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Aren't We Acquainted?


Zhin walked along the side of the market. His goal would usually be finding a new job but he wasn't searching now. What he really wanted to do was go to a club or perhaps stop at a diner. Now that he thought about the diner he really wanted to go there.

This diner was along the market strip with all the other shops and buildings. He thought about what he wanted as he entered it. A steak is what he decided on. The choice of a steak was a good one he thought. He hadn't eaten for a little bit anyways, so the choice was really irrelevant when it came to starving.

As he waited for his food Zhin glanced outside the window from his booth. A figure caught his eye, not just a figure but hair color too. He shook his head and wiped his eyes to see nothing afterwards. "Maybe it ran off."
Ra walked among the market looking at the different items offered. It was one of her favorite things to do, not that she bought much for herself, but the fun of looking at the different items and dreaming up using them or being able to afford expensive goods.

After setting down one of the items, she glanced up to see somebody walk into a nearby diner. She was sure it had to be him, the man from the cantina she met a few months ago. They had shared a drink and names, he had made a request for her to be his friend, but sadly they had lost contact.

Following her instinct and intuition, she followed him into the diner. She saw where he was sitting waiting for his food and instead of waiting to be invited, she sauntered over and sat down across the table from him.

"Long time stranger."

She gave him the barest hint of a smile on her lips, but her eyes showed she was happy.

[member="Zhin Zondaar"]

Zhin rested his chin on his now crossed arms while he awaited his food. The sight he saw outside reminded him of someone. But for some reason, he couldn't remember. Maybe I seen them while drunk.. he thought. Then he heard foot steps and turned to see if it was the waiter. Before he knew it the woman he couldn't remember the name of was sitting across from him. Of course he remembered when he saw those eyes and hair he was fond of.

When she greeted him a smile formed on his face as he rose up. "We meet again Miss." Zhin kept his eyes on hers. Not just because of the conversation but they were so fascinating to him. The color of them appeared differently than before, but he shook off that thought. Since he was about to eat, Zhin was curious if Ra wanted to join him. He started speaking. "Before my food arrives, you order something so we can eat together." he paused. "Oh and I'll pay. As the man on this date, I must act like a gentleman." he said jokingly. The grin on his face made that obvious.
With her back to the rest of the diner, Ra felt more secure in allow her emotions to show on her face. Now instead of a slight hint of a smile, she returns [member="Zhin Zondaar"]'s grin with one of her own. Taking a quick look at the menu, she decided on the small steak and motioned to one of the server droids to add it to the ticket.

"I'll accept your offer for dinner, my friend."

Leaning forward with her elbows on the table, she looked across at him. Tipping her head up slightly, she asked, "What have you been up to these months since we met?"

It's like he had fallen off the radar and gone into hiding or something. She might have been easier to find, but was still kept busy with work.

The question that she asked wasn't a hard one but he thought about it. He exhaled in a disappointed way and looked away for a brief moment. "I used to have a job. Not sure if I mentioned that the last time we spoke. Many things happened so I ended up losing it." he returned his gaze on her eyes. "So I have been earning credits through odd jobs and such. I'm too lazy to actually find a new full-time job."

A server delivered two cups of water to their table. Zhin quickly grabbed one and sipped some water. He set the glass down after relieving his dry throat. "I'm sure you've had a more eventful life than me, so please enlighten me on your adventures." he said smiling still. Everyday, he'd either go work or drink and then return to his apartment. Zhin was sure his friend had something more interesting happen in her occupation.
Where to begin? Ra thought this to herself as she took a sip of water the server droid brought over for the. She didn't know where his loyalities rested, Ra kept her answer simple. With a half smile for him she gave him a partial truth, but no lies.

"I've been given a position within an organization where I have plenty of opportunity to keep work. At the end of the day, I still go home."

She could use the Force so that would certainly be something he might interested in knowing. He may even be like her growing up thinking the Jedi and Sith were just a myth.

"Well, I'm sorry you've lost your job, but you're young and good looking and if you really wanted to could do anything you wanted."

Did I really say that out loud? Wanting now to hide behind something, [member="Zhin Zondaar"] could see the blush coloring her cheecks.

As Zhin listened to what she had been up to, he drank some more water but in small sips. From what he heard she was in an organization, be it a good or bad one, he didn't care. They were still just acquaintances after all. Even though he offered up his friendship, saying your friends with someone is as easy as moving a muscle. It wasn't like he was just acting and didn't care however. He was her friend but complete trust wasn't something offered up with it.

Ra complemented him next which he was surprised by. He grinned. "Thanks for that." he said losing the grin afterward. Zhin noticed she seemed embarrassed by her appearance. "Don't feel mortified, you were simply stating a fact." he said with a smug face that soon turned into a smile. "I'm just kidding Miss Ra. You are quite stunning yourself and I think you could do a lot more than I could." he paused to have a thought. "I can see it now... add a silver coloured dress with that nice figure and hair of yours and you'd have every man on Nar Shaddaa bowing down to you." Maybe I went a little too far. he said to himself thinking about his teasing.
Ra had to chuckle as little and she toyed with the rim of her glass for a moment while the laughter came out. She looked across at him with the laughter still in her eyes.

