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Activity and Rebellions

This is kind of equal parts a suggestion and a question.

To start with the question: How often is it that minor factions are actually deemed 'inactive' and deleted, and how is this criteria determined?

And for the suggestion: Require a minor faction to be relatively active (i.e., maybe one or two faction threads a month, minimum?) to be eligible to undergo a rebellion.

The context of my suggestion is probably obvious to a significant number of people but just for clarification - The Rebellion minor faction has just declared its second Rebellion against the Sith Empire, the first of which (Jaminere) was its first actual thread or activity I have been able to see/find since 2017.

Considering the effect that a Rebellion can have (especially more-so considering the way SSD rules have changed), I personally feel like only a minor faction with the relative activity to actually back up the action should be able to run a rebellion. I'm very open for opinions and discussion on this.

Tanomas Graf

Twenty-six minutes and fifty-three seconds between threads.
[member="Aryn Teth"]
Minor factions are not judged inactive or active. There are too many to police, and it's not a productive use of time.

In order for a rebellion to happen you have to either be recalled (in which case you're on the way out anyway) or you have to choose to do more than a certain number of Dominions a month. Risk/reward. You want that shiny SSD/territory, you run the risk of being rebelled against.
[member="Valiens Nantaris"]

If that is the case it may be worth editing the minor faction rules then, currently they state;


1. If at any time your Minor Faction is thought to be Inactive, an Administrator will contact the Faction Owner in an attempt to determine it's activity.

2. At any time, an Administrator may declare a Minor Faction inactive and remove the Faction.

3. Major Faction Owners/Admins are responsible for alerting SWRP Administrators of waning activity, SWRP Rule Violations within their Factions, etc.
This all seems to heavily indicate that minor factions and their activity are more policed than they currently are. If this isn't the case, why indicate so? This is still a system that could be easily abused by rival major factions, the owners of which can just have an admin of that faction make an unused minor faction, which exists just to rebel.