housing a corvettes shield systems in the trunk does wonders to weight. That, and the walker has sacrificed offensive capability for weapons systems only truly effective against infantry units.
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