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Approved NPC Aera of the Halari-Ra

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Zef Halo

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  • Intent: To submit an occasional companion of members of the Jedi Praxeum
  • ​Image Credit: The Wheel of Time Saga, found in The Wheel of Time Wiki
  • Role: Weaver of the Halari-Ra sent by the Coterie to learn more about the galaxy.
  • Links: Halari-Ra, Aera's Thread of the Jedi
  • Age: Very late twenties
  • Force Sensitivity: Knight-level Force Sensitive.
  • Species: Near-Human, Lorrdian Ancestors.
  • Appearance: Aera possesses attractive, sharp facial features but what catches the eye most is perhaps her energizing look. While she is regarded as charming, her beauty is mostly regarded due to her 'aura' and the air in which she carries herself. The weaver most often will be found dressed in layered clothing in colorful combinations of shades of blue, gray and green, predominantly. She is almost always wearing a cloak and her intricate tiara - a gift from her mother. An appealing ring on her right hand's ring finger has the symbol of the Halari-Ra engraved.
  • Name: Aera Vreylir, most commonly known as Aera
  • Loyalties: Halari-Ra, affiliated with the Jedi Praxeum
  • Wealth: Average
  • Notable Possessions: A Force-imbued quarterstaff, a book of Halari-Ra knowledge, a massive blank tome for her writings, a dagger.
  • Skills: Extremely skilled in the art of Force-imbuement. Great analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Personality: An extremely determined and hard working person, Aera often demonstrates intense levels of concentration when doing something. This perhaps stems from her training as a Weaver in the Coterie. Nonetheless, while working on something she seems as if she is doing it with great ease rather than breaking waterfalls of sweat on her brow. While she always thinks before she speaks, she often replies and concludes quick enough that the opposite may remain as an impression to others. Despite that, when she speaks - she speaks with certainty and with confidence. Most often, Aera is described as a person with authority. The weaver reminds Ember of a grown-up [member="Anais Auraeli"]
  • Weapon of Choice: Force-imbued quarterstaff.
  • Combat Function: She is capable in defending herself with her quarterstaff well enough to fend off attacks while she also possess a certain level of skill in the school of Alter due to her intensive training and talent in Weaving (form of Force-imbuement). Aera is more capable in defending herself rather than assaulting, she mainly would use her sharp mind and great awareness to defeat a hostile.
    [STR]: Wielding the Force comes naturally with her. Gifted, one could say.
  • [STR]: Sharp-witted
  • [WKN]: Not considered a fighter. Especially weak in melee combat.
  • [WKN]: Ignorant. Born and bred on the lost planet of Endelaan, she is just now beginning to learn the galaxy.


Born on Endelaan to parents of Lorrdian descent, but clearly barely capable in "Kinetic Communication", Aera was found out to be Force sensitive very early in her age. Thus, pridefully, her parents were happy to send her off to train to become part of the reputable Coterie of the Weave - the Halari-Ra. A local cult/order of the Force that specializes in the creation of Force-imbued textile or the force-imbuement of existing textile. The Matron of the Coterie realized the large potential in the young child and ever since Aera is considered the most talented Weaver born in the last ten generations.

Aera, even from an early age, dedicated herself to the Coterie. She learned more and more and expanded the knowledge of the Coterie on the Force during her late teenage years thanks to her sharp and inquisitive mind. On the other hand, she rarely assisted the Coterie on actions that helped the local populace - something that made the small, local populace grow a dislike for her. In the end, the Coterie was founded, according to the legend, with the purpose of helping and saving the population of Endelaan that were all descendants of starship crashed voyagers looking for the lost planet. The weaver seemed more interested in books and in learning, often she appeared disconnected and gave the impression of arrogance due to her introverted nature.

When Ember accidentally found Endelaan and subsequently the Coterie, due to a Force vision, his fascination of their skill and their necessity of learning more about the galaxy and the Force led to Maalika, the Matron of the Coterie, to send her most talented weaver Aera to accompany Ember.

She can often be found in the Jedi Praxeum or accompanying either of the Jedi of the Praxeum around the galaxy.

Ria Misrani

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[member="Ember Farseer"]

Looks good thus far the only thing I'm missing are strengths and weaknesses, if I could have you provide that in her combat description then we should be all good to go!
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