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Approved Species Anisotoron

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  • Name: Anisotoron
  • Designation: [ Sentient ]
  • Origins: n/a
  • Average Lifespan: unknown but their life span is known to be what as very very incredibly slowest long lifespan. As they age every once They are known to be the very ancient and wise due beginning of galaxy birth to present.
  • Estimated Population: [ Semi-Unique (Kitsune Family), Rare (Anisotoron)]
  • Description: The Anisotoron are very similar to humans in their Anatomy, but although their souls and minds are truly aliens. They also “Aniso” are very taller than humans with cleaner slender bodies and very striking features or feminine to other aliens, as their skin is either light tan or white pale as an unblemished marble, but surprisingly powerful strength hiding beneath the “Aniso”. They are keen to have pointy ears; and their pupils of black are vertically-slit, as the iris comes with many colors along with hair color except crimson-red iris and sliver-white hair color for royal blood.

  • Breathes Type IV, as they can breathe through many types of breathing environments due advance technology suits.
  • Average Height of Adults: 6'8-8'3
  • Average Length of Adults: Due to slower life span and taller height, it's known to have multiply physicals aspects such as 2.032-2.515
  • Skin color: Light tan or pale as white.
  • Hair color: For original Aniso species goes with many colors of it eyes and hair except the Kitsune royal bloodline color in red and silver white.
  • Distinctions: What distinction into the "Anisotoron" is that they are superficially, very similar to humans, though they are generally taller and slimmer with slender marble bodies, with sharp/feminine features and pointed ears. They are very long-lived by human standards, and most will live more than untold years or more with longest slow years unless they die from accident or disease. "Aniso" also have much faster metabolic rates than species, and their Neurocardiology (Meaning: cardiac and neurological systems) are more advanced as included (The parasympathetic Nervous System) since they were created. These traits manifest in their vastly heightened reactions and agility compared to species or "humans". To them, species or humans seem to move in slow motion with a certain degree of awkwardness, while to those species watching the "Aniso" can move with distracting grace and can be blindingly fast in combat. As a race, they have a high level of Magic (Force) ability, which serves as the foundation of their technology. The Aniso that actively cultivate their magic potential seem to exhibit a much-extended lifespan as well, one proportional to their prowess. They are mentally far superior to other species, and feel the emotions much more strongly, requiring the species to exercise constant restraint to avoid mental breakdown or avoid death. Due to lack of population, males can become pregnancy in order to make their species survived known as "Anisoverse". An male whom have similar traits toward females whom can be pregnant.
  • Force Sensitivity:
  • Kitune Bloodline: All
  • Anisotoron: Some
Strengths & Weakness:


-They have High mobility, below-average raw durability, above-average durability from other sources such as evasion. Balanced shooting and melee power. Strong Force
Sensitive presence.
-The Anisotoron are the
remaining species that can create some high technology but some codex is lost. But the Kitsune Bloodline is the only one that know how to create advanced tier Zero but rarely share them.
-their vastly heightened reactions and agility compared to species or "humans". To them, species or humans seem to move in slow motion with a certain degree of awkwardness, while to those species watching the "Aniso" can move with distracting grace and can be blindingly fast in close or long-range combat.

- They aren't very muscled strong as humanism can be due to their fast metabolism and lack gaining weight.
-They are known to be killed easier if they let rely on emotions too much such as despair or using it emotions. Which is why they must master their emotions in order to avoid death.
-Due to not having very muscular mass, they are known to be very fragile and can be easier killed by "Large Massive " Creature that can plumb people to death. But it doesn't mean they died that easily though depends on the weapons and outcome of it.

