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Rules Update Addition to Influence Cloud Rules

Runi Verin

Two pounds shy of a bomb.

1. Major Factions have "Influence Clouds" displayed on the Galaxy Map.

2. A Major Faction spreads its Influence Cloud by invading (Invasion) or dominating (Dominion) a hex near its borders.

3. Planets on the official SWRP Chaos Map whose icon touches a grid line count as a planet for all hexes the line(s) intersect.

4. If a Major Faction's Influence Cloud is completely severed into two or more smaller clouds by an Invasion or any other method, the Major Faction loses the cloud(s) furthest away from it's Capital Planet and only retains the cloud it's Capital Planet resides in.

5. A single hex that is surrounded on all sides by a Major Faction's Influence Cloud will be added to that Major Faction's cloud.


Addition listed above in Green.

For the sake of clarity, this is an example of a surrounded hex. This one and any others presently on the map will also be closed with shortly.

Sin in Red

Soul Searcher
Not sure I really agree with this, seems pointless....if the faction doesnt want it, dont make them have to have it. There's a reason they didnt Dominion it.

Oh well...it is what it is.
Lord Commander
A Major Faction should be able to set up a smaller hex far away with work that doesnt touch their actual cloud. Something like Colonizing or setting up a Feifdom or City State loyal to them.

No bigger than the Hex and those around it. Would need a Minor Faction to maintain and operate it. And it's dominion's would be 150 posts.

Cam be invaded and taken over just like any other part of their territory.

I think it would be fun and would make it a bit more ok interesting in the map game. Obviously they would need to do something pretty good to take over and colonize something. Maybe a skirmish or an event-like thingy.