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A Turbulant Realtionship

Since that fateful on Nubia, things had been quiet for Zesiro. A little too quiet, her master was off the radar doing who knows what. The Jedi that had been hunting her down for her knowledge was likely now after him instead. The two sith she had met there were nowhere to be seen.

However, she could not that day off her mind. Her mind had been basically raped, but it had dug up past memories she knew nothing about. Who was the red headed man, the white haired woman and the girl about her age? Try as she might, she could remember nothing else about her life. Just what little bit that wraith had found as he was digging around.

She let out a frustrated growl, slammed her palm against the bulkhead of her ship. At that exact moment her holomessage system went off and indicated there had been a message left for her. Zesiro couldn't know who it was, but hoped it was Milo so they could meet up again for more training.

Opening the message, all she could do was sit and read it in shock. It showed clearly on her face. The message was quite short and very clear who it was from.

"We met on Nubia. Drawn to us like a moth to the flame. Well, I am that flame. However, the interference from that Jedi interfered with us getting to know you better. Meet me, I give you my word, I will not instigate an attack on you.


A meeting location, time and date were included. It was set for two days away and Zesiro decided then, she would meet with Anya. First, she needed to find and scout the location. It was in a public place, so in theory there wouldn't be any violence. Then again, Nubia had been public too. Setting her course for Tatoonie, Zesiro considered her plans.

It didn't really take her all that long to arrive and she quickly found the location. She looked around the area first and then went inside. It was dark, hot, dirty and cramped. As good as a place as any to have a meeting if you wanted to stay discrete.

Returning to her ship, she waited for the days to pass and went back to the cantina a little before the appointed time. While she had been on the planet, she picked up a cloak that would better hide her body and the clothes under it. Her cleavage still showed though and just the way she moved drew attention. Damn her first master for turning her into what she was.

She waited now in the cantina in a corner table, watching the door for Anya to enter.

[member="Anya Loma"]
Why was this girl stuck in her mind
Why did she familiar
It irritated her to no end at all

So after send her message she went off, stuck off to head to tatoonie...why she chose that place herself she never would know just...that for some reason the place sounded like...

Her small ship landed she, threw her hood over her head sabers concelaes beneath the cloak as she moved forward slowly, she entered the cantina and looked instantly at her. She moved over as she sat slowly down and let silence talk for a minute before she spoke

you...have came..and before must be as curious are you not? You are familiar to me....but why...
Zesiro sensed when Anya walked into the cantina and she watched as the woman made her way to the table where she sat. At least Anya could do a better job of fitting in. The woman saw her right away and flowed the patrons of the cantina to sit down silently across from the aspiring sith.

For about minute they just looked at one another and Zesiro suddenly had that flash of memory again. With the red headed man and child. The man was holding Zesiro up and spinning her around, the little girl was smiling up at her...just the picture of a happy family. Then it was gone. Blinking her eyes at Anya, she really got a close look at the woman. Could it be?

Anya spoke first almost hesitantly.

"How could I not come? I was drawn to Nubia for a reason. I had thought it was the man, but you never know."

Zesiro looked away for just a moment and then back, her blue eyes narrowed slightly. She would learn why Anya thought she was familiar before she gave voice to the visions she's been having since that day. She now has a theory.

"Why do you think or feel I am familiar?"

[member="Anya Loma"]
I remember...lomg ago though the memory is fuzzy one time, I. Think had another neither and father and two sisters parents who found me said both were gone

Her hands clenched as she was irritated and closed her eyes

I wanna believe your that sister I wanna believe I'm not the only one left of my family and that my lime will continue from a bastard child

She said as she relaxed herself and looked to her

"I have no memory of my childhood before I woke up in a pitch black and silent room. Obviously, I had a life before that or I couldn't have been there."

Zesiro leaned forward slightly and placed her elbows on the table. In a quieter voice, she told Anya what happened after she ran.

