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A Return Long Overdue

Hey Chaos! Finals week is coming to a head and yet here I am logging into SWRP after so long! Good to see things are mostly where I last left them.

Recently my creative side has been craving some RP so here I am. I'm sure some of the newer people (Ha, can I really say newer when I've been gone for like 3ish years?) probably don't remember me, but I recognize some familiar faces still and it's good to see you all again!

I'm unsure where to take my characters as of now. I'll probably end up wiping the majority of my characters because Tallia was the only one who really gained any traction. I'm thinking about retiring Tallia as well though, considering I kinda felt like I wrote her into a dead end. Course if anyone cares to aid in breathing some life into her I'd be down for some threads.

Besides that, I've got some new ideas for characters that I've been brainstorming so I'm likely going to be starting fresh. I'll probably not be doing IC threads for about a week still until I wrap school up, but otherwise I'll be around!
Well, this is a surprise. But good to see you back. Joshua has started a new life, of sorts, and if you want Tallia to be a part of it, I'm game. Otherwise, if you want to write someone new, I'm cool for whatever you wanna do. Send me a PM, will be fun to plot again :)
Thanks everybody! Might have to pop in and take a look [member="Malok"]

Good to see you're still around [member="Josh DragonsFlame"] as soon as I get settled I'll see what I can do! Might be retconning the retcon I did for this character a while back because I just didn't end up liking it all too much. We'll see.

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