-They are very lack of population around little numbers during the war against the rakata empire and after "The Fallen" causing them to be close to extinction and that reproduce would be challenge for them.
-They also don't have concept of Morals due their long life span as they can view themselves as moral relativist meaning in my term that as good and evil don’t really exist at all, but are mere constructs, fictions that we have invented in order to “thrive together”, but in the end, that, too, is simply what we do ; there is no “moral” difference between what we have “chosen” . Morality is an tool simply of preference, social pressure, expedience, culture and/or painful/pleasurable to "point at something" bias and that morality is often used for "picking on the weak".
- To those that can repel or make force not work upon the induvial depends on progress. such as who don't have connection to the force.


  • Diet: Omnivore (Click the link)
  • Communication: How do they Communicated Link here
  • Technology level: their technology level science are very advance but since they retreated into palace of hope it remains unknown. The So in term , they operate technology is stagnant, decaying, ancient, half forgotten.
  • Religion/Beliefs:
  • Kitsune Bloodline: The way of Aniso

[*%$#-+%%&........{translating Language Progressing……….}(%$#-+]
“There are going to be times when you learn more about the world you’re entering and feel defeated when you see the gap between the ideal and the reality… But that’s something we’ll all face. The people that face those obstacles and overcome them are people whose dreams come true.”

The Ancient Oldest History of the Anisotoron or “Aniso” as they were known before “Fallen” of their Aniso Empire, stretches back over many millennia to a time when they were a dominant species at the time. Due to the “Fallen” cause ravaged fragments of their race on the brink Annihilation was cursed for them. All of the remaining Ansiotoron that lived are refugees into “The World of Ship” that were once of the formerly vast interstellar Empire. Due to the lack of populations as a dying race, they are still very deadly and very influential forces to not be messed with. As they wandered into a lost vast-never ending space, “The World of Ship” and small remaining fleets herd together into isolated scatter stars. Distant from their lost old homeworld that was once warmth, now nothing but cold endless darkness of space as they adventure and transform into something to forget their past.

-Prehistory: Eon-25th millennia to 100BBY-
Much of Anisotoron History has been lost due to the fall of the Aniso empire but some remember the dark dreadful past, such as the first emperor of the Aniso empire and his former name: Kashikoi-Yosei Kitsune. As to the beginning of their history is that the “Celestial” were in a state of idea creation known as “The First Children” with their highly unknown advanced technology that we're still not beyond understanding.

Meanwhile, The Anisotoron were created as they would call the engineer “The お父さん” as in the term “Otōsan/creator” in Anisotoron language but lately vanish later afterward. As the Anisotoron were infants into this newborn galaxy, along with “killik, gree, Kwa, sharu, columi, taung and last of all….humans. The Anisotoron was slowly taught by their “Otōsan” engineer , as they learn and build technology slowly by slowly throughout many millennia. Their homeworld planet was known as “Anisa” in their own solar system called “ パラダイスの門 “ as meaning “The Gate of Paradise "or shortly “Aniso Solar System”.

Anisa surface features shown to be jungles , mountains , volcanoes , plains,
savanna and oceans as well desert. They also have some parts of floating land masses widespread upon Anisa regions. The forest contains flora and fauna is shown to be full of bioluminescent life as in the term “chemical reaction where light is produced” glows in many forms of colors such as blue, green, red , purple etc during nighttime.
What causes some of the floating land masses is the presence of "Anisoa metal" which has mineral superconductive properties that allow it to float in magnetic fields. Some metals is also the main natural resource for the Aniso Empire due to having Lightness , strength at very high temperature and resistance toward deadly radiation including highly resistant blaster and any melee weapons.

The Aniso Empire is known as an imperial monarchy toward the “Kitsune Family” , as they were the one created and built for the Anisotoron and their empire. They focus on Militaristic and centered around ideals of Anisotoron along with discipline, And they also an extremely conservative society which places the wellbeing of their empire above others and to the “Kitsune Dynasty”. They were known to be a very spiritual race and much of their culture is based around their ways.