"I might have to consider that."

She picked up her glass to take sip of her own water and leaned forward when she set it back down.

"Now what brought you here this fine day? If you say it was just hunger, I think I'm going to smack you."

Her voice is filled with humor and her threat meaningless.

[member="Zhin Zondaar"]

"I'm guilty, I guess you'll have to smack me." he said jokingly holding his head where she could reach her hand out and smack him. He grinned and leaned back in a normal sitting position. "I assume you will say it's business that brought you here if I asked, correct?" Zhin thought this because of the last time they met. The server came over to their table and announced their food was almost complete.

Zhin looked outside to see the illumination of the cities building. This was why he loved this place over any other. This dark world was his starting and probably final destination, unless he got caught up in something. He met eyes with Ra again as the conversation carried on.
Ra chuckled a little more with and at [member="Zhin Zondaar"]. He leaned forward so she could smack him and Ra moved her hand like she was going to, but turned it into a gentle caress. He gave her a grin and she smiled back. Just after that the server came over to apologize for the delay in their food and that it was almost ready.

She watched as he leaned back in the booth and mentioned the reason she gave when they first met. Her eyes changed color slightly. While still gold, a brown circle formed at the edge of the iris and the gold part developed little green flecks inside. Very similar to the color when they initially met, he may not have noticed at the time.

For a few moments, Zhin looked outside, but turned his attention back to Ra quickly.

"No, I was actually here shopping and dreaming."

She gave him a small smirk and at that, their food arrived.

Zhin retained a smile while keeping his focus on Ra. He noticed she was different, maybe something happened he thought. "Shopping and dreaming, the shopping part is pretty straightforward but what were you dreaming of?" he asked really curious to know. However his humor once again interrupted that. "We're you thinking about me?" he said smiling.

When he first received his food Zhin didn't touch the plate. He quickly closed his eyes as a way of gratification. It was probably seen as odd for whoever was watching him, but he was trained that way. Every meal he did this out of habit even if it's brief. Then he started to eat his steak. He looked up every so often to add to the conversation. "Miss Ra, how did you find your way back here? I'm sure it's a good story for a good meal." he said out of curiosity once again.
"Oh the dreaming part, that's where you go someplace way out your price range and dream about buying whatever trips your fancy."

Their food arrived and Ra started cutting into her food, she noticed [member="Zhin Zondaar"] waited a few seconds before he did the same.

"I'll be truthful, yes after we parted the last time, I thought about you for a while. I didn't contact you well because I wasn't sure if you wanted to keep in touch. Wish I would have now."

Taking a few bites of food and making small talk, he asked what brought her back. Looking across at him, she gave him a small and warm smile.

"The market. I didn't get the chance to look when I was here before and memories. So yeah, I guess I was thinking about you again and look here we are. No drinking this time though. Any you? I know you said hunger, but why this place?"

He nodded to her comment on the dreaming. Zhin wasn't a greedy man but if he had the money to live in luxury, he would most certainly do so. How would that change me though... he said to himself. In his past experience, the wealthy usually had the most power in this society. Unless you were some sort of mutant or powerful sith or Jedi. He left his thoughts behind and continued listening.

The response Ra gave to his joke was a little unexpected. "I'm glad you feel that way Miss Ra." he said smiling. Following that was a smirk. "What happened?" he said pausing and then explaining. "I mean since we met last, if you don't mind me prying. You seem different. " to answer her question he said "It was the force that brought me here. It's said 'Feed me a steeeak'."
Ra felt the humor from [member="Zhin Zondaar"] as he spoke. She could tell he understood what she meant about dreaming and that she surprised him with her answer. Thing is, if she would have stayed on contact, she may not be having the opportunities she's having now. With that thought in her mind, he asked what really happened to and with her.

Running her finger on the lip of her glass while considering her answer, Ra gives Zhin quite a serious look. It lasted for just a moment before her face returned to almost shining at the fact they were chatting once again.

Taking on a slightly dreamy look, Ra told him about actually being able to use the Force and the training she's gotten since. A little about the Dominion and seriously downplayed her role within them.

"I know about the Force and it guiding people."

Falling silent she looked across at him wondering if she had said too much.

The knife and fork in his hands stopped when she spoke of the mysterious force. It was something he knew all too much about. What he did in response wasn't like himself. He put the fork and knife down beside the half eaten steak on the plate. "Would you like to go for a walk?" he asked smiling. "Of course after your done eating." he added. Speaking about it made him feel sick. Zhin felt the eyes of others in the diner when she spoke of the force. It wasn't a comfortable feeling and he didn't want to stick around to see what they were planning.

