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And another new guy joins the forums.

Trux Ensis

Well yeah I'm new here and I really would like to know how this works. Do I have to go to some forum and advertise myself to get picked to participate in a RPG? Or is this a whole website one big RPG? Or do I pm somone to apply for a RPG? Do I have to read pages of backstory before I can start with the RPGin'? I have no clue how to start so it would be nice if some veteran RPGers would help me out here. I would be very thankful.
Signed a giant Star Wars fan and n00b RPG play person thingy. May the Force be with you.

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
You got your character bio, just jump in. Public threads are open to anyone, you can create your own public threads and put up a post in the role-playing discussion forum to draw people, or you can ask individuals if they would like to do a private thread.

As you are a bounty hunter, I would recommend joining the Bounty Hunter's Guild, and start hunting.
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@[member="Trux Ensis"]

There is a whole forum of answers here:

Better than I could ever word them for you in one post :) Have a look at them, then by all means post any questions here and I am sure people will answer any questions that come up.

To answer your initial questions though, Akio beat me to most of it but here is what I was typing :)

After you have made a character using the character template, which I note you have.

Anything in the Open Roleplaying forum will be listed as Open or Public usually. Some Factions run missions here which you might PM the starter of the thread to join, these will be labelled as Invasions, Dominions or Faction missions etc.

Anything in the private forum will likely be private and should not be joined unless you have permission, or the thread states differently OOC.

If you join a faction or two you may also have roleplaying sections there to take part in.

I hope that helps.

Trux Ensis

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Thanks for your time and thanks for the help. Really appreciate it!