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Approved Vehicle ALRF-666 Assault Tank "Mawler"

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Black Prince of Kardir

  • Intent: To create an assault vehicle for the Athysian League
  • Image Source: Credit
  • Canon Link: NA
  • Permissions: NA
  • Primary Source: NA
  • Manufacturer: Athysian League Colonial Industries
  • Affiliation: Athysian League
  • Market Status: Closed-Market
  • Model: ALRF-666 Assault Tank "Mawler"
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Reinforced Durasteel
  • Standard Com-Scan Console
  • Ground Sweeper-3
  • Tracking Scope
  • A pit in the middle of the tank cockpit, with an Alchemical runic circle on it. When blood is spilled against the tank, either by tracking over enemies, or by killing them against the tank's armour, fuels the interior of the tank with Dark Side energy. When enough blood is spilled, the pilots, tainted by the Dark Side, turn berserk, becoming ever more brutal in the battlefield.
  • Dreadnoughts of Hellfire . The Mawler's armament can engage close, as well as distant targets, allowing the assault tank to pierce through enemy lines, to unleash its deadly load upon the foe. The more overwhelmed these tanks are, the more brutal they can become.
  • Berserker Crew. When engaged in close combat for too long, the crew of these tanks tend to become berserk. At that point, all orders matter naught, as their zealot passion for their War Patron turns them to seek even further slaughter. This may result with friendly casualties, should no enemies are left to kill.
The Mawlers are the renown "Spiked Devils" of the Athysian war machine. Crewed by veteran, highly trained pilots and warriors, these beasts of war show the most savage side the Athysian Society has to offer, when they are deployed in the battlefield. Their wide black tracks fence the bulky large crimson-painted durasteel body of the assault tank, covered by the many barrels of armaments that peak over the thick armour.

The Mawler crews, always members of the Dark Cult of the Mawler Fiend, the Ancient Demon who, according to the Athysian Mythos, was a rebel demon who was imprisoned by an Ancient One, Dhefiron. He was being unleashed when times of war came, fuel to the Ancient One's war machine. Now, the Mawler pilots embrace this odd-defying savage nature of the Mawler Fiend, driving their vehicles into glorious battle.

It is customary for the Mawlers to decorate their vehicles with long sharp spikes built by black Durastee, Alchemically enhanced so it won't bend or break during battle. Onto those spikes, they hang chains and dismembered parts of bodies from captured enemies that they ritualistically bludgeon to pult on their own vehicles, delivering them as sacrifices to the Mawler Fiend to grant them power to either purge the foe, or die in glorious carnage. It is said, when a battle is won, it is tradition to perform such rites, with the red paint of the tanks to hardly differ by the blood offered, which is considered a sacriledge to clean off, afterwards.
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