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Approved Planet Ascension

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Aran Finn

Ascension, as seen from orbit.

Name: Ascension

Region: Outer Rim Territories
System: Corino System
Suns: 1, Primero [Yellow Star]
Orbital Position: 5th planet, barely within the habitable zone.
Moons: 3 natural satellites [Claudia, Agrippina, Julia],
Coordinates: Directly North of Enarc, Directly East of Kalinda, Outer Rim
Rotational Period: 24.8 Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 427 Standard Days

Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 10,563 kilometres
Atmosphere: Type 1, Breathable
Climate: Temperate/Frozen
Gravity: Standard
Primary Terrain: The surface of Ascension is predominately ocean, with over ninety percent of the world covered with water. The oceans of Ascension are remarkable for two reasons. The first reason is their low salinity levels, which are a tenth as high as those averaged on other worlds. The second is their very low temperature. During winter, the higher levels of the oceans tend to freeze for thousands and thousands of square kilometres around the poles, so much so that large fleets of freighters have been known to land on the oceans during the winter months to barter with the locals.
There are three small continents on Ascension, named Alba, Corino and Verdance. Each of these three continents consist of the same basic terrain. The coastlines are dotted with icy fjords that remain frozen throughout the year. The fjords are often accompanied by incredible, beautiful rock formations. Most settlements and cities are situated in the fjords, with some cities literally carved into the ice walls of the fjord. Further inland, ice gives way to tundra plains, small alpine forests, and towering peaks. Ascension has some of the highest mountains in all of the Outer Rim Territories, from which the planet takes its name.

Lake Verino, on the continent of Alba
Native species: None.
Immigrated species: Humans
Primary languages: Galactic Standard Basic; Albans, Corini, Verdant [dialects]
Government: Patriarchal Hegemony
Population: 700 million (380 million Albans, 230 million Corini, 90 million Verdant)
Demonym: Traditionally, humans from Ascension are referred to by what continent they originated from. Those from Alba are called Albans, those from Corino are known as Corini, and those from Verdance are known as Verdant.
Major cities: Ascension, Remo, Varro, Gormano, Tulii
Major imports: Electronics, Appliances, Grains
Major exports: Fish, Metals, Shipbuilding (Ocean-going vessels)
Affiliation: None.

Culture: Culturally, the citizens of Ascension exist in a very ancient way of life. Society in general is based around the family unit. Close family, and to an extent extended family members, have a huge influence on how an individual is viewed within society. Upholding the family name is the most important responsibility of a native of Ascension, as that name brings with it an implied reputation and prestige. Even the poorest of Albans, Corini and Verdant place a huge importance on maintaining the honour and prestige of their family, so much so that disagreements between families often descend into violence. Higher in the social tree, the Noble Houses have fought countless wars over history due to petty disagreements. These wars have ebbed in recent times, with the last major conflict between Houses having ended over eight hundred years ago with the Varro Genocide. That particular event will be covered in the History section.
The societal structure of Ascension is very much patriarchal, and as such, is seen as backwards by most of the rest of the galaxy. All of the heads of families are male, all positions of importance are held by males, and traditionally the prestige of a family is centred around the successes of its male members. Furthermore, citizens of Ascension are divided into two ancient strata, which have been established for centuries. The small number of ruling elite are called Equits, and are the landed gentry who hold a considerable level of power over their various holdings. Most powerful Equit families rule cities and settlements from strongholds and maintain an active military presence. They are responsible for maintaining law and order, collecting taxes and providing most amenities and public services, and swear allegiance to the Hegemon of Ascension (who is usually the Patriarch of the most powerful Equit family of the time). The main body of citizens are known as Prolii. They swear allegiance to the local Equit family and work the lands and oceans. Most Prolii are fishermen, as the bulk of settlements on Ascension can be found on the coastline, and the oceans of Ascension have a huge amount of exotic fish that are delicacies the galaxy over, and can be also found as pets of the rich and prosperous.
Generally, the Force is seen as an unspeakable taboo by most of Ascension. Jedi were outlawed from Ascension during the years of the Galactic Republic on no less than five occasions, and Ascension was a firm supporter of the anti-Jedi edicts of Palpatine's Empire. There have been a few occasions of spectacular violence against Force Users on Ascension, particularly the Varro Genocide in 8ABY, where an entire Equit family of Force Users was purged.
Technology: Ascension has successfully kept in touch with the rest of the galaxy since its initial human colonisation in 3,537 BBY, and as such has a level of technology that is up to the galactic standard. The planet has developed a certain level of fame for its aptitude in manufacturing ocean-going vessels, but apart from that, the level of technology is what one would expect from a well-to-do Outer Rim world, comparable to its neighbours Naboo, Druckenwell and Falleen.