"That Jedi cornered me and like a wraith separated from him and raped my mind. While it was in there digging around, it stirred up lost memories of mine."

She growled slightly, but not at Anya and slapped a hand down on the table.

"I've seen in here," pointing to her head, "a red headed man and girl around my age as well as a silvered haired woman.
"Does that mean anything to you?"

Her blue eyes searched those of Anya, hoping for something enlightening.

[member="Anya Loma"]

She listened to that jedi did get to her...but she survived...impressive, she would need to remember that for a later she knew zes would be interested in....maybe

As she explained what she saw anya put her hands over her head as she closed her eyes to think, her father...birth father had red hair...yes...and her mother had silver hair...she looked up at her as she then gripped the table...this girl better not be messing with her...or she would rip her limb to limb

you better not be lying or swear to the firce i will rip you apart! *She said and snapped before she calmed* my mother had silver dad had red...what is your Age? Mine is 21

Part of her was holding some massive hope, this could be a sister right before her family actual family she grew up with...maybe...maybe
Zesiro could almost see the wheels turning in the mind of Anya. What she had said, certainly got the woman's interest. When she said Zesiro had better not be lying, she just gave her a flat look.

"What purpose would that serve?"

She could see Anya was really upset, but calmed down quickly. Their age was the same and Zesiro just looked across with shock for a moment, her mouth dry.

"I think I am 21 as well. Since I am not totally sure what my age was when I woke up in that black room."

Taking a drink of whatever she had ordered, Zesiro fell silent.

Goosebumps now covered her from head to toe.

[member="Anya Loma"]

she fell silent, same age as hers, she took a breath in as she tried calming herself. everything just fell into place, she had memories of her father and mother, same age....

suddenly anya jumped back as a memory clicked into her eyes, she saw her mother and father again..with sand all around them,,,a,,,a little girl,,,with the same face as the one before her just younger,,

anya laid her head down as she tried to comprehend it, her face looked to zes as she shook her head in disbelief tearing up for the first time in awhile are my sister...YOU ARE MY SISTER

she said in shock mixed with happiness...
Those wheels were turning again, this time for both of them. Separating out the face of the little girl smiling up at her and comparing it to that of Anya, Zesiro could see they were the same person. Only age was the difference. Almost not believing what she saw, she shook her head in denial. It was true though. She hadn't been drawn to Nubia for the man, but for her family.

She raised a hand to her face and touched her own cheek. Luckily it didn't draw any attention, but it must have looked really odd if anybody was watching. Anya looked across at her with tears in her eyes.

"Sister! How is that possible?"

Taking another sip of her drink, she tried to remember more than she could and just drew up blanks. Zesiro had no idea what had happened.


Where that came from or what it was, she had no idea, but she voiced it before she could stop it.

"What is amersis?"

[member="Anya Loma"]

Amersis....that name...that name brought a warm feeling like sun on skin or seeing a child being born...she closed her eyes...yes the name of her supposedly dead sister...

that is my sister's name...she is...supposed to be dead but

She looked her face over again them she sighed and looked at her with a smile just beaming

if it is are are my the force...i have a family member alove
The emotions that came from Anya were warming and happy. She then beamed a smile across as Zesiro who was still in quite a shocked state.

"Me? I am Amersis?"

She blinked her eyes a few times, taking in the information. If what they had both figured out to be true, then perhaps Anya help Zesiro remember her past.

"I'm a sister? You mean that vision isn't just in my head? Of course not, you are that little girl in there.
What happened when we were twelve?"

[member="Anya Loma"]

12 12 12...ah yes she remembered bits and pieces at least ...pieces that soon came into bigger bits

yes I remember, we were playing outside in the sand around the house...suddenly...explosions everywhere we were screaming father tried to save us...thays all I remember before I woke up to my adopted parents shaking me our house was in both were dead and...both my sister's were missing

She looked down again as she stood quickly, maybe the sands of time haven't buried much of the

come on follow me i...i think I know a place to go that'll help
Zesiro saw the age marked a turning point for Anya as well. Her it appeared their family had been killed and she had been lead to believe her sisters had died as well.

