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Are We There Yet? : Belkadan [OPEN]

Space Near/Above Belkadan

Spending time with the Vagrant Fleet meant being in ships or having one. Not owning a ship -- there really was no reason for her to -- Delila had 'leased' a MC18 Light Freighter. Mon Calamarian designed, it was sleek and organic, with the ability to take it underwater. She refused to try out such a feature though. Dells did not want her dead and bloated carcass drug up from the deep. The little freighter, which Delila had coined Hydra for the duration of her time on the vessel, had just came out of hyperspace.

Stars shot back into real time, Belkadan glittering before them. Delila had no idea why she was out on the backside of Sith space. Especially after what happened to Thessa. It was almost like playing with fire. Or asking Delila to drop by and release some explosives. Either way there was fire. However, she was on her best behavior. Qae...her....sometimes bedroom partner, was unusually interested in Vong technology. Apparently the Nautolan thought it would be fun if she tagged along. With the Fleet. As the Master-in-Arms scouted out the planet.

Directing Hydra towards the blue-green planet, Delila pondered how she got herself in these situations. Siobhan had practically shoved her out the door at the mention of her trip. Mention one little thing down in the Officer's Mess and never live it down. Maybe it would be good to spend time away from the Protectorate. Not too long though, she had responsibilities after all.

Spotting a large clearing amongst the trees, Delila worked on setting the Hydra down on the edge of the clearing. Seemed as good enough spot as any to scout around. Not to mention the clearing was large enough to fit in the Fleet members, even though a few ships would be practically shoulder-to-shoulder, depending on who landed.
It was technically verboten to fly anything over two hundred metres in the VF, and so he'd left the beautiful beautiful Daragon behind, because the dang thing massed about three times as much as the next biggest ship in the Fleet, to say nothing of how much a state-of-the-art modular exploration ship stood out. The Gypsymoth, on the other hand, fit in perfectly -- an ancient flying brick of a YV-929, maybe a replica from some forgotten product line during the Darkness, maybe eight hundred years old and rebuilt eternally.

The sucker also had a cloak and assault concussion missiles, so @[member="Alna Merrill"] couldn't say it was totally outclassed by the Daragon.

He set down at the edge of the clearing, near Delila Castillon's Hydra. He and Dells went way back from here and there, and they both drew an Omega paycheck - Jorus as a reservist, Dells as Sio Kerrigan's XO. They'd had what seemed like dozens of friends in common, but apart from that one starship race, they'd never spent all that much time together.

Could be fun. That, and what Qae wanted, Qae generally got. Dedicated as all feth, clear vision. Couldn't object to that, when 'come and go as you please' was as much the first rule as 'don't draw attention' and 'don't kill the innocent.'

Shotgun over his shoulder, Jorus descended from the Gypsymoth.
Siren's Song decided to take its landing on the opposite side of the clearing, the oddly colored ship taking out some tree branches as it descended slowly. Hissing echoed throughout the noisy jungle as the vessel shut down and the ramp was lowered. Barely on the ground and the little astronmech droid Sparky was already having issues with the planet.

"Your sensors are fine. Its a jungle Sparky.What do you expect?"

Walking through the spotless ship, Judah stopped by the lounge and picked up his blaster, sliding the weapon into his hip holster. Sonic screwdriver found its way into his hand, twirling it as the pair continued towards the ramp. If the Fleet was making a pit stop he might as well check out the abandoned research facilities on planet. What kind of salvager would he be if he didnt?

