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A well deserved vacation (Fringe dominion of Phu)

Sargon was ready for this adventure, the Fringe was on vacation. Well mostly on vacation, there was a job to do but it was certainly going to be a fun one. They left for Phu not on a warship, or even a frigate, but a luxury yacht. They were going to a world that's entire economy was based on gambling, pod racing, a bit of underground muscle, and tourism.

Aboard the ship they met in the Grand Admiral's luxury suite. Three floors of silk, champagne, and excess. Sargon waited in a conference room as everyone entered the suite. He was for once not in any official uniform or armor, and that alone made it a holiday to him. Waiting till everyone sat he flipped on the holovid for the briefing.

“The Grand Admiral has asked me to brief you all on this subject so please if I can get your attention for one moment we can get this mission underway. What we have here is a chance to take Phu a glittering world of gambling without a fight. Phu is ruled by three crime cartels working in syndicate.”

Turning towards Zaiden he read out the first set of assignments. “The first is an underground group of enforcers. We haven't managed to find out their headquarters, or the bosses name. Legate @[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"], if you're willing I believe you're the best man for the job to lead a team with your skills in stealth warfare you could keep it clean. @[member="Isis Fontana"] and @[member="Shinjū Aÿasha"] will be assisting you. Shinju can without a doubt extract the name and location from some unlucky soul”

Turning towards Governor Lucien he presented the second phase. “Governor @[member="Lucien Cordel"] if possible we'd like you to head the second front at the Sabaac table. The two money ends of the syndicate are actually nearly broke. We would like you to enter a major tournament, actually in truth its the tournament of the year. If we can clear the table we'll have bankrupted the house, and then we can simply buy them out. @[member="Dranok Lussk"] if possible, Lord Admiral, we'd like you to aid your former master by... stacking the deck.”

Turning last towards @[member="Elijah Rowlin"] he nodded to their tech expert. “The third part is a pod race, and @[member="Ashin Varanin"] will be piloting the pod racer herself. However we need to build the pod racer first, and your name came up as our best bet Elijah. After it would be very helpful if you used your skill to... tip the balance of the race. @[member="Morna Imura"] your skills with fire would be perfect here, the damage would look natural and no one could claim we were responsible. The third crime lord is beyond broke, and has bet everything against the Grand Admiral on this. All we have to do is win that race.”

Looking at the group he gave the final assignment out, and perhaps the most deadly. “We also need someone to keep the two known heads of the syndicate distracted and able to change the outcome of the race, and sabaac game. They cannot come to harm though. If they do all this will be ruined and we will lose this opportunity. @[member="Valik"] and @[member="Jared Ovmar"] if you two could possibly distract or simply drug them into an oblivious happiness this mission can proceed without interference.”

“We will be landing on Phu in the next few hours, are there any questions about the mission or objections to your assignment? If so please ask, or give your objection now, and you will be reassigned.”

@Tricia Kalamack @"Cole" @[member="Amonar Fa'kira"] @[member="Anara Valnor"] @[member="Anaya Fen"] @[member="Andreas Wintergreen"] @[member="Ardak Serifen"] @[member="Ares Terix"] @[member="Ashin Varanin"] @[member="Balaya Zambrano"] @[member="Belle Morte"] @[member="Bruniik"] @[member="Caile Nemorra"] @[member="Cain Laatl"] @[member="Clara Foster"] @[member="Coop"] @[member="Darien Cordel"] @[member="Dharma Vessia"] @[member="Doviculous"] @[member="Dranok Lussk"] @[member="Eddie"] @[member="Elijah Rowlin"] @[member="firefighter47"] @[member="Haven Pryde"] @[member="Hawk"] @[member="Hylocereus"] @[member="Isis Fontana"] @[member="Jared Ovmar"] @[member="Jasper Sarili "]@[member="Kaytlin Medvedkov"] @[member="Kirill Bratan"] @[member="Lexa Kimene"] @[member="Lucien Cordel"] @[member="Mardeth Holzman"] @[member="Menoetius"] @[member="Mesani Okarae"] @[member="Mikhail Shorn"] @[member="Mima Jeth"] @[member="Morna Imura"] @[member="Pandeima"] @RC 212 @[member="Rouk Tallson"] @[member="Sala'dine"] @[member="Samanthe Quiwl "]@Sargon Vynea @[member="Sarkus Twin Kilborn"] @[member="Serana Onyx"] @[member="Spencer Jacobs"] @[member="Subject 13"] @[member="Talf"] @[member="Tempest"] @[member="The Plague Doctor"] @[member="Tiana Feriss"] @[member="Toran Gregor"] @[member="Trenchcoat Man"] @[member="UBD-309"] @[member="Valik"] @[member="Woran"] @[member="Wraith Draigar"] @[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"] @[member="Zangoff Gularian"]

Sarkus Twin Kilborn

The Warrior Time Forgot
He looked around the busy yacht and eyes some of the eye candy that were working on the yacht then winked to his love, Isis as he slipped his arm around her waist, hearing the orders. He was Anzati and with his skillful stealth abilities and powerful telepathy, he thought it was best to for him to join Zaiden, Isis and Shinju. Though Shinju often gave him the creeps, he pushed past those feelings as he was comfortable and for once in a long time not drunk during a mission. Last time that happened it went quite terribly.

He listened out for anyone else's protest or objection, as he could not think of any that came to his mind as he spun one of his sabers in his right hand, twirling it slowly, anxious to get started and win this planet over.
Isis listened to the zabrak and smirked at him as she checked her weapons, this mission she would utilize dual blades instead of an arsenal and her zenji needles, she would also carry a few cryoban grenades just in case as she listened the man in charged asked if there were any objetcions Isis stood tall and said nothing, she had none.... she just wanted to get this manhunt started.