"You mean to say we had another sister? Triplets?"

It was foregone conclusion for her now. No longer doubting what she saw in her mind.

She finished her drink and stood up with Anya did and went to follow her.

"A place?"

[member="Anya Loma"]
if I am right with my memory yes we had one other, as for the place...i just see if I remember right, we'll take a speeder

She went to a speeder rental and paid in full before she got on the speeder, when zes had she took off among the sand dunes

I believe I remember where out hone was...i wanna believe I know where it is, but the sands of time shift so it may not be there
It happened for just a heartbeat, but Zesiro considered that Anya was taking her to an out of the way location to try and finish what was started on Nubia. So far though, other than when their conversation just started, the other sith had yet to get hostile.

She watched as Anya just paid for a speeder without bothering to even try and get it at a lower price, just shaking her head. She climbed in with her now sister and sat in the front seat next to her.

Tatooine was the hottest planet Zesiro had ever been on and she lowered her hood before long almost wishing she hadn't worn the dark cloak. Letting out a small sigh, she ended up taking the blasted thing off and holding it next to her on the seat.

"You know, I've never been here before, but I've always wanted to end up living on a desert world. Maybe it is because I grew up on one?"

[member="Anya Loma"]

She didn't wanna waste time, if she wanted she could've jacked it without a issue she started towards what she could remember going off of landmarks in her head...even if weathered down

if we both are correct you grew up here...i don't remember much drugs and many other things have messed with my head

She kept on driving silent before she

I am still in amazement that the firce has seen it fit we meet again it's almost...unbelievable

They past a moisture farm that maybe once held a legendary name...though it was now larger and with different owners, they started through a canyon a a she looked around

"Watch out for tuskens they so not like trespassers"
Zesiro chewed on her lower lip for a moment in thought at what Anya said and lowered her brows together for a moment.

"We grew up here? I have no memory."

She pounded a fist on the arm of the speeder.

"Damn my first master, I hate him. He's dead now.
"Seem somebody messed your head too. I know the feeling."

Letting out a sympathetic little laugh, Zesiro looked over at Anya driving.

"I had thought the person that drew me to Nubia to be that man you were with. Now I really think it was you. The Force does work in mysterious ways."

They passed a farm that appeared to still be growing. The shape of the buildings and structures stirred something in Zesiro's mind.

"Hanna and that was our other sister. We also lived in something like that farm there."

Anya warned her to keep an eye out for tuskens but Zesiro didn't know what those were and shook her head.

"I'll keep my eyes open, but I don't know what I'm looking for."

[member="Anya Loma"]

She looked down as she shop her head, she looked forward as she eyed the canyon walls, knowing tiskens loved to set there and snipe at passbyers like shooting a animal for sport

if it was the force then I bless it...

She said as she heard a battle cry of a tusken before rifle fire started firing upon them

blast! Keep low!

She said as she ducked down the tuskens taking shots hitting the speeder all over, hiwever it didn't last long as they left the canyon out approaching ruins of a moisture farm

those...where tuskens savages they deserve nothing but death....lets hope they are some moving...i believe this is it

She said and got out of the speeder when it stopped looking over the ruins...she seemed to approach slow as she looked the place over
Almost as soon as the words were out of Zesiro's mouth, something started shooting at the speeder after a battle cry. She ducked and covered when Anya told her to get low. They were soon out of the canyon and past the tusken raiders.

"I don't think they are just going to give up like that."

Lifting her head up, she tried to get a look at the creatures.

"They hide well."

Soon after they approached the ruins of what looked like a farm similar to the one they had passed earlier. The equipment was busted and any working pieces had already been removed.

The feeling of death and desolation consumed Zesiro as she looked here. A sense of a homecoming touched her and she nodded at Ayna's words.

[member="Anya Loma"]

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