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Approved NPC Alana

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  • Intent: To flesh another one of the three top lieutenants of Vitor Avendahl
  • ​Image Credit: Morrigan from Dragon Age, art by emeraldus @ DeviantArt
  • Role: Vitor's Lieutenant in Intelligence and Clandestine operations. Spymistress.
  • Links: Mentioned once here.
  • Age: 27
  • Force Sensitivity: Witch Initiate
  • Species: Lorrdian Dathomiri Witch
  • Appearance: Alana, when in the presence of private meetings with Vitor and the other lieutenants, wears rather primitive and tribal looking attires befitting a Witch of Dathomir. Otherwise, she'd dress as neccessary to fit into whatever environemnt she needs to be in but even then she would able to throw in a witch motiff.
  • Name: Alana, real name. Aliases, many.
  • Loyalties: Vitor Avendahl
  • Wealth: Fairly wealthy.
  • Notable Possessions: A charm medallion. Force imbued staff.
  • Skills:
  • Dathomiri Magick
  • Cunning Mind

[*]Personality: Despite working in the shadows, as a spymistress, Alana is an antipode of Akash Guul. She is by far more direct and would rather do things herself unlike Guul who machinates people as pawns on a dejariik board. Alana is often snarky and sassy with everyone including Vitor, although she reserves a spot of higher respect for him due to her belief that he is instrumental in her mission to find the Gods. She considers him chosen by the Gods, despite Vitor's absolute reject of that idea. Nonetheless, her fanatical belief that he is a herald of the Gods, has her loyalty in check.
  • Weapon of Choice: Force Imbued Staff, The Force and her wits.
  • Combat Function: Dathomiri Witch, so more of a sorcerer type, I guess.

To Vitor's regret, his knowledge of Alana's past is shrouded in mystery. Bereft of details other than curious glances at her datapad where he would find notes written in a diary style fashion, Vitor has learned only a fraction of Alana's background. Even until now he sometimes doubts that Alana is her real name.

What Vitor has found, from such mischievous endeavors as disrespecting someone's privacy, is that Alana hails from a Dathomiri Witch Clan, their name unknown but both her parents seemed to be of Lorrdian descent. Or maybe not. His only proof is her ability to utilize the kinetic language known on Lorrd. Whether she had learned that from a relative, a friend or via some mysterious Dathomiri ritual remains a mystery.

Alana can be very baffling in her speech as sometimes she has implied the existence of relatives, while sometimes she has stated that 'all family she has known were gone'. Whether that is a figurative speech or not remains to be found.

From her notes, Vitor has also found that her worship of the Death Gods had resulted in numerous catastrophes. Other laconic notes imply the catastrophes were on a personal relation level but other notes have vague information of force using accidents. Perhaps, the catastrophes were in both categories.

Alana found Vitor when she unveiled an assassination plot against him. She foiled it before him and brought the names of the responsible. Distrustful of her and even more of her reasoning to do so (believing he is chosen as a herald of the Gods), Avendahl still risked having her become one of his top lieutenants and the one that would act as his spymistress. For now, the risky investment has been paying off quite well.

The question was - until when?
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