Professor of Alchemy
Valik pondered on the words of the Zabrak as he handed out jobs at various points and explained what they'd be doing. He wondered why the soldier had been put in charge, but he seemed competent enough. Long as he remembered people's fake names he should be fine. As the the zabrak came to Valik he smiled. He had brought any drugs with him on this venture, so he'd be forced to make one on the fly. Wouldn't be that difficult, although doing it without alchemy might be a little challenging. All the more fun he supposed. So, he went around the yacht and began bustling around for various supplies to mix together, to create the most potent, most MacGuyver'd drug he could.


Well-Known Member
Zaiden, dressed in his Recon Armor Mk II with his helmet in place, was shimmering already. Little portions of bent light hung in the air around him as he stepped forward, "I can do that. @[member="Isis Fontana"], @[member="Shinjū Aÿasha"], I'll get us, as well as a few of my men inside...I don't know if I can Cloak us all..but Im sure well manage." He said aloud, meanwhile internally Zaiden wasn't sure of himself. Since the Dominion of Dasid, Zaiden had begun to doubt himself. He had felt so sure he'd be able to get the end he had to follow others force signatures to know the end...@[member="Jorus Merrill"] had gotten inside his head. He appeared none the worse for wear, but inside everything he did he worried over. How was he going to get the other men inside, this was his main concern. But he would do it, or be the distraction to get the others to safety..
In the crowd, Circe was eying over the the crowd, eager to exploit this situation to her - and Serpena's - gain. The best way to do that was to assist as best as possible. This would include disseminating her technology throughout the fleet, including the first of a kind.

And it was that which she was wearing - one of the few completed Advanced Power Armor Mk IFs. A Mk I model specially designed to work with the Fringe, this reengineered SIA-C Construction Exoskeleton serving its purpose as a powerful battle-frame.

"Anyone care to try out my new toy? Feel free to keep it if you do well."

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
@[member="Pandeima"] @[member="Elijah Rowlin"]

Ashin caught the eye of a certain plant. Plants with eyes -- who would have thought? "Pandeima, I'm going to need a couple of those exoskeletons and some, uh, more specific technical help. It's time to build the nastiest, most quality podracer ever made. If you're up to the task, anyway. Rave Merrill is on the job. You know, if that helps."


Professor of Alchemy
"Of course. Hell I'll make a pod racer dance is you want." He said, and began thinking of pod racer configurations. "What materials do I have? How many pods do you want? I could go for the traditional two, perhaps more, maybe six, eight. Let's make it as big as we can." Valik said, rambling to @[member="Sargon Vynea"].
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IC/ @[member="Pandeima"]

"Yes ma'am, I can help put together the podracer. I've got an idea or two."

Inwardly, of course, Rave was more than a little nervous. Tech like this was within her purview, but recently she'd spent more of her time on biotech and alchemy. She was, to put it bluntly, rusty.

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
Dorsk 256 was not truly the 256th incarnation of Dorsk, but a copy of another template named in honor of Dorsk 81. In any case, he wanted the Dorsk line to stay at 256 for quite a while. So he wasn't quite sure why he was here, podracing of all things, but then again, he needed money for the Silent Conclave and Pod Racing was something he could do with his better-than-normal senses due to the Force.

Dorsk was here to win one for the SC, and his pod was ready to go


. . . or not
Sargon thought it over for a quick moment then smiled at @[member="Valik"]. He knew exactly what would work best. He didn't need to win the race just make sure the Grand Admiral did. "We need a battle pod, something that can simply destroy the competition and slid past security checks. If the Grand Admiral wins by default we still win, Lord Valik. Perhaps something that could disrupt their power circuits or their engine link ups?"
Sabacc. Some people liked pazaak more, but Jorus had never been one of them. Sabacc was good enough for his father, and it was good enough for him. Cutthroat stakes without the juvenile self-congratulation of a lot of the pazaak people.

Here in one of Phu's finest casinos, overlooking an immense podrace track, Jorus played his nerves away. He, too, would be podracing today.


Professor of Alchemy
Valik laughed. "I like the way you think boy." he said, and began thinking of various agents he could add. "Get me some saws, and some hatches." he said, as he began opening up into the pod racer. "Are you going to be piloting it? We could get you a holdout blaster of some sort to aid in the disruption."

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
@[member="Sargon Vynea"] @[member="Valik"]

"Gentlemen," said the Grand Admiral as she collected her effects for the trip to the podrace hangar, "I think it's appropriate that more Fringers than just me race today. This is to be a show of force and skill, and one of us might be dismissed. Everyone on this world knows that we could crush them at any point. We need an underdog racer, someone not me, and that underdog needs to win. Multiple pods; I'll pay the entry fees. We need another racer or two."
Sargon nodded, "Yes, Lord @[member="Valik"] I believe I could pilot one of these things. I'm not strong in sensing with the force yet but i know how to shoot a blaster well enough. Perhaps if we place it under the chasis an ion blaster if its possible. Our competition would never have a chance if it could be made small enough?" Moving over to the garage Sargon started keying in parts for acquisition. this could be more fun then he thought it was going to be.

Quickly, Rave took out a design padd and sketched out what she had in mind, loosely based on a legendary pod. "I'm thinking we could pull military-grade engines from some of our ships. Maybe one of your Subach bombers?"


Rekali the Hutt

Ardak wasn't the best of senior citizens. Quite frankly, he enjoyed the thrill of battle too much. Pod racing however? High velocity vehicles with questionably safe security measures? That seemed more a death trap than anything. He'd take open combat or ship to ship combat anyday over that crap. So instead, he went to the gambling office and emptied his bank account, betting on @[member="Ashin Varanin"], or Shira Karde, or whatever her name was nowadays.

I hope she doesn't screw this up for me.

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