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Alright... Time For Business!

Lucianus Adair

Patience: The Most Dangerous Tool of All
I know a number of you have seen me faffing around in the introduction thread, poking at the election results thread... and now I feel I need to do concrete IC things. At the minimum, I require...

1) Notation of where are we currently involved so I can stick my pointy nose in things,
2) Instructor(s), from whom I can acquire skills that I perceive as useful and in line with my existing skill sets, while I continue to improve on those existing skills, and...
3) General interaction with you all. This can take many different shapes. All in all, I'm open to a fair bit.

What I can provide to you is...

1) Well-written, decent-length posts,
2) My friendship (if you do not already have it!), and...
3) 200lbs of intelligent, predatory, sexy Richard Armitage.

I think this is a fair exchange. Whether you agree or not is irrelevant - my hope is that we will have many good, fun times together. ^_^

Aran Finn


This would be a good place to start. *shamelessly plugs and leaves*

Also, we should thread.

Kitt Solo

Alen Na'Varro's Ex
*shoves @[member="Alen Na'Varro"] at the back of the line for threads with the 200lbs of intelligent, sexy, and predatory Richard Armitage*

Lucianus Adair

Patience: The Most Dangerous Tool of All
@[member="Kitt Solo"] No pressure. Just... when the time is right.

@[member="Sargon Vynea"] I choo-choo-choose you, if you are interested in being my first... and that sounds dirtier than it actually is. <_<