The Sacking of Castle Varro, by the contemporary artist Evangelo
History: During the years leading up to 3,537 BBY, a man named Talus Varrus rose to power on the Core world of Humbarine. Humbarine had been largely untouched by galactic conflicts up to that point, and as such had grown to be a large and successful ecunemopolis as well as a centre of galactic trade. Varrus grew up on the streets of Humbarine, stealing whatever scraps of food or valuables he could in order to survive. His was a dire situation, but Talus Varrus had a quick and powerful mind. Combined with a tendency for ruthless savagery, Varrus' rise from hungry adolescent street rat to powerful, morally shady adult oligarch was as inevitable as it was swift. By age thirty-eight, he had risen to the head of the Chamber, Humbarine's ruling merchant council, and held the rest of the council in the palm of his hand. Varrus was, on all accounts, an outstanding example of a successful megalomaniac. A lot of his political and fiscal opponents ended up dead during his lengthy tenure as unofficial ruler of Humbarine, but even his critics noted his successes, and the advances he brought to the Core world.
One such advance was in the realm of colonisation. Varrus understood that Humbarine was rapidly filling with people, and because of that there was not enough success to go around. Unwilling to enact a policy of population control upon the people, he instead funded and sent large colonisation fleets across the galaxy. Most did not reach their intended destinations (some say deliberately, on the orders of Varrus), but history does tell us that a fleet led by Varrus' second son, Paulus, reached a cold, icy world in the Outer Rim and established a colony there. Paulus named the planet Ascension, after the massive mountain peaks that dotted the planet's landmasses, and quickly set about setting up a civilisation on the planet. Ascension quickly lost contact with its mother planet, and in a period of five hundred years without contact with much of the outside galaxy, developed its own distinct culture. The Varrus name fades during this five hundred year period, but several Equit families including the long-thought exterminated Varro line (surname: Na'Varro), claim descendance from Talus Varrus and his son Paulus. As such, the names Talus and Paulus are extremely popular on Ascension.
The history of Ascension is punctuated by a number of Wars of Succession, which generally centred around which Equit family would succeed to the Hegemony. The last great conflict ended in 8 ABY, with the sacking of Castle Varro and the final extermination of the Varro line. The last Patriarch of Varro, Aran Na'Varro, had designs of the Hegemony of Ascension, and due to his machinations was caught up in a conflict with many other houses. The Varro family was a much maligned House, firstly for its notorious and infamous connection to Force sensitivity, and also for the ruthlessness it had shown in the past when dealing with other houses. After a lengthy conflict, the city of Varro was razed to the ground, its territorial waters poisoned, and Aran Na'Varro was captured and hung in front of a huge crowd in the city of Ascension. The entire line and their retainers were purged over the next few days, with only Aran's then sixteen-year-old son, Alen, unaccounted for. This event went down in the history books as the Varro Genocide, the single greatest atrocity in the planet's history. In modern times, the event is remembered by a public holiday known as Remembrance Day. The current Hegemons of Ascension try to distance themselves from the planet's turbulent past, and actively denounce events such as the Varro Genocide.
Notable PC's: Alen Na'Varro (native)

Intent: 1) To provide a unique home for Alen Na'Varro and the Na'Varro clan that fully explains their intricate backstory. 2) To provide another setting in the galaxy that can be explored in full during roleplays. 3) To provide a base-of-operations for a possible Minor Faction in the future.

Aran Finn

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