Stepping out the ship and humidity hit him like a ton of duracrete. It reminded Judah of her. Recovering on Fondor, they hadn't seen one another since the incident. Current circumstances would make a visit a little difficult to navigate. He had tried contacting her with no answer. Probably resting. Or thats what he kept telling himself anyway.
Kal wake woken suddenly as the proximity alarm echoed through the cramped cabin. he had been on Belkadan since just after the Imperium had fallen. rouge Imperium ships who refused to join the empire still roamed the systems so Kal was alarmed when 3 ships landed in a clearing less then 30M from the small patch of flat ground he had hidden the Aurora.

the Aurora was a small ship but it was his home and he loved the rust bucket. she had been hidden between two large trees, covered with camo netting and a branch that kal had hit when trying to land.

kal looked at the monitor and saw the signatures of the ships. they weren't from the sith or the Imperium so that was good. he hadn't met many members of the vagrant fleet face to face but he recognised at least one of the ships. he made his way to the access hatch, turning back to the droid sitting up in the turret "dex, take care of the ship"
@[member="Jorus Merrill"]

Walking slowly down the ramp, it was clear herself and Jorus had the same idea. With a heavy A280 blaster rifle was slung across her back there was no way she was taking any chances. With the wildlife or the Vagrants. Being the newest bit of blood to the group, there was quite a bit she had to learn. Perhaps there wasn't. Being in the military most of her adult life had molded her into something different. A person who expected rigid structure and iron-clad rules.

Her gaze took in the rest of the assembled group outside their vessels. Junior was hanging around with Sparky straight ahead and off to her side was a ship that had merely landed and sat there. Apparently no one in that vessel had wanted to come out and play.

With her feet on the ground, Delila gave a jaunty salute to Jorus.

"Seems we always run into one another Captain."
"Ain't that the truth, uh...feth, what rank are you these days, Dells? I've been on leave for so long I'm amazed they keep me on the books. I heard you're workin' well with Kerrigan, so I'm guessin' Major's the tag you've got in this day an' age." He scratched his chin with the finger hooked through the shotgun's trigger guard. "That's assumin' they haven't bumped her up to General or Exarch. There was chatter 'way back when of makin' her Exarch of the territory we took from the Bando Gora.

"Heh. Guess I'm just out of the loop."
@[member="Jorus Merrill"]

"Somehow I've been allowed to remain a Major" There had been enough missteps to choke a rancor. To be serving at her current rank was one she took with all seriousness. Yet it wasn't time to dwell on the past or her faults, not right now. "I'm not sure they should make Siobhan an Exarch. She would have the most war-torn piece of territory in the Protectorate.Her love of the fight is deep and strong."

In her own personal opinion, Delila did not see Colonel Kerrigan remaining at a Colonel rank for much longer. Married to an influential woman within the Protectorate it would only be a matter of time before Tegs brought her wife onto the same stage. A power couple.

"Don't worry about your lack of action. Its been uneasy in the territory. I'm sure once a spark blows the lid off everything you'll be forced back into service."
[SIZE=10pt]Face pale with shadows beneath iced-azure eyes and the remnants of deep bruising along her skin, the Galan emerged from the Hydra. Jacket clung to a thinner-than-usual frame and her stride fought the ghost of a limp. All thanks to one diabolical sith lord. “I’m coming…” gaze panned from Dells to Jorus-he looked different-and stopped on Judah.[/SIZE]

Hand trailing along the underbelly of the Siren's Song, Judah was finishing up a post-landing check on the vessel when Sparky alerted him to the only presence he cared about. The droid was practically blowing a circuit, whistling and tweeting as he nudged the salvager in the leg before heading off in the direction of his Master.

It felt like his own heart was going to beat out of his chest. The little droid wasn't the only one who had missed the presence of the Galan. Nothing was the same when Thessa was gone. With their time apart and the distance-- both physical and emotional --that had settled between them as of late, Judah wondered if she even felt the same way.

Crossing the small distance as fast as possible, outpacing the overly excited Sparky, Judah pulled Thessa into his arms for what felt like the first time in a long time. His lips meet hers before the Galan could even speak....
"Well, hey, if you ever feel like a change of pace, Dells, I lost my top sheriff to contagious stupid not too long ago. The Mara's pretty crucial for under-the-table security; Ayden's got hyperspace monitors seeded all up an' down my pretty hyperlane in case of Imperial warfleet. Plus there's a lot of traffic needs policin'..."

