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Always In Control | Subjugation of Dubrillion | The Sith Empire

Saelia Santori

Dubrillion System​
0923 Local Time, Dubrillion Capital​

It was glorious to be back on Dubrillion, particularly as the endgame of the violent and bloody civil war was in sight. Saelia Santori stood in the center of her mobile command center, her hands wrapped around the cold metal railing that ringed the holo center. She was clad in her trademark white robes, white being the color of mourning on Dubrillion, with her lightsaber hanging from her belt.

"Gentlemen, I appreciate your loyalty and hard work," she told the group, assembled by way of holocomm. "I wish I could be there in person to speak to you at this moment. We are within striking distance of victory, and with the assistance of our Imperial brethren, soon we will pacify Dubrillion and we will work together to bring our great system into a new era of unity, prosperity, and peace. And I will be there, when the dust settles and the fires wither into ember, to embrace you as mother not just of this government but of our people."

The cabinet murmured their assent. "We stand at the ready, Madam Administrator," said the Minister of War.

"Good. I will be heading to the rally in Santori Square within the hour. The trap will be set, and when the rebels take it -- and they will -- we will be able to decimate their forces with the aid of our Imperial friends. Any questions? From anyone?" She asked, including everyone on the ship as well as on the holocall.
Soul of Naboo
Jonas hovered over his crew operating the command bridge controls aboard The Anubis, Jonas' personal corvette that flew along the portside of Saella's ship. "We wait here, Flight Lieutenant. At least until Madam Administrator gives us orders to do otherwise. Her mission, her rules." Jonas said to his pilot. "Lord Vile. The holoconference has begun." said a crew member to the apprentice. "About damn time." Jonas said as he turned to walk to the holocomm. He stepped onto the device and listened as Saella spoke to him and whoever else was involved on the mission.

The Sith knight spoke with such grace accompanied by a serious tone of a veteran of such tasks. Jonas listened and noted every word to the letter. "No questions from me, milady. Just give the order." Jonas said before returning to his command position.

@[member="Saelia Santori"]

Alexandra Feanor

The Lady in Silver/Grey Historian
Streets of Sorel, 925 Local time.​

Alexandra watched the square from the roof, her eyes gliding over the the ground far below and its man occupants. The sith would begin soon and all she had to do was wait for the rebels to appear and the sith to act. It was a quiet moment for now though, she sat with her legs cast off the side of the roof, her hood and robes shrouding her features. Her sabers were tucked within two straps on her upper arms that released and dropped into her hand in a moments time through the press of a button. The would be invisible up until the point that she needed them or if someone removed her robes, the latter of which was not going to be a problem as no one would get within a foot to try it.

She looked up at the sky waiting, seeing if she see anything heading in. She herself had arrived a few hours before by way of public freighter, carrying no signs of the Sith Empire or of her master's master. Her reason for even coming had been for the experience and too see how true the rumors of sith being bloodthirsty butchers were, in truth she still regretted owing the debt for saving her life to her master. But that would be repaid, and even after that, the prospect of being able to rule over those under her excited her, it was a true measure of power to hold the lives and well being of a people in her hands.

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Gregor Gideon

Dubrillion System
0923 Local Time, Dubrillion Capital

Gregor Gideon stood there quietly, nearby the Sith Knight known as @[member="Saelia Santori"], as she delivered her holo-communication. He was not necessarily here to represent the Sith Empire that he had eagerly sworn to serve; though he did represent them. The Sith Knight of his own prominence, Gideon was here for a more specific reason - two, in fact. Chiefly, he felt the need to assist his former master and tutor in the dark Sith arts - he owed her a debt of personal gratitude and loyalty for her demanding but rewarding tutelage, and secondly, the two Sith shared another commonality in their Dubrillion heritage. Gregor had never before cared about the political or cultural leanings of his home world, however, and this would in fact be the first time he would ever step foot on his ancestral planet.

He felt a tinge of pride at the prospect of helping forever secure the planet under both Imperial, and more importantly, Saelia Santori's control. A pride at his continued service to the Dark Side of the Force, and its eventual ascendancy in the galaxy once more.

"Any questions? From anyone?" Gregor heard from the administrator.

I stand as ready as ever to assist you, Saelia. The response came as it generally did when he communicated with his former master, via a telepathic message broadcast to her through the power of the Force.