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A royal greeting

Reela Witko

Nautolan. Princess. Jedi.
Greetings to all of you. I am Princess Reela Witko from Glee Aselm.

I have come to be a part of the Jedi order, a sect of great warriors I have respected and admired my whole life. I actually knew a knight who, sadly, had given her life to save me. (@[member="Nala Tu"]) I intend to learn what I can to not only honor hers, and the legacies of all other Jedi who died to serve the peace, but to also learn what I need to be a protector to my people.

TC-18: Do not forget, lady Reela, your parents also want you to learn diplomatic procedures to also become a representative of Glee Aselm on day as well.

*sigh* Thank you for reminding me, TC. So, yeah, I've got a lot to work on and a lot to look forward to. So what I need are two things. One: a master to teach me the Jedi arts. And two: An ambassador, councilor, someone like that, who can teach me the more political arts. If I can find both in one that's even better lol.

Otherwise it is great to meet all of you.