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Approved Species AG Strand-6 Cordyceps Horrificae

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  • Name: Cordyceps Horrificae
  • Homeworld: Arctis Genetics Labs
  • Other Locations: N/A
  • Classification: Genetically Altered Fungus
  • Average Growth Cycle: Thirty seconds, decay begins when the fungus runs out of food.
  • Viability: Cordyceps Horrificae is a dimorphic fungus. A spore of the fungus will land on a sapient organic life form and push its way into the life form's body through an enzyme reaction. After forcing its way in, the spore spreads throughout the body in a yeast form, building a structure inside the life form. Mycelial structures then grow through the body in threads as the fungus eats away at the inside of the life form, before it finally pushes back out through the skin in threads until those threadlike structures reach the appropriate height. They then release clouds of spores and the life cycle continues.
  • Description: Usually only seen once they have burst through the body, the Cordyceps Horrificae resembles white-red stalks.
  • Average height: Varies
  • Average length: Varies
  • Color: Red/White
  • Nutritional Value: None.
  • Distinctions: A fungus.
  • Strengths:
    Fun Guy: It can infect a large variety of sapient species, usually building structures within the lungs and around the brain. Once the brain is infected, the fungus sends signals to move the body into a better location, usually at a higher altitude where the fungus can spread its spores over a further area. After reaching that location, the fungus locks the body of the life form down and begins the process of erupting through the skin.

  • Kill It With Fire: A flamethrower could easily burn the fungus away.
  • Freeze Well: Cryoban will stop it in its tracks.
  • Portaak Amber: A natural fungicide, one can rub down their body with portaak amber from Haruun Kal and - if consistently applied every twenty-four hours - be unconcerned with this fungus.


Trying to put the "mad" in mad scientist, the Arkanians at Arctis Genetics bioprospected Felucia for suitable genetic material that they could sell. What they found impressed them, as Felucia plays host to aggressive strains of parasitical fungi. They took samples and returned to their labs, where they genetically altered a strain of the parasitic fungi, looking to weaponize the creation and sell it for profit.

The result is the Cordyceps Horrificae, a fungus so aggressive that if a cloud of spores were released on a person, they would quickly take over the person's body in a matter of minutes.
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