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A trip to Tatooine

Tatooine~ A few miles outside of Mos Eisley
Adron sat quietly as his shuttle came out of hyperspace. Sitting in the passenger seat of the shuttle his eyes drifted over Tatooine with minimal interest.

"We've arrived at Tatooine, My Lord." The Young Lord did not even take the time to sigh at the pilot's words. The entire reason he chose the passenger seat as his place was so he could see the progression of the trip. It was obvious they had arrived, though he did not speak on the matter, he simply dismissed the pilot as excessive.

"Land outside of the city. I don't want to draw attention to ourselves." Adron, the sole survivor of his House could not afford to be seen and tracked by the Hutt's. Not this far from those who could help him, he even ventured to the planet with a light escort hoping to minimize the ship he would need to travel. A pilot and two members of his security team were all he allowed to join him. Of course, the head of his security would be furious when he heard of this move, but it was far too late for anything to be done about it.

Standing to his full height he grabbed his cloak that was draped over the back of his chair. The Count pulled the cloak over him as their shuttle breached the atmosphere and passed over Mos Eisley. Turning back into the shuttle's passenger area he spoke to the officer's who sat there. "You'll both stay here." He stated.

One of the men stood, a brow arched at the Lord's words. "Sir, we have to accompany you. If you're hurt-."

"I brought you here out of a kindness to your Captain. Do not make me regret it. Stay here." His command was ultimate, and even held a hint of coldness. Adron was not usually so cold to those in his security teams, most of the time he treated them as friends. However, that was before the tragedy that struck his family. Now, the young Count was struggling to control his emotions and especially struggling to measure his temper.

This entire trip's purpose was built around him bringing himself back to focus. He wished to sit in the caves of Tatooine and construct a new lightsaber. But first he would need a certain item he could only obtain here. As the shuttle touched down onto the planet's surface Adron pulled his black cowl over his head, waiting for the rear door to open.

[member="Willow Ike"]
Willow had been brought to Tatooine on Jedi business, some strange change in the force was felt here. So she had been dispatched alone, that way to keep a low profile. She wore what became standard wear on Tatooine, so not to draw attention to herself. Once she sat down on the planet she would make her way towards the notorious cantina

Once she arrived inside she would take a seat and be on the lookout for anything shady, on her belt hung her light whip along with her light nunchucks that could transform into a saberstaff.

She would sit at this spot for hours slowly drinking and keeping a lookout until she felt something in the force.

She would then leave the cantina leaving credits on the table to pay for what she drank. She would make her way outside and head for the edge of town

[member="Adron Malvern"]
One step into the scorching dessert was enough to make Adron miss the freezing relief of Blackgate Manor. The sand moved oddly underneath him and the sun began to immediately assault him the moment he moved from the shuttle. His steps, which had started off as strong and deliberate, had diminished into a capable shuffle. Rather than march through the desert as a king walking through his palace he humbled himself to the harsh environment, taking much more measured steps as he approached a nearby fissure.

As the sands parted for rock he allowed himself a bit more movement, the sand no longer hindering his steps. Taking a moment to clear his boots of the excess sand he turned his attention to the area around him. This place was so foreign to him, so different from his home.

Opening himself to the Force he reached out to the area around him, prodding into the never ending nether that supplied him with his skills. Exhaling softly, he felt himself drift from the world around him and become more. Though he was sharply pulled from this moment of tranquility as he sensed movement near him.

Disarmed of his only weapon, his lightsaber, Adron had only a small vibroknife and the Force to protect himself. He pulled his knife from it's place on his hip as he heard footsteps impacting the surrounding rocks. Only one person, it couldn't be anymore than that? Tightening his grip he leaned forward a bit, pulling his central gravity back into himself. A blaster shot wildly flew past him, impacting the stones behind him and leaving a destructive mark. A loud howl erupted as a Tusken Raider moved from behind the cover of the rocks beside him. Adron immediately turned to take cover behind a nearby stone that would provide equal protection for the Count.

"Damn it." He muttered, rolling his vibroknife around in his hand slowly. He knew the warrior would not let him hide forever, but he also had no way to get close to the creature without taking a blaster bolt to the face.