The Master Warden trailed off with a shrug. "Don't mind me. Counted on someone, got left in the cold, I'll get over it -- holy feth, Thessa?"

The shotgun was down and held across his chest before he even noticed it. She'd appeared from nowhere and she looked horrible, and if Dashiell's reaction was anything to go by -- when did that happen? -- she'd spent a while going through the wringer. "Save the osculatin'," Jorus growled. "The feth happened to you, Thess, and who do I need to shoot?"
Contagious stupid.

Delila cracked a grin, chuckling at the phrase Jorus had used. The idea of working for a small company, trolling the hyperlanes and keeping civilians safe sounded appealing. The feeling of actually keeping something harmful out of the general population was one that was lacking in Protectorate territory. It was either about money or Reavers. Frankly, she was growing sick and tired of Bando Gora. Especially after she made a long report about cutting of the spice supply to their known colonies....which was promptly ignored.

"You have my interest Captain. I'd like to speak to you about it further..."

When Thessa appeared, she was the only one not surprised. Most likely because her friend had flown with her and had been staying on Fondor with Dells and Mr. and Mrs. Kai. In all honesty her Galan friend had been looking a thousand percent better since the day she had found her chained to a wall. Granted, she was skinny and pale and the lame leg was still an issue....Yet Thessa was alive.

"Don't make me turn the hose on you two..." Delila said, making a face of disgust.
Kal made his way out of the dense jungle and into the clearing where the ships now stood. "hello, please dont shoot me, i come in peace" Kal smaked his face with his palm. he didnt think he had ever sed something so lame before in his life. his voice rang out long before anyone could see him. he didn't was to sneak up on them and end up with a blaster to the head. but there must have been something better he could have sed. oh well, it was to late not. kal stepped out into the clearing "umm, greeting"
[SIZE=10pt]“…Judah,” lips broke away as she hugged him fiercely. For the first time, she felt fragile, like a trembling leaf against his sturdy and familiar frame. There was something wet on her cheeks.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Peeking over Judah’s shoulder, she rolled her eyes at Dells before resting her gaze on Jorus. “The name he gave me was,” she winced, “Sebastian Watts. I don’t think it was his real name.”[/SIZE]


[SIZE=10pt]Clinging to Judah a moment longer, she finally stepped back, more so at the frantic nudging of Sparky at her leg. “I want to find him. I need to find him,” eyes remained locked with Jorus, knowing he would understand. “I made a promise.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]To kill him.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Fingers twitched by the side of her holstered blaster. “But I need…help. He’s a force user, a powerful one.” She didn’t risk a look at Judah, getting the feeling he would disapprove. With a slight tilt of her chin, she allowed a nod to the new Vagrant. [/SIZE]
@[member="Kal Voss"]'s appearance was greeted with a wave. "Welcome aboard," said Jorus, before his attention snapped back to his brutalized old friend. The woman who'd traded barbs with him while swinging through Kashyyyk treetops was a shell of herself, and in extremity she looked to have found a new truth.

@[member="Thessa Kai"] had killed before as a soldier. He wasn't sure he'd ever heard of her killing in person. Not in any kind of premeditated or non-soldierly way.

"Sebastian Watts. I can work from that." Some part of him had gone very cold, and he settled the shotgun carefully on his shoulder so that nobody would see his fingers turning white on the stock. "What planet, what assets did he have, how long ago was he there?"