-The Neighbor Empires-
“Friendship are the key for survival of our people”

All the races were sharing in the peaceful era as many conquered inhabitable planets. But due to very advanced technology, none-other race don’t seem a threat to them which causes pride in their Aniso Empire. Though the Killik were seemingly to be very friendly with the Aniso Empire as well some other races, sadly Killik suddenly vanished without trace causing some doubts in the Aniso Empire for a short while.
As to the Kwa, friendship between them was somewhat strange at first but short term friends/rivals as both had vast technology.

The Kwa and Aniso Empire do share such terms as trading one another about knowledge, science, etc. They also created known as “Gate'' that would shape the galaxy into new. As the Gree Empire were also good friends with the Aniso Empire as well Kwa, due to massive empires growing each time they finally halted their large expanses and stayed quietly for many millennia in the peaceful Aniso Empire as in many ways, the Anisotoron had good reason for such hubris, for no other species had posed a serious threat to their wealth and stability for time immemorial. They were convinced that they no longer had anything to fear from the galaxy at large, and they may have been right, but the real danger would eventually come upon them.

But of course, some other species emulate many wars. Even when the galaxy was young there were upstart species seeking to gouge out petty empires of their own, and the Aniso Empire waged wars against the sprawling other enemy dynasties that ravaged dozens of star systems and cost trillions of lives. Most of these conflicts, though, were so short-lived that the ease of their victory left the Anisotoron species ever more sure of their ascendancy and superiority. Even the greatest of all their wars, known in the mythic cycles of the “The world of ship” as the “War in Heaven”, did not humble them. In their hearts the Anisotoron species will forever remain supreme, and no other power could end their dominance.

[*%$#-+%%&........{translating Language Progressing……….}(%$#-+]
“Those filthy creatures…..cause so much pain to our people though we are being forsaken.”
-The War in Heaven-

Click here for theme music


“The War in Heaven” in term was the very oldest, ancient and very most devastating conflict that was fought against the Rakata “Infinite Empire”. As allying with the Kwa who requested help such as military support and aid upon the Aniso Empire which they accepted. During the war being fought over for unknown millienna as Kwa were first to quickly fall shortly causing the Aniso empire to be pushed back overwhelmingly by Rakata forces toward their own Aniso border.
So much suffering and destruction upon this never ending war as the Aniso empire barely holds as they are pushed back. They were on the defensive battle against the overwhelming invaders of the Infinite Empire that were getting very advanced, though The rakata wanted to capture the Anisotoron Population of their powerful nature with the force, and also experiment upon them. But sadly they destroyed themself then being captured by those creatures to avoid dishonor upon their people. As each of the systems within the Aniso territory fought large scale battles , slowly by slowly each planet fell to the rakata.

Many wars soar across their border as invaders were very aggressively non-stopping war-machines as many proud anisotoron warriors and fleet try their best to hold them off but sadly overwhelming enemies forces with no mercy. The people of Anisotoron had been killed due to despair and sadness as many fell upon darkness of death, but truthfully infinite empire were losing a lot of casualties then the aniso empire due to advanced, Rather letting rakata conquer the most valuable planets that were once part of the Aniso empire, they were to self-destruct most planets that were too valuable to fall in the enemy's hands. But to the infinite empire fearing they would cause an issue if rebellion, they would be destroyed in terms of killing the planet along with the anisotoron species each by each they conquer making anisotoron easy to control if they become slaves.

With no choice, The Aniso Emperor had to decide a dreadful plan for his people to survive as he commanded all planets that being invaded self-destructed to halt the invaders advanced as some remaining Anisotoron fled toward their capital empire as they gather in the “World of ship” along other small fleets.

-The “Fallen” of Aniso Empire-


As the Aniso Empire desperately tried to slow down the vast invasion, they developed a bomb “nuclear” device called “Sutera” as it would cause a “Choshinsei”. Which device releases tons of matter into the star causing the star to explode including engulfing the whole star system. Due to the Choshinsei , it would halt the rakata fleets but they would never stop invading. Meanwhile, The Anisa Empire quickly used all their knowledge and resources to build small fleets and “The world of the ship” to flee from mass invaders that they couldn’t stop.

