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Ashlyn Roberts

Bilquis Abar

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Ashlyn Roberts
Aliases: Dr. Roberts, Prof. Ashlyn, Ash
Species: Lorrdian
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 5'9
Weight:140 lbs

A highly intelligent, pretty young woman with a friendly disposition, blue eyes, and blonde hair.
Force Sensitive: Yes, to an extent.​


Highly Intelligent:
- Ashlyn has attended multiple Universities, and has obtained multiple degrees in different fields of study. She is educated, composed, and resourceful.

Military Experience:
- Ashlyn spent some years in the military. She's in shape, but has minimal combat experience. She engages in regular exercise.

Medical Expertise:
- From her time serving as an medic in the military, and from studying at the University of Coruscant, Ashlyn has become a seasoned Medical Doctor, having extensive knowledge of the body and its systems. She has given herself multiple medical treatments to increase her resistance to biological illnesses.

Latent Force Abilities:
- Ashlyn has very latent telepathic abilities. She also happens to find herself with increased luck. She has no potential to be a powerful force user. She would be "lucky" if her abilities ever evolve past her minimal telepathy.

- Ashlyn holds true to traditional values and attitudes. She's cautious about change or innovation.


- Born into a middle class family from Coruscant, Ashlyn had a normal childhood. At least that's what she thought. Her father was a smuggler, who was taken into custody for smuggling illegal spices. Her mother was a bartender at a local cantina. They struggled here and there, but Ashlyn's mom stressed education, which played a major role in Ashlyn's life.

- Ashlyn had her eyes set on the University of Coruscant and its First Republic Medical Academy. Due to her family not having the necessary funds to send her their, Ashlyn in listed into the military for a couple of years in hopes of them helping her pay for her tuition. After serving in the medical field of the military for some time she attended the University of Coruscant with her tuition payed for. She received her bachelors within two years time, she was at the top of her class with degrees in Xenopathology, and Biophysics. She was later accepted into the graduate-studies program at the University of Sanbra where she earned degrees in Sentientology and Xenobiology. After, she was asked to come back and work at UofC, working as an professor, and researcher in the fields of Biophysics. Ashlyn became interested in the study of Midi-Chlorians when she came to discover her own latent force abilities.

Moff Iridius

Enjoy your looks while you have them, I have to resort to the sweet old lady routine to kidnap my test subjects, also @[member="Sir Hammerlock"] you wouldn't be interested in a mustache transplant would you?

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It's adorable @[member="Sir Hammerlock"]

Oh no! I don't wanna! @Dr.Marie Krasnican

Thank you Supreme Chancellor @[member="Jack Harkness"]

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