In the gaze he shared with Thessa, a mutual understanding congealed. When something like this needed doing, Jorus was the man for the job. A lightsabre-proof shotgun and a good set of calluses might just do it. Even against a more traditional Master -- the kind with actual powers.
@[member="Jorus Merrill"]

[SIZE=10pt]Fingers reached down, to interlace with Judah’s for support. As much as she hated dredging up the things she tried to forget by talking about Sebastion, she knew it had to be done. Cringing internally, fingers tightened around Judah’s.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]“He was near Gala, last. My home-planet. He was doing unthinkable, unimaginable things to…,” voice trembled, tinged with an angry hoarseness. “He had troops and battle droids and…traps. He was a mental mind-frakker.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]The bastard.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]“If he left Gala, it wasn’t too long ago. He kept mentioning Ben Watts too, like he wanted the Grandmaster to find him. Cocky son of a bantha.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Biting back a shiver, she felt as though Daxton’s breath was back on her neck. White-knuckled fist tightened at her side.[/SIZE]
Fingers interlaced with Thessa's, listening to the tale. Her nails dug into his hand as she spoke. Anger rolled off the Galan as she spoke of her time captured. Judah knew better than to speak against Thessa going off to find her captor. Perhaps if he was persuasive enough he could hold off Thessa long enough to recover. Quite a long shot.

There was a nod to their newest member. The salvager would get to know him better later on.

Squeezing Thessa's hand gently, Judah decided to pipe in.

"If he has such a reputation for torture it should be fairly easy to find this person. Even with the fake name. I'm available should you need help Jorus."
Delila already knew the details. She was there after all. If she had any brains she would have killed Thessa's captors when there was a chance. Having been so focused on making sure her best friend got out alive, her brain had no time to process anything else. It was a mild regret but there was the hope of meeting the bastard once again.

"I second that. I'd love to get a piece of this guy.Let me in on the killing Jorus"

Seeing as she already knew the story and plan for Thessa's situation, Delila went to meet the newcomer. Looking @[member="Kal Voss"] up and down, Delila extended her hand in greeting. A smirk graced her features.

"I can't promise I won't shoot. Delila Castillon, pleasure to meet you."
@[member='Delila Castillon']
Kal smiled as he shook the outstretched hand. finally someone with a sense of humour "thats fine. i can promise i wont shoot back. im Voss, Kal Voss"

"your friend looks like she is having a hard time" kal knew that showing he was interested was a good thing but he also knew that it was safer to stay out of other peoples buisness. it had nothing to do with him and he didnt really want to get dredged into another fight... again. maybe Kal was finally growing up, or maybe it was that he hadn't touched a bottle of alcohol since he left Fondor. now he thought about it eaten anything but ration packs since Fondor.

"um you wouldnt happen to have anything to eat would you. and, um, maybe something to drink?"
"Oh, there'll be plenty of killing to go around," Jorus bit out. "What's he look like? I've got a...friend-" Sister. "-in the Sith. A good description'll go for miles. Sorry t'ask you, Thess, but I need to know more about this schutta just to be fething sure we don't accidentally kill the wrong Sith.

"And waste time, I mean," he added, bitter and deadpan. "Anyone object if we take Gypsymoth? Goes unnoticed in a crowd, cloaks pretty well, packs a punch, fast as feth." He glanced at @[member="Kal Voss"]. "And we've got about a year's worth of tomo-spiced Karkan ribenes aboard.

"That's assumin' you all think this place is isolated enough to leave your ships in safety, and frankly I think that's a decent bet. I've got Miktik and Beyyr with me, and they can watch the ships."
[SIZE=10pt]“As long as there’s a stash of kelp juice to go along with that Karkan,” the humor didn’t reach her eyes. Reluctantly, her mind revisited the details of his face. “Zabrak. Dark skin. Yellow eyes.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]She was saved from the growing nauseous feeling by the simmering anger. He will pay. He had to pay.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Uncertainty flickered in her gaze from Dells to Kal. “Dells, it’s up to you. I’m interrupting your mission. I’ll find him, whether it happens today or in a month, with you guys or without.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]It was clear she wouldn’t be able to get peace until she did. Until she made sure he didn't hurt anyone like he had hurt her and so many others.[/SIZE]

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