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A trip to Tatooine

Covered in the beast's crimson liquid Willow's beauty was no longer as refreshing as it had originally been. When she approached Adron the Count stepped back from her, arching a brow at her actions. "You take trophy's? That's...a bit barbaric don't you think?" Though Adron had traveled this entire way to slay a beast just for a rock in it's gut, so who was he to talk.

"Actually, never mind." He stated, making his way to the dragon's gut, pressing his hand over it's rough skin. "Let's see here...." Adron activated his borrowed lightsaber, using the tip of the blade to slice open the monster's huge stomach. A stench fell from it that caused Adron to go into a fit of coughs and retching. "God, what does this thing eat?!"

After a moment he exhaled before stuffing his hand into the corpses open wound, digging and searching for the prize he longed for. "This is so disgusting..." He said, tears welling in his eyes from the stench.

[member="Willow Ike"]
"I take pieces of the organisms I kill not as trophies but as a way to remember those lives I have taken and a way to take the guilt for my actions." She said before making her way over to help him search through the remains of the beast.

She would eventually find the rock in the beasts stomach, pulling it out she would hand it over to the man. Slowly turning to him she would say "Wanna get out of here, and once I get cleaned up maybe get a drink or have a cup of caf?"

[member="Adron Malvern"]
Adron's expression perked up when Willow pulled the stone from the beast's gut. He pulled his arm from the dragon's belly, glancing at the mixture of blood and bile that was caked onto his arm. "I know the Jedi believe every life is sacred." He took the pearl from the woman, offering her a genuine smile as he continued. "But at the same time we believe there is no death, only The Force. So not all death, even kills, are a tragedy."

Wiping the excess of blood and bile that was on his arm onto his tunic, already forsaking the clothing, he looked to Willow and continued to hold a good-natured smile on his face. "Sure, that sounds nice. But first.....My name isn't Vance." Adron took a step back, throwing his bloodied hand behind him as he bowed to the woman before him.

"I am Count Adron Malvern, head of house Malvern of Serenno." He returned to his full height before holding the woman's lightsaber back out to her. "I'm sorry for the deception, but I had to be sure you weren't an assassin."

[member="Willow Ike"]
Willow would listen to the man, she knew he was lying when he said his name was Vance but decided it wasnt important at that moment in time. As he introduced himself and offered her her staff back she would take it and reattach it to her belt.

"It is fine, I completely understand you not knowing on that one. I wouldn't trust me either but for now lets get out of here. Steph on my hands I'll throw you up I'll follow you out"

[member="Adron Malvern"]
Adron stepped towards Willow as she formed a platform with her hands. "I trust you now." He stated simply, stepping onto her hand before focusing on the Force. Adron leaped back up onto the walkway above them. After landing on the walkway he turns back towards Willow. He focuses on The force once again, holding his arm out towards her. "Jump, I'll help you up."

As he spoke he pulled his comm device from his belt, tapping a button on it, alerting his security team he was ready to be picked up. "I'm glad I met you Willow, you seem like a nice person."

[member="Willow Ike"]
Willow would also jump up and allow herself to be pulled up "the pleasure is all mine I'm sure we will meet again"

WIth that she would make her way back to her ship and clean up before going on with her life

[member="Adron Malvern"]

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