As the Rakata fleet appeared upon the capital planet, the device was activated as remaining Aniso last defense fleets held off the invaders as the populations of Anisotoron including the royal family “Kitsune” remained into the some fleets and “The World of Ships”. Due up-close battle appeared nearby as they fled from the invaders as infinite fleets were taken by surprise as the whole star system was engulfed into an black hole along everything in it.


Upon all the Anisotoron and planets are nothing but lifeless husk as their soul go to their “The world of ship” Soul Red Crystal as some world remain untouched though anisotoron people vanished there, as remaining fleet and “World of ship” fled upon away from the galaxy to other unknown with two "Choshinsei" left , due kwa did what they do with their own.

Meanwhile, The 1st and now former Aniso emperor spoke into a sorrowful state to his loyal people, urging them to survive and thrive into something else for his people. As himself and the remaining “Kitsune” family went to the royal chamber in deep slumber , as his trusted loyal elder guided the people in his stead. With the “Kitsune Royal Family” in slumber, The elder name: Seji was temporary leader-regent for the former emperor as he was tasked with leading their people.

-Arise from Ashes:


After over a thousand and five hundred years, before “The fallen Aniso Empire” or more. The core of the ship world slowly declined as the elder seji ordered using the some solar sun star to transform into an unlimited energy source from the force that had energy. As the name Anisa people were transformed into “Anisotoron” or “Aniso” instead of their shameful lost prideful name that they were once called “Anisa”, but the “Anisotoron” are meaning in different terms as curses.

Many goes by meaning “Forsaken, Fallen, Ancients, Holy Ones, and creators. As they were once the most extremely technology advanced species long ago as they could do many things but now long forgotten Ancient Species and their empire. Now as they still face longest painful decline as they still developing technology such as “light” where allowed form light to create solid state such as capable of bearing many task as bridge and etc.

Though it has been known to be created with coherent, high-energy and gas particles such as air. As other technology such as the term “hyperspace drive” but known to be called “Hoshi-no-mon” or as “Gate of Stars” where is an red-blue dimensional subdomain of alternate space-time that consists (Classified) use name more advanced than hyperdrive. They are made for fleets, star-fighters and some warriors.

Many also created “Artificial Intelligence” as AI, but one important thing for them is known to be called “Atataka-sa” or as “Suits”. They are like skin suits that shape and design that the wearer wants as humanoid shaped. It’s also known as a bold-suit that assists armor with highly advanced protective suits with a computer system that articles everyday clothing. Its protects them both physically and medically as they are smoothly curved features with physical plating armor, over it as inner shell and was fused with “light”

In human terms, it’s a tight full wet bodysuit, but all of this, they slowly developed technology for their dying race.

-The Explored the Stars

Throughout many millennia as they quietly watch the galaxy, they are not very interested in being involved with mere low-life species as they decide to mostly avoid it while exploring all over the unknown galaxy. So on exploring and gathering many resources that they found for using to their fleet, world of the ship and for their people's needs. It doesn't mean they are god-like terms when they once were, but they aren’t something to mess around with.
For example, the Grand republic, sith empire, jedi, etc etc, but due to lack of populations of anisotoron. It could be very Challenging to other factions in terms of using a lot of resources to destroy or to vassal the city like a star-ship.

The world of ships is known as a vast city-like starship that relies on its Star solar energy to power up the whole fleet. Due to the lack of population, they decide to flee into the unknown region space hidden.

