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Any Slavers or Pirates out there?

King of Midvinter
So, this might seem like an odd request, but... I need to be captured by either or slavers and taken to Tantorus to be sold, or something like that. :p

The reason is that I have a story-arc ready for how Thurion and his apprentice @[member="Nina Vi'dreya"] will join the Arcian Star Kingdom, which is under the leadership of @[member="Darth Arcis"]. The only flaw is that I have no plausible reason for the two of them ending up on that planet without being taken there against their will. So what I need from you is that you stumble upon us, board our ship, and take us captive. Then you take us to Tantorus, hoping to sell us there. Easy-peasy. :D

If that sounds like something your character would do, then @Mention me here or PM me. You can be several people getting together, should you wish to. ^-^


Blessed are the peacemakers
It's Real to Pretend
"Suspicious cargo on the dhip they were on, they get detained and treated poorly, captured, then Circe raises an eyebrow at Nina's freakishly similar features to her own "daughter," and she chooses to ship them to Lussk as a "present"?

@[member="Thurion Heavenshield"]