[member="Willow Ike"]
Willow would move very very quickly to her speeder not too far away, she would jump in it and turn the key. Once she took off she would let the force guide her across the scorching sands. she didn't see anything yet but she kept going

Once she reached the spot the force was leading her too she saw a tusken raider, she thought of everything she knew about the creatures, there habits and combat abilities. She would then remove her whip from her belt. upon rolling it out she would ignite it.

She would move up on the raider and take it by surprise disarming then killing it as it tried to charge her "Its ok you can come out"

[member="Adron Malvern"]
Adron sat in contemplation as he palmed the hilt of his blade. As he did a speeder could be heard racing towards him. "Damn it." He repeated, knowing a speeder could only mean another person. Though it is possible they could help him in his situation, if nothing else distract the wild warrior. A ruckus could be heard on the other side of the rock before a voice called out to him. He reached out with The Force once again and this time he felt something lacking in the Tusken, The Force flowing freely. Having been exposed to it from a young age he knew it well.

"Who are you?" He asked as he turned the rock and glanced at the woman. Red hair and amber eyes greeted him as he looked to the woman. Her weapon hinted she was of a Force User group, but he could not readily identify which one. Her trappings were matching a vagabond native to Tatooine, but Adron did not believe this to be the case.

He flipped his knife around in his hand before sheathing it back on his waist, his face still filled with curiosity over who the woman was. "My name is Vance, I guess you just helped me a bit by killing this one." He gestured to the Tusken Raider absently, but maintained the distance from the woman, wary of who she could be. Adron felt a need to give the woman an alias, throwing around his true name offering a bit of danger. "What are you doing in the desert anyway?"

[member="Willow Ike"]
"The name is Willow" She said coiling her Light whip back up after deactivating its yellow whip. She would place it on her belt before making her way over to the man. Once she reached him she would hold her hand out, she felt his hesitation.

"Don't worry I am not here to hurt you, I am here because I knew you needed help. I sensed it through the force, I know you are a force user. I am a Jedi knight" She said attempting to put his mind at ease

Once she did this she knew he would be convinced

[member="Adron Malvern"]
As the woman approached Adron he kept his hands underneath his cloak, yet his hand was firmly placed on the hilt of his knife. "Willow. A Jedi Knight? Where do your allegiances lie?" There were several different holdings of the Jedi Order in these times even a fellow Jedi could not be held as an ally, not always.

"No offense but the fact you traveled all the way to the middle of a desert just to help me is a bit suspicious." He stated, his curiosity not settled in the least. He passed the woman, ignoring her gesture for a handshake, still not trusting her. Instead he continued down the fissure, glancing back to her as he spoke. "Jedi Knight's are supposed to be honorable so I won't question you any further." He turned his attention back to the fissure, noticing how it dived into a full cave system.

"Have you ever seen these caves before?" He asked, truly wondering if the woman was of Tatooine or simply a visitor. "I'm not a native to this planet, what about you?"

[member="Willow Ike"]
"I know you have your hand on your knife under that cloak, you have nothing to fear you know. My allegiance lies with the Silver Jedi. I have seen the caves but I am not a native here I am a visitor." She said all while following him down. She knew she was a lot quicker on the draw than him as well, should he decide to attack her she could counter easily

[member="Adron Malvern"]
When the woman stated she knew Adron was keeping close to his weapon he merely showed a simple smile. "If you're a Jedi I'd expect nothing less." He muttered softly, continuing his advance on the cave systems. Willow had stated she had seen these caves before, perhaps she had seen what he was looking for.

"Do you ever hear a loud screeching in this caves? Almost like a dying bantha, but more....vicious." He asked, curiosity piquing as he questioned her.

Bringing them to the cave's mouth he glanced back at the woman, she seemed to be keeping him company after all. Good...I don't really want to fight this thing alone. Especially without my lightsaber. He mused, pulling himself to his thoughts for a moment.

Adron's lightsaber had been destroyed, the reason he found himself in need of a new one. "I'm looking for a Krayt Dragon, they're like giant deadly lizards." He commented, simply.