Zhin was wearing a trenchcoat today, jet black. He wore a white button up shirt underneath that was tucked into his blue jeans. After he asked about going for a walk he mentioned he'd wait outside. The outside felt way better than in those potential fugitives' vision. He would wait on his friend gazing off into the distance looking throughout the lit up walkway.
Ra sensed an immediate change in her friend as soon as she mentioned the Force. Though he kept a smile on his face, he closed up like a clam. Leaving his food unfinished on his plate he said he would wait for her outside. She watched as he grabbed his coat and walked out.

Throwing enough credits on the table to cover for the food, Ra follows [member="Zhin Zondaar"] out a few minutes later. She walked up behind him and reached her hand out to lightly touch him on the elbow, turning him to face her. She looked up at him, her eyes full of unspoken questions.

"What's wrong, Zhin?"

For once, not bothering to hide her emotions behind a mask of neutrality, if he looked down at her, he would see she really cared.

Zhin was looking away from the diner when Ra came outside and thought her touch was someone from inside. He prepared to fight until he heard her voice. It was relieving in a way. The question she asked him would be an easy one to answer. He looked into her eyes with a very serious face, this wasn't the first time he'd been cautious on this planet. Zhin remembered seeing people who spoke of the power disappear. This wasn't a common occurrence however. So maybe he was being too paranoid.

Leaning against the diner wall Zhin crossed his arms and looked away while he spoke. "I'm sure you know this but that word 'force' doesn't rest easy with everyone. Especially here. There are criminals who seek revenge on force users or even bounty hunters looking for their next target. You should be careful." he explained why he left in such a rush. Just then, he noticed before leaving he didn't pay like he promised. His back rose up off the building and his eyes returned to hers. "Sorry about that. I mean for not paying like I said I would. I'll pay you back if you do so desire, Miss Ra." he said in a sincere way.
[member="Zhin Zondaar"] was still quite tense when Ra touched him and it made him tense even more. When he realized it was her, he relaxed only slightly. He looked down on her very seriously. He then looked away and didn't look back as he spoke.

"Why would people seek revenge on somebody that didn't actually do anything bad?'

Ra understood the whole bounty hunting thing, but figured she wasn't worth the trouble to collect and didn't have a price on her head anyway. Outside of the Dominion, only a few people knew she could use the Force, Zhin now being one of those handful.

"I'll watch what I say from now on."

Looking at the ground as​ she spoke and almost blushing at being scolded by him.

The friendly humor was not in his eyes, but he spoke from his heart when he apologized and offered to repay her for the food. Ra shook her head, but didn't speak and still didn't look up at her friend.

Zhin leaned against the wall again and put his hands in the coat pockets. "Well, Miss Ra. Eliminating the enemy is a soldiers number one priority. It doesn't matter if a person is good or bad, it's just orders." he said thinking about it some more. "You might not like me after saying this, but I don't like Jedi. I'd rather have nothing to do with them for a few reasons, but while I don't enjoy their presence that doesn't mean I want to kill them. However there are some people here who actually are hungry for blood."

Realizing he had started to ramble Zhin rose up off the wall again. He also remembered Ra talk about the force. This urged him to ask the dreadful question. Better do it now before going any further.. He inhaled and exhaled. "I have a question if you don't mind answering." he waited a moment and smiled. "Do you happen to be a Jedi?" he asked in a very calm voice. The point of his warning wasn't to make her feel bad, or he got the impression he did. Which is why he asked so calmly. "I know I shared my attitude towards the Jedi but we're friends so I'll have to put that title aside if you are. So please be honest."
Ra listened to all of his words, not saying anything. She did glance up at him though as he spoke. He made a clear point on soldiering, this wasn't a war though. Then he said he didn't like Jedi and would rather have nothing to do with them. In the past, she knew people hunted force users just to claim they had killed one. Nodding that she understood, she remained silent still.

Zhin stopped leaning again, but kept his hands in his pockets as he stood up. He paused before speaking again and when he did, his voice was very the weather before a storm. He laced his question with a smile, trying to make it sound more pleasant. He had just told her he didn't like Jedi, but would keep in mind they had met and were already friends.

Looking down at the ground and realizing she still had her hand on his elbow. Taking a hold of his arm now, she decided to turn the conversation into a stroll, it would draw less attention to them. She started to move and hoped he could follow her thoughts on the matter.

She looked around them a few moments while considering her words. He had asked for the truth and she wasn't going to lie to him.

"I don't know what I am.
Some training by the Jedi and some by Sith."

Being a part of the Dominion, she worked with all ends of the spectrum and got along with all of them. She wanted to know as much as she could learn so took lessons from each side.

"Though from what I can tell, I lean more to the light than the dark."

Her voice barely above a whisper and her shoulders slumped. This reunion wasn't going the best and it looked like it might turn sour.

[member="Zhin Zondaar"]

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