Now that their future remains unknown till now…..
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Estimated Population | You have the Kitsune Family labeled as Unique, meaning that there is only one member. If there are multiple members in this family/group, I'd suggest changing this to Semi-Unique instead.
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Force Sensitivity: [ Force Dead (members of this species are Force Dead with the bonuses and drawbacks inherent to that. Ex. Yuuzhan Vong.), Non-Sensitive (no members of the species are FS), Rare (very few members are FS. Ex. Hutts), Low (Some members are, but many are not), Standard (Some are, some are not, it is neither common nor uncommon), High (Many of its members are sensitive to the Force. Ex Humans, Twi’leks, etc), All (Every single member is born sensitive to the Force, but lack training. Ex. Neti, Vahla). For Force Dead and All Force Sensitive Species, see the Species Rules for guidelines before submitting. ]

Kniso Weaknesses | You've stated that "they aren't like they can be immune to force attacks". Could you explain what you mean by this? If you mean that the Force can't effect them, then that will need to be changed. Nothing and no one is invincible on Chaos or fully untouchable with the Force.
Kniso Religion | Please link the Resol'nare here.
Pre-History | Please link the Killik, Gree, Kwa, Sharu, Columi, and the Taung species where you mention them in the second paragraph.
Also in the fourth paragraph, you mention unobtanium several times and it is from the Avatar movie universe. Because of how closely it reads, it can't be used in a submission. Please remove all mentions of "unobtainium".
Neighbor Empires | Infinity Gates are very similar in nature to Hypergates (a banned item on Chaos), both allow for near instantaneous travel anywhere and the Infinity Gate could even be used as a superweapon which are not allowed except by Chaos Staff approval or by use of a Major Faction. Please remove Infinity Gates from your submission.

If you have any questions or want to let me know that the edits are complete, simply give me a tag so I can have another look!
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Yaha-Kui ZaShunina Kitsune Yaha-Kui ZaShunina Kitsune Thank you for the edits, however, there were some things that need further tweaking:

Template | I apologize for not catching this in my initial review, but I noticed that the Canon field is missing in the Out of Character Information section. Per the Codex Rules: "The entire template must be used in your submission. The template's base fields are not to be changed/removed/altered with the exception of a Force Nexus." Would you mind adding that in right under your Image Credit and marking it as "N/A" if it doesn't apply to your submission?
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Breathes | I'd suggest placing this as Type IV.
Strengths & Weaknesses | Because the entire species is Force-sensitive, please add appropriate weaknesses like having difficulty with Force Null fields such as Void Stones or Ysalamiri
Infinity Gates | I apologize for misleading you here regarding Infinity Gates. I've gotten confirmation and they are a no go as they are too similar to Hypergates and superweapons are not allowed except by Staff approval for a Major Faction. Please remove all mentions of Infinity Gates from the submission.

Please give me a tag if you have any questions or once edits are completed!
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Yaha-Kui ZaShunina Kitsune Yaha-Kui ZaShunina Kitsune Thank you for those, however, I'm still seeing 3 points that were missed. I've included them below.

Average Lifespan | Please remove the portion about the species aging slower as they get older.
Strengths & Weaknesses | Because the entire species is Force-sensitive, please add appropriate weaknesses like having difficulty with Force Null fields such as Void Stones or Ysalamiri
Infinity Gates | Please remove all mentions of Infinity Gates from the submission as it is a violation of the rules as stated above.

Please don't hesitate to give me a tag if you have questions or once edits are complete.
Yaha-Kui ZaShunina Kitsune Yaha-Kui ZaShunina Kitsune Thank you for those, however, I'm still seeing 3 points that were missed. I've included them below.

Average Lifespan | Please remove the portion about the species aging slower as they get older.
Strengths & Weaknesses | Because the entire species is Force-sensitive, please add appropriate weaknesses like having difficulty with Force Null fields such as Void Stones or Ysalamiri
Infinity Gates | Please remove all mentions of Infinity Gates from the submission as it is a violation of the rules as stated above.

Please don't hesitate to give me a tag if you have questions or once edits are complete.
1. I did remove the issue related "slower they age stuff"

2. did add weakness such as ( Force won't work upon those have no connection to it

3. I have complete the task such as removing the "relation" infinity gate which I don't see any name mention it . If so , tell me .
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