[member="Willow Ike"]
"Yes I have." She said, as they began to descend into the darkness that was the cave she would remove her saberstaff and ignite one blade, its blue light dimly lit the cave, she would hold it tightly. At the mention of Krayt Dragon she would think to what she knew of the beasts. Which wasn't very much. But enough not to die from it.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
The hum of a lightsaber came to life behind Adron, causing his grip on his vibroknife to tighten. The boy was young and had soft, smooth skin with kind features. However, he had been trained in the ways of the Jedi since birth and feared few beings with a lightsaber. Calming himself, he released his grip on his weapon, parting his cloak as he returned his attention to the caves before them.

"Krayt Dragons are not easily killed, so please don't underestimate them." He commented, reaching out into the cave with the Force. As he dipped himself into the ever expanding nether of the Force he was able to feel something, something ravenous. Like a great plague it wanted to devour anything that came into contact with it.

"I found i-." He started, yet a blood curdling howl echoed down the walls of the cave, almost leaving a palpable trail for the duo to follow. "I think it's that way." He said, sarcasm bleeding through his words as he spoke.

[member="Willow Ike"]
"I can handle myself." She said as she followed him down the dark cavern, the only sound was the hum of her blade that was until the blood curtling scream. She would follow the man slowly, she knew he didn't trust her at all, she understood that but she would have his back, as they continued along she would concentrate on the force and let it guide her blade as she always had before this day

[member="Adron Malvern"]
The walls to the cave became narrow, forcing Adron to turn to the side so that he could slip through the small wedge. Eventually the enclosed cave came to an end and began to widen once more. However, it grew wider and wider until he finally realized they had reached a rather large room in the cave.

Their pathway had broken off on either side, leaving only a thin walkway to continue through out the cave system. Below them was a rather substantial drop, at least two stories, to the cave's floor. "Wow..." He commented to himself.

Darkness surrounded the floor of the cave, stopping the Lord from being able to see what laid in wait. He focused on the force once again, pooling his concentration to the darkness below him. As if gaining a third eye the room below them became vivid to the young Jedi. He could feel the monstrous hunger of the Krayt dragon sitting below them, bathing in a primal ire.

He turned back to Willow, gesturing down to the bottom of the cave, but remaining silent.

[member="Willow Ike"]
As they came to a stop Willow would reach out with the force, she would dig deeply to see what was down there that they would need to handle, it was a Krayt dragon.

From what Willow knew they were extremely hard to kill, it was going to take both of them to kill this thing, she would slowly power off her saberstaff and offer it to the man, he would need something bigger than a vibroknife if he was going to be any help.

If he took it from her she would reach onto her belt and grab her whip getting it ready. Should he not take it she would place it on her back and take her whip the same as she would otherwise.

She would then do what she never thought she would, she jumped

[member="Adron Malvern"]
It was no small thing to offer another person, even a Jedi, your lightsaber. A moment passed between them as he glanced down to the weapon questioningly. Ultimately he was thankful for the offer and felt no reason to decline. Taking her saberstaff into his hand he took a moment to familiarize himself with the activation pad, along with the unusual length for the weapon.

"Thank you." He offered, however the woman had already leaped down into the pit with the Krayt dragon. Is she crazy?! He thought to himself, not knowing any person to so enthusiastically leap into a walled in pit with a monstrous beast. As she came into contact with the ground a loud roar echoed through the cave systems, practically shaking the very foundation of the rock they stood on. "Damn it." He cursed underneath his breath before stepping into the air in front of him, falling down to the pit below.

Landing next to Willow he watched as the Dragon gave a quick shake of it's head, no doubt recovering from some manner of nap or grooming. It slowly uncurled itself from it's base, letting off a menacing growl as it did. "Maybe we can reach out to it." Adron held his hand out, probing the beast with the Force, hoping to calm it's behavior.

Kill....Kill.....Kill....Kill! The feeling echoed through his entire body, the sheer will of the Krayt Dragon being too much for Adron's basic skills in The Force. With no more warning the Dragon charge forward, baring it's teeth towards the two Jedi. "Nope!" The young Count yelled out as he jumped to the left, hoping to dodge the rampage. "Move!" He yelled out as he took to the air.

[member="Willow Ike"]
Willow would upon landing start to probe the beast herself using the force, she knew it was going to be a fight, she would activate its tendrils and prepare herself. Upon the man landing she would reach out again and upon not feeling the beast calm she would prepare herself, this was going to be a rough fight for the two of them

The darkness of the cave was going to make it much harder on the duo to kill this creature, being in the caves a few moments Willow couldn't see much, the only light she could see was the yellow light her whip cast as well as the blue light off of the saberstaff.

As the man jumped to the side Willow would close her eyes, focusing on the force and when the creature got close enough to her she would leap up wards, landing on top of the creature, she would begin to lash out trying to keep the creatures attention on her. She didn't know what kind of training the man had but she knew she was trained well enough to keep the creature focused on her and let the man make his move.

She would fight like she had been trained since the day she was conceived, she fought like a wild animal and at points appeared to be wielding 5 light whips at a time. Her red hair would leap wildly as she fought, she would spin the lightwhip cracking it wildly, she would crack the whip one more time before the creature reared its head back trying to reach her.

She would leap up on top of its head and slash the whip right over one of its eyes

[member="Adron Malvern"]
Throwing himself into the dirt had indeed allowed him to dodge the attempted maul of the Krayt Dragon, however it also left him disengaged from the fight and left Willow with distracting the beast. Pushing himself to a knee the boy watched as she harassed the creature menacingly, throwing it's rage into a burning bloodlust that radiated through out the cave. Adron looked to the saberstaff the woman supplied him with and quickly thumbed the activation pad, bringing the blue blade to life in his hands.

He watched and waited, hoping an opportunity would show itself and finally it did. Her whip lashed over the dragon's eyes causing it to let out a thundering roar. As it's giant maw came open Adron charged forward, bringing his weapon over his head as he hoped to cleave off the dragon's lower jaw. However the Krayt dragon had caught wind of his attack and cut his own roar short, lowering it's large head to better see it's target. As Adron's lightsaber sliced through the air it fell just short of his target's jaw and instead severed one of it's horns.

Not amused by the attack in the least the Krayt Dragon quickly whipped it's tail around, hoping to bat his attacker away. Leaping back from the tail Adron was merely impacted in the shoulder, causing him to lose his balance and fall on his backside. Oddly enough the Dragon still seemed more worried about Willow than Adron.

[member="Willow Ike"]
Willow would remain on top of the dragon, she would continue to unleash a series of attacks upon the dragon. As she slashed the flexible blade of plasma would slash across the beasts neck, the beast would rear its head back in anger roaring, Willow would take this moment to leap into the air, she would in this moment do a double corkscrew lashing out with her whip she would strike right at the joint of his Jaw. Her whip would hit right where it was supposed to and slash right through the jaw bone and all sending it tumbling to the floor the tongue still inside of it.

At this point she would land back down on the creatures back, the creature left in disarray from the slash

[member="Adron Malvern"]
Adron finally recovered from the creature's lash out at him, when he looked up he could not help but admire what he saw. With skillful precision Willow had separated the Dragon's jaw from it's head. "Wow." He muttered, admiring the woman's combat ability. Though now he watched as the Krayt Dragon reeled in pain and saw an opening. Reigniting his lightsaber he charged forward, glancing up at Willow as she landed back on the creature's back.

"Good job!" He called out as he brought his lightsaber forward in a piercing strike. Everything pause as his lightsaber impacted the Dragon's eye, spearing through it's cranium. Somehow the Krayt was not yet dead, though it fell to a knee, letting off a low growl as what appeared to be shock set into the beast. "I's almost.....dead." Adron said between breathes.

[member="Willow Ike"]
"Allow me" She said and with that she would jump down off of the dragons back, her red hair flying in the wind. She would slowly stride straight into what used to be the dragons mouth, she would re-ignite her whip and lash straight over her head lacerating deep into the dragons soft palette going straight through it, this would leave blood pouring from the soft palette all over her. The light would drain from the beasts eyes, or what was left of them.

Willow would then step out of the beasts fallen carcass. She had always taken something from her kills, normally it was something they were wearing or something that wasn't attached to the body but this time she saw what she wanted. She would walk around to the side that the man had not struck at and swiftly pull the huge eye from its socket and break its connection through the optic nerve pocketing it.

"Good work." She said. She was drenched in dragon blood at the time

[member="Adron Malvern"]

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